The Forest Cheat Codes – All The Forest Console Commands & Cheats 2022

The Forest Cheat Codes – All The Forest Console Commands & Cheats 2022

The Forest Cheat Codes

There are a few different ways to make life easier and harder in The Forest. These cheat codes are not game-breaking, but more like game mode modifiers. You can use a USB keyboard or PC to activate them. However, keep in mind that these cheats are prone to being patched out at any time.


There are a few setgamemode in The forest cheat codes that will allow you to take advantage of some special abilities in the game. These codes will allow you to change the difficulty of the game, your character’s abilities, and even the weather. The cheat codes will require you to enter developer mode, which can be done at the title screen or by pressing F1. The game will now appear in a small text box in the upper-left corner, and you can type in the cheat code to begin playing. Some of the cheat codes are for the game’s buildermode, energyhack, and godmode. The last one will enable you to spawn elements and have unlimited stamina.

Setgamemode in The forest cheat codes are useful for a number of different things, but they can greatly increase your chances of surviving. These cheats will allow you to spawn things, increase the speed of your game, and change various other crucial aspects of the game.


The Forest Cheat Codes
forest cheat codes

Regrowmode in The Forest is a cheat code that allows you to regrow up to 10% of the trees that you’ve cut down during a gameplay session. You can activate this cheat by entering the cheat code in the main menu. Alternatively, you can use a console command to enable or disable this mode.

To enable regrowmode, you must be the host of a multiplayer game. This mode is not available for single-player games. To use this cheat, you must have the permission of the host. If the host is unable to grant this, the game won’t run properly. You can also use a command called setgamemode to switch between game modes.


In Spawnmutant in The Forest, there are a number of cheat codes that can be entered to change various aspects of the game. These include character abilities, game world, weather, and more. Some cheat codes involve switching things on or off; this is indicated in the game’s cheat console. The cheat code ‘godmode’ allows the player to activate the god mode and have infinite stamina and energy, while ‘itemhack’ generates an unlimited amount of items.

Standard Forest Cheat Codes

In order to use these cheats, you must be an admin on your server. For more information, you can visit the game’s Console Command Wiki. This wiki also lists the different commands you can use in the game, including those related to switching between different survival features and disabling mutants and cannibals.

Spawnmutant fireman

In The Forest, you can find many cheat codes that can help you in the game. Some of these codes are specific to specific areas, while others are generic. Using the correct code will let you use the special attributes of other players. To find the codes, you should enter them in the developer mode by pressing F1 while in the game.

One such cheat is the one called addallitems, which adds all story items to your inventory. Another one, itemhack, adds items to your inventory and shows you how many of them you have used. You can also turn on Vegan mode, which disables the opponents and lets you enjoy the game without them. This mode is found in the main menu, and it’s easy to use and activate.

Spawnmutant vags

Spawnmutant vags are a popular enemy type in The Forest. You can spawn them using the command “spawnmutant” from your console. The command also spawns 3 to 6 masked cannibals. If you’re looking for more ways to beat the mutants, try using sticky bombs and cannibal heads. These are the most useful crafting recipes in The Forest, and will let you beat mutants in peace.

In The Forest, there are many cheat codes and console commands available. Using these codes will mess with the game’s code and allow you to do some pretty awesome things. Some of these cheat codes are iron man mode and rawmeat mode. The latter only appears during night and caves. You can also use the woodpaste command to regenerate trees.

All Cheats and Console Instructions in The Forest

Image 612 Forest Cheat Codes
forest cheat codes
  • Ironforest: Buildings are indestructible.
  • Meatmode: Disables all cheats.
  • Rawmeatmode: Everlasting loss of life. You’re save file can be erased upon dying.
  • Regrowmode: 10% of fallen timber will regrow when you sleep.
  • Veganmode: Enemies will solely seem in caves.
  • Vegetarianmode: Enemies will solely seem at nighttime.
  • Woodpaste: Resets holes created by gap cutter and crane.

As we now have talked about above that a lot of the codes may be asking to place the sport on developer mods. If you happen to have no idea the right way to put the sport on developer mode, you will need to know that you just simply must sort developermodeon on the recreation’s title display, after which press F1.

You will note a small textual content field within the prime left nook and begin the sport. The next listing of The Forest Instructions could be entered by urgent F1, typing the code into the textual content field, after which urgent enter.

You should use the participant clothes console instructions in The Forest to furnish the participant with the next clothes:

  • terrainreader on: Activates the terrain.
  • terrainreader off: Turns off terrain.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride off: Turns off the command.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride morning: Units recreation lighting to morning till turned off.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride midday: Units recreation lighting to midday till turned off.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride sundown: Units recreation lighting to sundown till turned off.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride night time: Units recreation lighting to nighttime till turned off.
  • advanceday: Skips in the future forward.
  • plantallgardens: Crops all gardens and returns the quantity of gardens.
  • growalldirtpiles: Grows grime piles inside gardens.
  • setcurrentday #: Will change the day relying on the quantity. 1-100 scale.
  • timescale #: Modifications the pace of the day. One other part can be created detailing this.
  • gametimesacle #: Modifications pace of starvation, power, and thirst.
  • cutdowntrees #: Cuts down timber equal to quantity enter.
  • cutdowntrees #%: Cuts down timber equal to proportion.
  • cutgrass #: Cuts grass in a small radius across the participant.
  • checkday: Checks the time of day.
  • forcerain gentle: Modifications climate to gentle rain.
  • forcerain medium: Modifications climate to medium rain.
  • forcerain heavy: Modifications climate to heavy rain.
  • forcerain cloud: Modifications climate to cloudy.
  • forcerain sunny: Modifications climate to sunny.

These console instructions are pertaining to animals in The Forest:

  • killallanimals: Kills all enemies within the recreation. They’ll nonetheless respawn.
  • killclosestanimal: Kills the closest animal to the participant.
  • animals on: Flip animals on.
  • animals off: Despawns animals.
  • birds on: Flip birds on.
  • birds off: Despawns birds.
  • Spawnanimal quiet: Spawns a trapped animal if an animal lure is close by.
  • Spawnanimal rabbit: Spawns a rabbit.
  • Spawnanimal lizard: Spawns a lizard.
  • Spawnanimal crocodile: Spawns a crocodile.
  • Spawnanimal deer: Spawns a deer.
  • Spawnanimal turtle: Spawns a turtle.
  • Spawnanimal boar: Spawns a boar.
  • Spawnanimal tortoise: Spawns a tortoise.
  • Spawnanimal raccoon: Spawns a raccoon.
  • Spawnanimal squirrel: Spawns a squirrel.

These console instructions are pertaining to enemies in The Forest:

  • veganmode on: Enemies will solely seem in caves.
  • veganmode off: Turns the command off.
  • resetallenemies: Resets AI and kills all enemies.
  • enemies on: Turns cannibals, mutants, and different enemies on.
  • enemies off: Turns enemies off.
  • knockdownclosestenemy: Knocks down the closest enemy.
  • killclosestenemy: Kills closest enemy to you.
  • killallenemies: Kills all enemies within the recreation, however they’ll respawn.
  • killendboss: Kills the tip boss.
  • astar on Activates path discovering for enemies.
  • astar off Turns off the command.
  • spawnregularfamily: Spawns 3-6 common cannibals.
  • spawnpaintedfamily: Spawns 3-6 painted cannibals.
  • spawnskinnedfamily: Spawns 3-6 skinned cannibals.
  • spawnskinnyfamily: Spawns 3-6 skinny cannibals.
  • Spawnmutant male_skinny: Spawns a male skinny mutant.
  • Spawnmutant female_skinny: Spawns a feminine skinny mutant.
  • Spawnmutant skinny_pale: Spawns a thin pale mutant.
  • Spawnmutant male: Spawns a male mutant.
  • Spawnmutant feminine: Spawns a feminine mutant.
  • Spawnmutant armsy: Spawns an armsy mutant.
  • Spawnmutant vags: Spawns a vags mutant.
  • Spawnmutant child: Spawns a child mutant.
  • Spawnmutant fireman: Spawns a fireman mutant.
  • Spawnmutant pale: Spawns a pal mutant.
  • Spawnmutant fats: Spawns a fats mutant.

The next console instructions will have an effect on buildings in The Forest:

  • cancelallghosts: Removes each blueprint that has been positioned.
  • buildallghosts: Builds each blueprint that has been positioned.
  • buildhack on: Permits constructing just like inventive mode.
  • buildhack off: Turns off the command.
  • loghack on: Carried logs are infinite, however will need to have a protracted in hand to work.
  • loghack off: Turns off the command.

The next console instructions are distinctive but it surely can’t be built-in regular gameplay:

  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_SmallWallChunkBuilt 1: Spawns a Small Wall.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreesapCollectorBuilt 1: Spawns a Sap Collector.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects DryingRackBuilt 1: Spawns a Giant Drying Rack.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_WallChunkBuilt 1: Spawns a Customized Wall.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_GardenUndergroundBuilt2 1: Spawns a Backyard Cave.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_WallChunkBuiltH 1: Spawns a Customized Wall.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects EffigyHead 1: Spawns a Head Effigy.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_FishBuilt 1: Spawns a Fish Entice.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_RaftOarBuilt 1: Spawns an Oar from Boat.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects GardenBuilt 1: Spawns a Small Backyard.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects PlatformBuilt 1: Spawns a Platform.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouseChalet_Built_Anchor 1: Spawns an Alpine Tree Home.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouseChalet_Built_Rope 1: Spawns an Alpine Tree Home.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouse_Built_Anchor 1: Spawns a Tree Home.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouse_Built_Rope 1: Spawns a Tree Home.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreePlatform_Built_Anchor 1: Spawns a Tree Platform.
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TreePlatform_Built_Rope 1: Spawns a Tree Platform w/ Rope.

The next buildings are normal buildings that you’ll find in The Forest:

  • PlaceBuiltObjects ArmorMannequinBuilt 1: Spawns an Armor Rack
  • PlaceBuiltObjects ArrowBasketBuilt 1: Spawns an Arrow Basket
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Bed_Built 1: Spawns a Mattress
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Birdhouse_Built 1: Spawns a Birdhouse
  • PlaceBuiltObjects BoneBasketBuilt 1: Spawns a Bone Basket
  • PlaceBuiltObjects BoneChair_Built 1: Spawns a Bone Chair
  • PlaceBuiltObjects BoneFrame_Built 1: Spawns a Bone Body
  • PlaceBuiltObjects BonFireBuilt 1: Spawns a Bonfire
  • PlaceBuiltObjects CeilingSkullLightBuilt 1: Spawns a Ceiling Cranium Lamp
  • PlaceBuiltObjects ChairBuilt 1: Spawns a Chair
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Chandelier_Built 1: Spawns a Bone Chandelier
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_deerSkinBuilt 1: Spawns a Deer Pores and skin Ornament
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_GroundWeaponHolderBuilt 1: Spawns a Floor Weapon Holder
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_RabbitSkinBuilt 1: Spawns a Rabbit Fur Ornament
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_skullBuilt 1: Spawns a Ornamental Cranium
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_TrophyMakerBuilt 1: Spawns a Head Trophy
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_WallPlantPotBuilt 1: Spawns a Wall Planter
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_WallWeaponHolderBuilt 1: Spawns a Wall Weapon Rack
  • PlaceBuiltObjects DryingRackLiteBuilt 1: Spawns a Drying Rack
  • PlaceBuiltObjects EffigyBigBuilt 1: Spawns a Giant Effigy
  • PlaceBuiltObjects EffigyRainBuilt 1: Spawns an Arm Effigy
  • PlaceBuiltObjects EffigySmallBuilt 1: Spawns a Small Effigy
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_BoneFenceChunkBuilt 1: Spawns a Bone Fence
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_CraneBuilt 1: Spawns a Crane
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_EffigyBuilt 1: Spawns a Customized Effigy
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_FloorBuilt 1: Spawns a Customized Flooring
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_GardenBuilt 1: Spawns a Backyard Customized
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_PlatformBuilt 1: Spawns a Platform
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_RockFenceChunkBuilt 1: Spawns a Rock Wall
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_RockPathChunkBuilt 1: Spawns a Rock Path
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_StickFenceChunkBuilt 1: Spawns a Stick Fence
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_WallDefensiveChunkBuilt 1: Spawns a Defensive Wall
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_ZiplineBuilt 1: Spawns a Freestanding Zipline
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_ZiplineTreeBuilt 1: Spawns a Tree Zipline
  • PlaceBuiltObjects FireBuilt 1: Spawns a Fundamental Fireplace
  • PlaceBuiltObjects FireBuiltRockPit 1: Spawns a Fireplace Pit
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Fireplace_Built 1: Spawns a Hearth
  • PlaceBuiltObjects FireStandBuilt 1: Spawns a Standing Fireplace
  • PlaceBuiltObjects GazeboBuilt 1: Spawns a Gazebo
  • PlaceBuiltObjects HolderExplosives_Built 1: Spawns an Explosives Holder
  • PlaceBuiltObjects HolderSnacks_Built 1: Spawns a Giant Cupboard
  • PlaceBuiltObjects HouseBoat_Small 1: Spawns a Home Boat
  • PlaceBuiltObjects LargeRaftBuilt 1: Spawns a Giant Raft
  • PlaceBuiltObjects LeafHutBuilt 1: Spawns a Momentary Shelter
  • PlaceBuiltObjects LogCabinBuilt 1: Spawns a Log Cabin
  • PlaceBuiltObjects LogCabin_Small_Built 1: Spawns a Small Cabin
  • PlaceBuiltObjects LogHolderBuilt 1: Spawns a Small Log Holder
  • PlaceBuiltObjects LogHolderLargeBuilt 1: Spawns a Giant Log Holder
  • PlaceBuiltObjects MedicineCabinet_Built 1: Spawns a Small Cupboard
  • PlaceBuiltObjects MultiSledBuilt 1: Spawns a Log Sled
  • PlaceBuiltObjects MultiThrowerBuilt 1: Spawns a Catapult
  • PlaceBuiltObjects RabbitCageBuilt 1: Spawns a Rabbit Cage
  • PlaceBuiltObjects RaftBuilt 1: Spawns a Small Raft
  • PlaceBuiltObjects RockHolderBuilt 1: Spawns a Small Rock Holder
  • PlaceBuiltObjects RockHolderLargeBuilt 1: Spawns a Giant Rock Holder
  • PlaceBuiltObjects RockSidePlatformBuilt 1: Spawns a Aspect Platform
  • PlaceBuiltObjects RopeBuilt 1: Spawns a Climbing Rope
  • PlaceBuiltObjects ShelterBuilt 1: Spawns a Looking Shelter
  • PlaceBuiltObjects SkinRack_Built 1: Spawns a Rack
  • PlaceBuiltObjects SkullLightBuilt 1: Spawns a Cranium Lamp
  • PlaceBuiltObjects SmallTableBuilt 1: Spawns a Small Desk
  • PlaceBuiltObjects SpikeDefenseBuilt 1: Spawns a Defensive Spikes
  • PlaceBuiltObjects StickMarkerBuilt 1: Spawns a Stick Marker
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Stick_HolderBuilt 1: Spawns a Small Stick Holder
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Stick_HolderLargeBuilt 1: Spawns a Giant Stick Holder
  • PlaceBuiltObjects TableBuilt 1: Spawns a Desk
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Target_Built 1: Spawns a Wooden Goal
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_Deadfall 1: Spawns a Deadfall Entice
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_LeafPileBuilt 1: Spawns a Leaf Pile Entice
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_RabbitBuilt 1: Spawns an Animal Entice
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_RopeBuilt 1: Spawns a Noose Entice
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_SpikeWall 1: Spawns a Blissful Birthday Entice
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_swingingRockInTree 1: Spawns a Rope Swing Entice
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_TripWireExplosiveBuilt 1: Spawns an Explosive Wire Entice
  • PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_TripWireMolotovBuilt 1: Spawns a Molotov Wire Entice
  • PlaceBuiltObjects WalkwayStraightBuilt 1: Spawns a Wood Path
  • PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt 1: Spawns a Fundamental Wall
  • PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt_Doorway 1: Spawns a Wall With Door
  • PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt_Window 1: Spawns a Wall With Window
  • PlaceBuiltObjects WaterCollector_Built 1: Spawns a Water Collector
  • PlaceBuiltObjects WeaponRackBuilt 1: Spawns a Weapon Rack
  • PlaceBuiltObjects WoodCouch_Built 1: Spawns a Sofa
  • PlaceBuiltObjects WoodFrame_Built 1: Spawns a Stick Body
  • PlaceBuiltObjects WorkBenchBuilt 1: Spawns a Bench

If you wish to add extra merchandise in The Forest, the next instructions will certainly allow you to.

  • addallitems: Provides all objects, save for story objects.
  • addallstoryitems: Provides all story objects.
  • spawnallpickups: Respawns all objects which were collected.

If you happen to nonetheless don’t know the right way to add merchandise in The Forest, don’t must surprise. Any objects could be added or eliminated by utilizing the next instructions: additem <merchandise quantity>spawnitem <merchandise quantity>, and removeitem <merchandise quantity>.

  • 29 Bomb
  • 31 Circuit Board
  • 33 Fabric
  • 34 Leaf
  • 35 Lizard Meat
  • 36 Batteries
  • 37 Booze
  • 38 Money
  • 41 Wristwatch
  • 42 Feather
  • 43 Flare
  • 44 Flare Gun
  • 46 Head
  • 47 Leg
  • 48 Lighter
  • 49 Meds
  • 51 Flashlight
  • 53 Rock
  • 54 Rope
  • 56 Weak Spear
  • 57 Stick
  • 60 Tooth
  • 61 Cassette Participant
  • 63 Pedometer
  • 67 Marigold
  • 68 Natural Drugs
  • 69 Cassette 1
  • 71 Molotov
  • 74 Survival Information
  • 75 Fireplace stick (Torch)
  • 76 Rabbit Meat
  • 77 Reside Rabbit78 Log
  • 79 Crafted Bow
  • 80 Aircraft Axe
  • 81 Tennis Ball
  • 82 Throwable Rock
  • 83 Arrow
  • 86 Rusty Axe
  • 87 Crafted Axe
  • 88 Trendy Axe
  • 89 Snack
  • 90 Arm
  • 91 Cash
  • 92 Lizard Pores and skin
  • 94 Cranium
  • 95 Crafted Membership
  • 96 Membership
  • 97 Coneflower
  • 98 Chicory
  • 99 Aloe
  • 100 Vitality Combine
  • 101 Head Bomb
  • 103 Aloe Seeds
  • 104 Sap
  • 107 Flare Gun Ammo
  • 109 Sodas
  • 112 Twinberries
  • 113 Snowberries
  • 114 Blueberries
  • 117 Cassette 2
  • 118 Cassette 4
  • 119 Cassette 3
  • 120 Cassette 5
  • 122 Walkie Talkie
  • 123 Generic Meat
  • 126 Deer Pores and skin
  • 127 Fish
  • 129 Rabbit Fur
  • 130 Pouch
  • 131 Blue Paint
  • 132 Orange Paint
  • 133 Damaged Toy Head
  • 134 Damaged Toy Arms
  • 135 Damaged Toy Legs
  • 136 Damaged Toy Physique
  • 137 Stealth Armor
  • 138 Climbing Axe
  • 139 6 Map Cave 2
  • 141 Turtle Shell
  • 142 Outdated Pot
  • 143 Rebreather
  • 144 Air Canisters
  • 145 Waterskin
  • 147 “The Sensible Caver”
  • 148 “Summer season Version Yachy”
  • 149 “Beneath the Limestone”
  • 150 Bible
  • 152 “June Boat Image”
  • 153 “Den Mom Image 1”
  • 154 “Sinkhole Image”
  • 155 “Den Mom Image 2”
  • 156 Map 1
  • 157 Map 2
  • 158 Map 3
  • 159 Map 4
  • 169 Map Full
  • 173 Compass
  • 175 Dynamite
  • 176 Milk Carton
  • 177 Upgraded Spear
  • 178 Bones
  • 179 Timmy Toy Full
  • 180 Katana
  • 181 Oyster
  • 182 Polaroid Teddy
  • 183 Newspaper Stripper
  • 185 Rabbit Head
  • 186 Boar Head
  • 187 Deer Head
  • 188 Crocodile Head
  • 189 Raccoon Head
  • 190 Lizard Head
  • 191 Seagull Head
  • 192 Squirrel Head
  • 193 Tortoise Head
  • 194 Goose Head
  • 195 Shark Head
  • 196 Cave Map
  • 197 Passenger Manifest
  • 198 Steel Tin Tray
  • 199 Snowshoes
  • 200 Quiver
  • 201 Rabbit Fur Boots
  • 202 Fortune
  • 203 The Darkish Haired Man Guide
  • 204 Bone Armor
  • 205 Coneflower Seeds
  • 206 Blueberry Seeds
  • 207 Small Generic Meat
  • 208 Timmy Drawing
  • 209 Undoubtedly Actual! Weekly Magainze
  • 210 Sahara Worker Keycard
  • 212 Drugs
  • 213 Vitality Drink Combine
  • 214 Rock Bag
  • 215 Stick Bag
  • 216 Artifact Sketch
  • 217 Artifact Sketch 2
  • 218 Science Journal
  • 219 Megan Polaroid
  • 220 Picture Cache 1
  • 221 Picture Cache 4
  • 222 Picture Cache 5
  • 223 Picture Cache 6
  • 224 Picture Cache 8
  • 225 Picture Cache 3
  • 226 Picture Cache 2
  • 227 Picture Cache 9
  • 229 Delivery Manifest
  • 230 Flintlock Pistol
  • 231 Flintlock Pistol Ammo
  • 232 Flintlock Gun Half 1
  • 233 Flintlock Gun Half 2
  • 234 Flintlock Gun Half 3
  • 235 Flintlock Gun Half 4
  • 236 Flintlock Gun Half 5
  • 237 Flintlock Gun Half 6
  • 238 Flintlock Gun Half 7
  • 239 Flintlock Gun Half 8
  • 240 Paintbrush
  • 242 Elevator Keycard
  • 243 Restraining Order
  • 244 Termination Letter
  • 245 Morgue Report
  • 246 Bible Web page One
  • 247 Bible Web page Two
  • 248 Megan Crayons
  • 249 Artifact Picture
  • 250 Artifact Picture
  • 251 Megan Drawing Dad
  • 252 Megan Drawing Unicorn
  • 254 Megan Drawing Dinosaur
  • 255 Aircraft Electronic mail
  • 256 Megan Picture Electronic mail
  • 257 Restore Instrument
  • 258 Polaroid Keycard 1
  • 259 Polaroid Keycard 2
  • 260 Polaroid Keycard 3
  • 261 Chainsaw
  • 262 Gas
  • 263 Chainsaw Commercial
  • 265 Machete
  • 267 Camcorder
  • 269 Camcorder Tape 1
  • 270 Camcorder Tape 3
  • 271 Camcorder Tape 4
  • 272 Camcorder Tape 2
  • 273 Camcorder Tape 6
  • 274 Camcorder Tape 5
  • 275 Mushroom Puffmush
  • 276 Mushroom Libertycap
  • 277 Mushroom Jack
  • 278 Mushroom Deermush
  • 279 Mushroom Deermush

Moreover, there’s a code in The Forest taking you to any particular space of The Forest. It’s best to enter Goto <Coordinates>. The coordinates have to be the x, y, and z values, separated by instructions (e.g. Goto 600, 50, 100).

Spawnmutant pal

The Forest cheat codes are a great way to increase your survival rate and control vital aspects of the game. For example, you can use these cheats to spawn things, alter the tides, or even resprow trees. These cheats allow you to survive longer, so you can build more trees and find more gold.

To use these cheats, you must be in developer mode. This mode is available by pressing F1 at the title screen or typing developermode. This will open a small text box at the top-left corner. Once in developer mode, simply enter the code and hit enter. Some of the cheat codes in The Forest are: Itemhack (which allows you to spawn an unlimited number of items), Energyhack (which gives you unlimited energy), and Godmode (which grants unlimited stamina and energy).

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RAR PASS = 123

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