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For Honor Tier List September in 2022 The Best Hero!

When it comes to For Honor, there are a lot of different characters to choose from. And while each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, some are definitely better than others. That’s where the for honor tier list comes in. This handy ranking system breaks down the game’s roster and ranks them from best to worst, giving you a good idea of who you should be playing as. Of course, the for honor tier list is not set in stone and will likely change over time as the game is updated. But for now, it’s a great way to get an idea of who the best characters are. So whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your game to the next level, be sure to check out the for honor tier list. You might just find your new main.

For Honor Tier List September 2022 – Best Hero Characters Ranked

Here are the top heroes from our For Honor Tier List.

TiersHeroesPlaystyleFactionHero Type
S+ TierWarmongerRoamerKnightVanguard
S TierConquerorMidKnightHeavy
S TierJiang JunRoamerWu LinHeavy
S TierKyoshinMidSamuraiHybrid
A TierBlack PriorSidelaneKnightHeavy
A TierKenseiMidSamuraiVanguard
A TierNuxiaRoamerWu LinAssassin
A TierRaiderRoamerVikingVanguard
A TierShaolinGankerWu LinHybrid
A+ TierBerserkerRoamerVikingAssassin
A+ TierNobushiMidSamuraiHybrid
A+ TierShinobiGankerSamuraiAssassin
B TierGryphonSidelaneKnightHybrid
B TierHitokiriRoamerSamuraiHeavy
B TierWardenSidelaneKnightVanguard
B TierZhanhuGankerWu LinAssassin
B+ TierShamanGankerVikingAssassin
C TierAramushaMidSamuraiHybrid
C TierOrochiSidelaneSamuraiAssassin
C TierPeacekeeperRoamerKnightAssassin
C TierValkyrieRoamerVikingHybrid
C TierWarlordSidelaneVikingHeavy
C+ TierGladiatorGankerKnightAssassin
C+ TierHighlanderMidVikingHybrid
C+ TierLawbringerMidKnightHybrid
C+ TierShugokiMidSamuraiHeavy
D TierCenturionGankerKnightHybrid
D TierJormungandrSidelaneVikingHeavy
D TierTiandiRoamerWu LinVanguard

The current best hero character is therefore WarmongerWith 130 Health, 130 stamina and 7 m/s sprint speed, she has 130 health, 130 stamina, as well as 130 HP. She was the most skilled in defense and attacks, making her ideal for Sidelanes as well as Roaming Heroes. He did well in both areas. She’s well-equipped to help any heroes in need by joining team fights or back capping points.

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