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G2 Esports – Carlos Rodriguez, Luka Perkovi, and Kevin Stahnke

G2 Esports was formerly known under Gamers2 and is a professional Esports organization located in Berlin, Germany. Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez founded it in November 2013. This article will provide information about the history and players of G2 Esports. This article will include information on its sponsors and members. This article will focus on Perkz and Carlos Rodriguez. Although there are many talented players on the G2 Esports roster you should still pay close attention these pros to identify the best.

Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez is a name you may have seen if you’ve been following esports. In 2015, he established G2 Gaming Company. His transparency was refreshing, even though some of his decisions might have been controversial. He was open about his past struggles and even sold players to other teams. Carlos is passionate about esports despite all of this. Carlos is now sharing his knowledge and discussing his career path, and how he hopes to improve the game.

Carlos Rodriguez was already streaming video games before he founded G2 Esports. On each stream, he averaged between 20,000 and 30,000 viewers. His success enabled him to create a strong brand within esports. Rodriguez has been both an entrepreneur as well as a prodigy in the esports world. G2 Esports is now the most well-known and powerful brand in the esports industry thanks to his success.

Recent collaborations with Adidas show the team’s success. G2 Esports’ official kit will be designed by the company. It will feature lightweight, absorbent fabric. The kits will have a subtle hologram that represents Alex Rodriguez, G2’s player. G2 may not be as well-known than their pro-gaming counterparts, but they have a growing following. These are only a few of G2’s recent successes.

G2 is quickly becoming the top entertainment and esports company, having won numerous world championships. Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez is the founder of the team. He was a League of Legends veteran. He was also the founder of the company and serves as its CEO. G2 Esports has sponsors such as Mastercard, BMW and others. The company is not the only one to have a strong esports team.

G2 Esports has emerged as a major player in the EU LCS. They won three domestic divisions and placed second in the Mid Season Invitational. G2 is one the most successful esports organisations of all time. Carlos ‘ocelote’Rodriguez, the founder of G2, spoke to The Esports Observer on his goals and how his team will perform. The esports organisation aims to go beyond esports into entertainment.


Luka Perkovi is better known as Perkz and is a professional League of Legends member. He currently plays for Team Vitality. You may have missed his name, but it may not be obvious to you. He is a talented man! Continue reading to learn more about his talents. Below are some important facts about Perkz. Continue reading to find out how Perkz got started in professional gaming.

Perkz, a professional gamer learned early the importance to resolve differences between the esports industry and the media. Perkz has been an esports superstar and learned to manage the emotional backlash from fans online. Perkz claimed that he had been outspoken at one point, but he now blames it on “trolls”.

Perkz is one of the most prominent players on the planet. He has won numerous EU LCS titles as well as the LEC. Despite being a botlaner, Perkz has led G2 to victory at the 2019 World Championship. Perkz is a leader and versatile player. Next is to choose where Perkz will be playing. Perkz should be considered a defender.

Cloud9 is the main contender to Perkz. Perkz has been offered to the team for $5 million. Cloud9 will need to come up with a payment plan to cover the price given the value of Perkz’s services. Cloud9 may reconsider signing Perkz to their roster due to Perkz’s buyout clause. Cloud9 has already lost Eric “Licorice”, Ritchie, and other highly skilled players to G2.

G2 Esports

Luka Perkz Perkovic is a G2 Esports veteran for more than three and a quarter years. He is a team pillar and one of Europe’s best mid laners. Perkz’s ADC skills also help the team. It would be hard to imagine their team without Perkz. For any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Perkz’s departure will not lead to a huge shake-up but it could signal the beginning of an exciting chapter in G2 Esports. Caps could become the new face of G2 Esports. They will likely be replaced Marcin Jankowski or Martin Wunder Hansen. Is it possible for G2 Esports to afford Perkz?


Caps is a stylized name of the player. He is a member of the Overwatch team, the G2 Esports. He is known for his nerdy nickname, “caPs”, and is a fan favorite. For the reasons stated above, Caps is the name of the player. Overwatch has him as a sniper. These are some fascinating facts about Caps.

Caps was a member since March 2019 of G2 as a result of the Spring Split of LEC. He was previously a player for Fnatic and won the LEC. He qualified for the Worlds and won the LEC his first two seasons playing with G2. However, this year, he and his team came in third. Rekkles and Mikyx were also benched. They have also revamped their roster, and Wunder is the only player from last year’s starting line-up. Broken Blade and Raphael Crabbe, the support player, are also included in the lineup.

Caps’s support has been a huge strength for the team. The Danish player is a favorite of fans and travels all over the globe to cheer for his son. This has helped his team to succeed. Caps has been an outstanding midfielder and supports many characters such as Drax and Goliath. Caps’s versatility means that he can excel both as a support player and as a sniper.

Despite the slump in recent weeks, the team remains strong. G2 will represent Europe at the Mid Season Invitational 2022, after winning the Spring Split. Faker and Caps are both already signed long-term contracts. However, it is possible that the team will still have time to secure a World Championship spot. Jankos and Caps have been fighting for the LEC title. Caps may have a wild ride in 2022!

Caps, who joined G2 Esports via Fnatic, has established himself as one of Europe’s top mid laners. Caps has been crowned champion of the LEC Spring, MSI Spring, Rift Rivals and the LEC Summer. He made it to the Worlds 2020 semifinals but was not able to win the title. Caps’s success in G2 Esports inspired the team to make some roster changes.

Kevin Stahnke

Sua, also known by Kevin Stahnke is a former coach for the German Rainbow Six Siege. His last association was with G2 Esports. On Twitter, he announced his resignation from the team. Budget cuts led to the decision. Sua has not been playing Rainbow Six since last season. He has been an analyst and secondary coaches for the team.

Sua left G2 Esports in the end after two years. He won the SI19 championships, EUL and GSA titles. He finished second at both the Raleigh Major Major, September Regional Major Major. He won the European Pro League Season 11.

The team was unable to compete in the Pro League this season and they missed the playoffs, for the first time since Season 4. They made it to the Grand Finale of Six Major Raleigh despite this. Kevin Stahnke is the team’s coach. He believes that the team has great potential. It’s difficult to predict when a team could make the big jump. However, they’ve never been closer to their potential.

The recent success of the team can be attributed to its success in League of Legends as well as Counter-Strike: Global and iRacing. The team boasts a strong roster that has won every European Championship. The LCS is the company’s most prestigious esports tournament. Its teams compete against each other in Counter-Strike Global, League of Legends and Rokes rigeu. Its core players consist of Jens Hilgers, Kevin Stahnke and snooker.

They are also the European Champions of League of Legends. They have won nine European Pro League titles, and the Six Invitational 2018. They have also been second in the Six Invitational 2019.

G2 Esports is one of the top Rainbow Six Siege teams, but has experienced some ups and falls in recent years. They did not qualify for the Montreal Invitational. However, they will be there if they receive the final invite. The team’s future is secure as long as the infrastructure can be maintained. Kevin Stahnke is G2 Esports’s great coach.

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