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Fortnite Drifting White Screen Glitch Latest Fix 2023

Fortnite Drifting White Screen Glitch Fix

The Fortnite Drifting White Screen Glitch is a new problem that’s popping up for many players. Epic Games recently announced there’ll be no more difficulty queueing or waiting times, but a large number of gamers are still experiencing this problem. The issue first appeared on December 5th, 2021 when a cut scene was playing. More people have been experiencing the same problem, which seems to be related to the client.

Disabling “high-resolution textures”

The Fortnite white screen glitch is a problem that occurs in the game when you try to boot it up. The game will begin playing with dramatic music and a blank white screen. While there is no clear solution to the problem, you can try restarting the game multiple times. In addition, you can try disabling the “high-resolution textures” in the game settings.

Another possible cause of the crash is the installation of certain software on your PC. Some users have reported that the program CCleaner was causing the Fortnite crashes. After uninstalling CCleaner, Fortnite has stopped crashing. Another common cause of Fortnite crashes is high-texture resolution. To fix the problem, turn off the “high-resolution textures” in Fortnite and don’t turn it back on again.

Some Fortnite players have had success with disabling “high-resolution textures” as a fix for the white screen problem. This workaround also helps to prevent Fortnite from processing in the background. This process makes the game behave in an odd way when it’s closed. You can close this process in the task manager to clear the problem.

Restarting Fortnite

Fortnite Drifting White Screen Glitch

The Fortnite Drifting White Screen Glitch is affecting Fortnite on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. This glitch has caused players to get stuck on a white screen with the message “Drifting”. There is a workaround for this problem, which is to force Fortnite to close and restart.

This fix is not the only way to fix the white screen bug. Several Fortnite players have found that disabling high-resolution textures can solve the problem. Other solutions involve restarting the game and waiting for it to be fixed. In the meantime, players can submit tickets to Fortnite support to seek help.

Restarting the game will fix the Fortnite Drifting White Screen Glitch, but it can take a while for the game to initialize, so it is best to try it before contacting Epic Games. If you can’t wait for Fortnite to initialize, you can cancel your Battle Pass.

Restarting Epic Games launcher

If you want to fix the Fortnite Drifting White Screen Glitch, restarting your Epic Games Launcher will help. It’s important that the launcher has access to system resources. To check if your launcher has full access, right-click on your desktop and select Display settings. Then, choose 100% for the size of text, apps, and other items. If the white screen still persists, try one of the other solutions listed below.

Another method for fixing the white screen glitch is to delete the Epic Games Launcher’s web cache folder. This folder will regenerate automatically after being deleted. Usually, this folder is located in the %localappdata% folder. If you’re not able to find it there, open it and delete it. Once you have done that, try restarting your PC. It may take several attempts to solve the issue.

In some cases, your cache is corrupted, causing your launcher to freeze. If this is the case, you can clean your cache by killing the Epic Games Launcher process or deleting its webcache folder.

Repair Fortnite Chapter 3 Caught at White Display screen Glitch?

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If you’re seeing a clean white display when loading up Fortnite Chapter 3 for the primary time, be aware that it needs to be resolved as of now. The Twitter account @FortniteStatus had picked up the problem instantly and supplied an replace concerning the identical after a while. Now you can restart the sport and get into it with out seeing the white display glitch.

This isn’t the primary time that is occurring and it has beforehand occurred particularly on Nintendo Change, however now gamers on different platforms are additionally experiencing it. Gamers get the white display with a Drifting message and nothing occurs for fairly some time – the sport simply doesn’t load.

Why did this occur?

Though Fortnite is a vastly well-liked title with a great deal of gamers keen to leap right into a sport, this difficulty doesn’t appear to be linked to server overload. Apparently, it was induced because of the Fortnite shopper. And the one factor you may do out of your finish is to examine your web connection. Restart your router or swap out of your wifi to hotspot to examine the problem. But when the web connection will not be an issue then, await an replace from Fortnite. Often, they’re fairly fast to supply a repair or a workaround wherever attainable. So do keep watch over the @FortniteStatus Twitter account for more information.

Restarting Xbox One

Restarting Xbox One after Fortnite Chapter three white screen glitch fix is an option, but it’s not guaranteed to fix the error. It’s better to wait until Epic Games releases a hotfix patch to fix the issue. While reinstalling Fortnite won’t fix the White Screen bug, restarting the console will close any loading errors and fix the bug.

A white screen appears when entering Fortnite Chapter 3 and then fades into a scene of a character lying face-down on a beach. Some players have reported experiencing the glitch on Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC. A restart is the easiest solution for this issue.

Restarting the Xbox One after Fortnite Chapter 3 white screen fix works for most cases, although some people still have the problem. Try restarting the console and wait a few minutes before you attempt to play the game again. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll have a fresh copy of the game.

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