FNaF Security Breach Endings Explained 2022 – Good, Secret & True

FNaF Security Breach Endings Explained 2022 – Good, Secret & True

FNaF Security Breach All Endings Explained

In the video game FNaF Security Breach Endings Explained, you can get different endings based on what you do. There are two possible scenarios: the bad and the good endings. The bad ending involves Gregory escaping on his own in the early morning hours. The good ending, on the other hand, requires Gregory to remain in the building and obtain a Level 7 Security pass to access the Loading Dock area, enabling him to free Freddie and his partner Freddie.

Defeating Glitchtrap doesn’t solve for the living Afton

Fnaf Security Breach Endings Explained
fnaf security breach endings

The Glitchtrap is a malicious computer program that entered the game via old animatronic computer chips. It plays a minor role in the Curse of Dreadbear DLC. Its most notable feature is its ability to possess a beta tester named Vanessa. While Vanessa isn’t the main character of the game, many fans believe that she is the living successor of William. However, she seems to be unwilling to obey William and is a vessel for his evil intentions.

While Defeating Glitchtrap does solve for the living Afton’s problems, it doesn’t completely eliminate the virus. It reappears in several instances in the games, including the launch trailer and several teasers. It also appears as a spray-painted silhouette on posters of Glamrock Endo.

In addition to his appearance, the Glitchtrap has an interesting animation. Initially, it looks ghostly and transparent, with glowing purple eyes. As more tapes are collected, it becomes more solid and smooth. It dances as it approaches the player.

Getting all of the endings

In Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach, there are six different endings, including Good, Bad, and True. You can also choose to play as a hero or a villain, and all of them will have different effects on the game. To get all of the endings, you must make it out of the Pizzaplex before 06:00 on the game’s timeline. This is a difficult task because some endings will require you to defeat multiple opponents.

FNaF players know that the easiest endings are the least satisfying. To get the best endings, you should work hard to uncover the secrets of the Pizzaplex. Try to avoid being caught by enemies by checking cameras. If you are caught by the enemy, you will lose the game.

The final ending of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is a particularly hard one to complete. Unlike the other games, the security breach is not linear and only changes when you advance the plot. This means that you can’t save at the right time and get every ending in one go. But with a little planning, you can complete the game and get all of the endings you want.

Unlocking the True Canon Ending

Unlocking the True Canon Ending of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is a difficult task. It requires various actions and requires the full Freddy upgrade. It also requires the player to equip Monty’s Claws and Roxy’s Eyes. Once the player has all these items, he or she can proceed to the chamber where the True Canon Ending is hidden.

There are six alternate endings in the game. The one you’re going to unlock here is called the “True Canon Ending.” The other five are known as the “Evil Canon” and “Fake Canon”. While the former is the most popular, the others are quite different.

Standard Fnaf Security Breach Endings

Unlocking the True Canon Ending of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach will change your overall experience of the game. It is not an easy achievement to achieve, and it requires a little work. There are several extra tasks that you must complete, and you’ll be rewarded with a cutscene that will change your perception of the game. However, be warned, there will be major spoilers ahead.

What are the Endings in FNaF Security Breach’s?

Image 274 Fnaf Security Breach Endings
fnaf security breach endings

There are 6 different known endings in Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) Security Breach. These include all the different bad endings and even endings where it’s revealed who is behind the mask of Vanny. To understand the difference between each of these endings, let’s look at them in a bit more detail.

Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) Security Breach All Endings Explained

Here are all the 6 different known endings in Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) Security Breach:

  1. Good Ending V1 (True Secret Afton Canon Ending)
  2. Good Endings V2
  3. Goodbye to Ending
  4. Princess Quest Ending
  5. Superstar Ending
  6. Worst Ending

Here’s all the ending in a nutshell, then we will explain each ending:

EndingsGregory SurvivesFreddy SurvivesVanessa Survives?Stars
Worst endingNOUnknownYES1 Star
Good Ending V1 Firetrap True CanonYESYESUnknown2 Star
Good Ending V2 Loading Dock EscapeYESYESNO2 Star
Superstar Ending (Disassembled).YESNONO2 Star
Unmasked endingYESNONO2 Star
Best ending for Princess Quest SaviorYESYESYES3 Star

Worst FNaF Security Breach Poor Ending

Gregory survives until 6 AM, and then escapes from Pizzaplex. He finally reaches an alleyway and is too tired & sleepy to go further due to the previous night’s events to survive. He finally falls asleep in a cardboard box containing a newspaper. When he’s deep in sleep, we could see Vanny’s shadow approaching, Gregory. The newspaper displays the number missing children. This means Vanny is likely to go to Gregory in the same manner as other kids.

Good Ending V1 Burntrap (True Secret Afton Canon Ending)

Without much detail, you will find Springtrap as the main antagonist in the game, and how Funtime Freddy controlled by a victim’s soul kills Springtrap. Freddy and Gregory successfully escape from the Pizzaplex. This is the true secret canon ending to FNaF Security Breach. “Old Elevator”Completion of the William Afton Springtrap boss fight.

Good Ending V2 Loading Dock Escape

Freddy loses his battery while trying to escape through the van. But Gregory manages to use the van’s battery to revive Freddy. They can be seen together in peace, looking at the sun. They are seen together in a peaceful area looking at the sun, which indicates that they are secure and have remained friends until the end.

To get this ending, you have to survive till 6 AM, then “choose to stay”. Go to Loading Docks Clearance Level 7. This will be near the basement where your “boss battle” with Glamrock Chica took place. In the Loading Docks, you will find a table that has a button and a door. This door will allow you to exit.

Superstar Ending (Disassembled).

If you have completed the “Fazer Blast” minigame reached the exit door at 6 AM through the vent at the table’s left, this ending will be triggered. You will also need to choose the “Vanny” option instead of “exit”. This will display Glamrock Freddy’s attempt to protect Gregory against S.T.A.F.F. bots. Vanny will order Freddy to be disassembled using the command tablet.

Gregory then orders the bots, after the final survival gameplay, to disassemble Vanny and the person hiding in the mask. Then Gregory goes to dying Freddy, who tells Gregory that “You are… my superstar…”

Unmasked Ending (Pizza Plex Burned Down)

Freddy and Gregory prepare to set fire to the entire place with oil. Freddy, who is experiencing emotional pain from looking at his plushies, starts the fire while Freddy and Gregory are both inside Pizzaplex. Gregory leaps up to the roof and Vanny grabs Gregory. Freddy gets to Vanny’s roof and distracts her. Vanny finally lets Gregory go and throws Freddy and Vanny to the floor. A dying Freddy tells Gregory “Goodbye Gregory”. And then Gregory removes Vanny’s mask when it is revealed that Venessa was behind the mask the whole time.

This ending requires you to survive until 6 AM, then to go to the Prize Counter.You will find the fire escape doors at the back. These doors are now unlocked. The choices are: Stay, Leave, Vanny. Click here LeaveThis is how you get to this end.

Princess Quest Savior’s Ending (Best FNAF Security Breach Unmasked Endeing)

If you can complete all three Princess Quest arcade video games, you will be able to save Venessa from Vanny (her alter ego due to the Virus). This will also activate the S.T.A.F.F. bots. Vanny masks can be found on the ground, indicating that Venessa has been freed. Gregory exits the Pizzaplex now with Freddy’s repaired head. Freddy tells Gregory, “Go on, superstar!” while Venessa holds the door open for them in far. After-credits: Freddy, Gregory, & Venessa are now all together enjoying the sunset.

This ending can only be unlocked if all three Princess Quest arcades are played. The Glamrock Beauty Salon is where you will find the first Princess Quest machine. It is located near Roxy Raceway. The second Princess Quest arcade machine is located in DJ Music Man’s arcade. The third and final Princess Quest arcade machine is in the room once you get the Superstar/Disassembled ending.

Characters in FNaF Security Breach

FNaF: Security Breach has several endings, and it is possible to play all of them. The endings are based on how the player plays the game, so you can try as many as you want. In the game, characters change depending on how the player plays.

The main antagonist of the game is Funtime Freddy, who is controlled by the victim’s soul. In the game, he kills William Afton Springtrap, but is eventually shut down because his battery is low. After a brief moment of reanimation, he is seen lying in a secluded area and staring at the sun.

There are six endings in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach, and each ending is different. These endings differ in how the players complete the game, based on their choices in discovering areas, clearing side objectives, and other factors. They also affect the amount of lore revealed in the game.

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