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Functions League of Legends Valak Client Hack Skin Changer

– Module: Allow you to change your skin in-game.

(Press INSERT in-game to open valak menu)

Auto says lane: If enabled, say one lane in a chat of the normal game.

Auto Accept: Accept automatically matches.

Rank Chat Changer: Change your tier rank on League of Legends Chat description (SOLO/DUO)

Instant Lock: Automatic pick your champion on a normal game.

Auto remove friends request: Remove automatically friends requests.

Auto accepts friends request: Accept automatically friends requests.

Restart League of Legends Client: Restart your client, without quit from the champion selection.

[boombox_download_button file_url=”” external_url=”https://pastebin.com/Et9Qj4Ja”]Download RAR PASS: 123[/boombox_download_button]


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