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Easy Way To Get Fowl Genshin Impact 2023?

How to get fowl in Genshin Impact

An Easy Way to Get Fowl Impact? It can be difficult to get fowl in Genshin Impact. You will first need to find out where the meat is located. Next, you’ll need to learn how to cook and smoke it. Next, find a vendor to purchase your fresh meat.

Locate a vendor

Easy Way To Get Fowl Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact uses fowl as the main ingredient for its cooking. It can be obtained in the wild by hunting birds, or it can be purchased from merchants.

Genshin Impact is easy to farm fowl. Fowl can be cultivated in Tianqiu Valley and Stormbearer Mountains. A character with a large hunting range is better. With your bow, you can hunt ducks.

You can also buy fowl from the Mondstadt merchant Liben. He also sells fowl and raw meat. Every day, he appears at various locations. Your fowl can be exchanged for Primogems and Enhancement materials, or Ascension materials. He also sells sweet flower.

A bow is essential when hunting fowl. Most animals will flee if you try to approach them. Ducks can be killed by Cryo elements. The animals won’t run away if you use Aloy.

You can grow it

Fowl will be required to gather during the Genshin Impact. This fowl can be used for many different food items, and it will also help you heal.

Hunting wild birds is a great way to get Fowl. You will need a bow to do this. Fowl can also purchased from sellers. With your bow, you can hunt ducks.

Even if you don’t own a bow, elemental attacks can be used to kill ducks. Fowl units can be obtained by killing fowls. Fowl units will be dropped by smaller birds, but larger birds may drop more than one.

Two Mondstadt merchants also sell Fowl units. They’ll sell them each for 240 Mora. These merchants also sell fresh meat. These merchants can sell you up to ten types of raw meat. They can also provide quail eggs.

You can also go on expeditions to find Fowl. These expeditions can be found in many locations on the Genshin map. You can expect to find between 8-12 fowl units for every 20 hours you spend on an expedition.

Smoke it

Genshin Impact lets players hunt fowl. You can use either a bow-and-arrow or a swimming gun to hunt for it. Even the game has a fowl-specific recipe section. You should be able find the source fowl in order to make the most of your fowl mood.

The Mondstadt bridge is a great place to find fowl, but it’s also possible to find it in the wild. Mix Dendrobium and mashed meat to make fish bait. A fish bait can help you catch more fish and make more coins.

Genshin Impact has many other interesting items, aside from fowl. Although there are many items, only a handful are necessary. If you plan to hunt wild birds, you will need a bow & arrow. You can also use Smoked Fowl as an ingredient. You must be prepared to cook with Smoked Fowl.

How you can Get & Farm Fowl in Genshin Impression

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Fowl can only be obtained by killing wild birds or going on full expeditions. The wild birds will be found while you explore the vast world. It is possible for birds to drop Fowl in Genshin Impression if they are hunted near water. You should aim for these areas on your map if you find lakes or shores that have birds.

Because they can fly away, you should make sure that you use a bow to kill them before they fly off. You can either make one yourself or change the person who uses it. Upon getting slayed them, swim in direction of them (in the event that they’re in water) to gather the Fowl.

How to Use Fowl

Fowl is a good choice for a variety of recipes such as Jueyun Chili Hens, Squirrel Fish and Candy Madame. Right here’s the quantity wanted and different components in these recipes.

Smoked Fowl

  • 3 Fowl
  • 1 Salt

Hen-Mushroom Skewer

  • 1 Mushroom
  • 1 Fowl

Candy Madame

  • 2 Fowl
  • 2 Candy Flower

Jueyun Chili Hen

  • 2 Fowl
  • 1 Jueyun Chili
  • 1 Pepper

Squirrel Fish

  • 4 Fowl
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • 2 Flour
  • 1 Sugar

Use it to make delicious meals

In the open world of Genshin ImpactYou can also collect fowl. Fowl is an extremely valuable item that can be used for a variety cooking recipes. It’s used in the preparation of food that can heal and restore party stamina as well as HP. In some cases, fowl may be required.

Wild birds drop fowl. Fowl can also be purchased from different sellers. You can purchase fowl in large quantities. Draff can also be used to purchase fowl. Draff, a Genshin Impact NPC is located in Springvale and Mondstadt. He is a vendor selling fowl and raw meat. He can sell as many as 10 fowl for only 240 Mora.

Fowl is also a great way to create food items. Fowl can be used to craft around 21 items. Sweet Madame and SquirlFish are just a few of the many items you can create from fowl. Jueyun Chili Chicken can be made at any temperature.

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