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Free Fortnite XP Glitch Map Codes 2022

Fortnite XP Glitch Map Codes

Fortnite XP Glitch Map codes are a great way to get a large amount of XP without having to spend a lot of time. They give you access to 70-80k XP instantly with just a click of a button. You can find these Fortnite XP Glitch Map Codes on levels 1, 3, and 5.

XP Glitch Fortnite Map Codes 2022

Fortnite XP Glitch Map Codes

In Fortnite, there’s an XP Glitch which helps you to get like 100K XP in each 5 minutes or so. That is by far the simplest and quickest method of getting XP in Fortnite. To carry out the Glitch, you will have to enter the Fortnite XP Glitch Map Codes given under. Observe the under steps to carry out the XP Glitch.

  • In your Fortnite Foyer, head in direction of Inventive & within the Island Code enter this code: 4718-2254-2813v39.
  • Subsequent, get again to your Foyer and ensure your sport is about to Personal Recreation. Now simply click on on Play.
  • When you get in-game, you’ll have to wait until it masses up.
  • Let it fully load up after which head in direction of the Weapons space which is on the backside left aspect of the map.
  • On this space, decide up a weapon that has a huge journal like a MiniGun.
  • Now close to the weapons part, there will likely be a Telephone Sales space. Head in direction of the nook closest to it.
  • This must be the highest left nook.
  • When you attain the nook tile, your character will glow up in Blue VFX.
  • Now you’ll have to carry out an Emote, anybody will do.
  • After that, construct a bridge going Westward out of your place. The bridge must be 4 platforms broad.
  • As you stroll on to the 4th tile of the Bridge, your character will glow up in Blue VFX once more.
  • Once more use your Emote. Run again to the nook tile and Emote on it once more.
  • Now in direction of the South part of the Map, there will likely be a SUPPORT A CREATOR pedestal. Go behind it and under the map, you can see an Interactable. Press E on it.
  • After that’s carried out head again to the Weapons part and you’ll go to the nook tile. There must be a Small Defend Potion there.
  • Within the Southward path, assemble a 15 excessive Staircase.
  • Now on the high of the Staircase, construct a flooring tile on it. After that construct a flooring tile to the proper of the one you had simply constructed.
  • Wanting into the West, construct a flooring tile to the correct of that flooring tile. It ought to appear like a U-turn.
  • Now from the final flooring tile, construct a platform whereas dealing with North.
  • Your XP Glitch preparation is now full. All you need to do now’s to face on the platform you simply constructed and shoot within the Western path.
  • This gives you a ton of XP in Fortnite.

And there you may have it, that’s how one can carry out the XP Glitch in Fortnite utilizing these Map Codes. Hopefully, this information was useful for you. You can too examine our guides on and Surprising Error Occurred Xbox Repair in Fortnite.

AFK XP Button is located on the left-hand side of the Support a Creator pedestal

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XP is the key to fast leveling in the game. Luckily, there’s a way to get more XP without actually doing anything. You can use an AFK XP button on Support a Creator pedestal. This secret button is located in the corner.

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