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Fortnite Hack Free Softaim Hack Download | ExoticFN 2022

Hello with another Fortnite Hacks, new feature with new fortnite hack is Free Softaim Hack Download. You can download Fortnite Softaim Hack, Aimbot Hack, ESP cheats for free. This ExoticFN was updated just before Christmas and works great.

Fortnite Softaim Hack

With this Fortnite softaim hack, unlike Aimbot, you have less chance of getting banned and it really helps you to play like a full pro player. The cheats with this softaim feature are usually premium cheats with very nice features. We are sharing you softaim hack the best cheat for free. With this cheat, your aim will target like a professional player, not like a robot.

Fortnite Hacks

We always try to bring you the best Fortnite Hacks on our site. It is very important for cheaters to stay up to date and use new and updated cheats. That’s why you can follow our site and download the latest fortnite cheats. We share the latest cheats and the best free cheats. Our Fortnite cheats are very popular and loved. Also, check the Fortnite Cheats Category for more fortnite cheats, use the latest cheats.

Some of the features of Free FN Hack ExoticFN

  • Fortnite Esp Hack
  • Fortnite Aimbot Hack
  • Fortnite No Recoil Hack
  • Fortnite Spoofer free
  • Fortnite Soft Aim Hack

[+] Menu Completly Changed.
[+] Fixed Aim Lock Line.
[+] Fixed Aim Bones [ Now it’s actually head ].
[+] SnapLines Repositioned.
[+] Added Air Stuck.
[+] U finally can turn off vehicle esp.
[+] Silent Aim and Bullet Teleport will be up very soon just wait.
[+] Updated to latest patch.
[+] Major Improvments.

How to use Fortnite Hacks Free

To use this Fortnite hacks for free You must turn on your Discord Overlay first of all.

1. Close Epic Games.
2. Change date to november 7.
3. Open Epic Games and launch fortnite.
4. Easy Anti Cheat ( EAC ) should run.
5. Open lmap.exe, and wait for inject, if it stays on allocated base 0x28175178 bla bla, re launch injector.
6. Enjoy

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Extract the cheats to desktop, also turn off your defender.



15 thoughts on “Fortnite Hack Free Softaim Hack Download | ExoticFN 2022”

  1. Leforever optnoua

    it stopped working for me. it just stays on ‘Vulnerable driver base allocated: 0x0000000000000000’.In Last 2 day it is worked but now i dosen’t work pleas help me please please help me

    1. Hello If you have discord join our discord and create a ticket it will be better, for this problem you make sure that you on windowed fullscreen and you on the right winver.

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