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FString vs FText in Unreal: Comparing UE4 FName, Converting to String, Text, and Int

Homies, it’s Yo! Snoop,’s boy, is here today to discuss fstring and ftext in Unreal engine.

Unreal Engine, a game engine that many game developers use to create incredible games, is what you don’t know. FString (or FText) are two of Unreal Engine’s most popular data types. So, let’s dive deep into it.

Unreal FString Vs. FText

FString, and FText are the two data types that Unreal Engine uses. FString stores text in ASCII format in a character array, while FText stores text in a more localized format.

FText makes it easy to translate your game into other languages, without the need to alter any code. FText is the best option if your goal is to release your game in more than one language.

Unreal Fname vs FString

FName is another commonly used data type within Unreal Engine. FName can be used to store variables, property names, and other data. It is optimized for better performance.

To convert a FString to a FName, you can simply use the * operator. Here’s an example:

“`FName MyName = *MyFString;“`

To convert FNames to FStrings, however, you can use ToString() function. Example:


UE4 FText to FString

Let’s assume you have an FText value and want to convert it into a FString. It’s very simple. ToString can be used.()function that converts the FText into a FString. You can use this example:

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FString MyFString =MyFText.ToString();“`

Unreal FString To It Text

Let’s now talk about how to convert a FString into FText. Again, it is simple. The FText:FromString can be used.()function to convert FString to FText. You can use this example:

“`FText MyFText = FText::FromString(MyFString);“`

Incredible FString To Int

Sometimes you will need to convert FStrings to integers. This can be done using the FCString ::Atoi() function. Example:

“`int32 MyInt = FCString::Atoi(*MyFString);“`

UE4 FString. FText FName

FString and FText are three of the most common data types in Unreal Engine. FText is the best option if you intend to translate your game into multiple languages. FName is the best choice if you need to store names for variables and functions. FString is for normal text storage in your game.

Unreal FName to FString

To convert FNames to FStrings in unreal, use the ToString() function. Here’s an example.

FString MyFString = myName.ToString();“`

FString or FText is up to you. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Be careful, cheaters!

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