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Free Game Builder Garage Codes ID List 2023

Game Builder Garage Codes

Game Builder Garage Codes For Game Builder Garage is an open-source game development platform. There are many ways to create games in it. For instance, you can create a simple remake of a Metroid microgame from WarioWare. You can also create games with more complex controls. There are also many Game Builder Garage Codes that can help you make your game even better.

Simple remake of Metroid microgame from WarioWare

Game Builder Garage Codes

A simple remake of the classic Metroid microgame from WarioWarе, the game is set in a pink-purple world where Samus must sneak past enemies while collecting Missile Tanks. The game features a unique twist by featuring the Morph Ball, a microgame originally featured in WarioWare. When Samus enters a Morph Ball, she will morph into a different character. Then, the player must tap the screen to unmorph and collect the Missile Tank.

The game features many new features, including enhanced graphics, sounds, and music from the original game. The game also includes new characters, such as Zeela in Brinstar and Waver in Crateria. The final stage, however, still features Metroid and is set in Tourian. The game also features a crude drawing of the Metroid amiibo figure, which can be purchased with Gold.

The game features full-voiced characters, including Wario, Jimmy T, Mona, and 9-volt. This is one of the few first-party Nintendo games to feature this feature. Despite the bizarre storyline, the game is surprisingly fun to play and offers an enjoyable challenge.

Price comparison

Game Builder Garage is an online video game available on Nintendo Switch. It comes in the eShop Code format. The game is compatible with the Switch, and it includes a tutorial that teaches you the basics of game development. Depending on the store, you may also find special editions that have additional content. There is also a possibility that regional restrictions may apply.

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Lesson mode

In the Game builder garage codes, you can make games with the help of multistep tutorials and lesson mode. There are seven different game genres, including platformers, battle games, and side-scrolling shooters. The lessons are fun and detailed, and they model the best practices for game making. The lessons also highlight potential missteps and how to overcome them. The lessons are delivered through the help of nodons, or characters that speak and interact with the player. These characters will tell you what to do, explain the reasons for their decisions, and celebrate your achievements.

Lessons typically take from 40 minutes to 90 minutes to complete. You can take short breaks while you learn a new step, but you must complete all steps before advancing to the next lesson. Lessons are supported by both traditional game controllers and USB mice connected to the Switch dock.

Game Builder Garage Codes List – Best Games to Play

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We’ve collected some Game Builder Garage Codes and IDs that you can check out and play.

  • Doom Eternal by MrTiffles – Code: G-000-2HV-VLG
  • GTA by ShuggyTheBuggy – Code: G-007-6CF-DC0
  • Flappy Bird by Tanfor – Code: G-002-KNG-M24
  • Alone? by Borri – Code: P-007-K6G-VRC
  • Doom Eternals by Mr Tiffles – Code: G002-CYJ CW1
  • Luigi’s Mansion Arcade by Giulytsme – Code: G-003-TXJ-GRT
  • Excitebike – Code: G-002-91N-DF7
  • 1st Person Zelda – Code: G-005-PHW-XB1
  • F-Zero – Code: G-008-V91-GVN
  • Mario Kart – Code: G-001-MG6-7VB
  • GTA V Garage Edition v1.1 by ShuggyTheBuggy – Code: G-003-871-HBP
  • GTA Garage Edition, v2 [MASSIVE 3D UPDATE] by ShuggyTheBuggy – Code: G-001-0YN-90M
  • Recreation of Game & Watch: Ball by @LeavingLuck – Code: G-008-JD0-GJR
  • PT Remake by @banYongthom – Code: G-002-XG2-9WT
  • F-Zero by ZeldaBoi – Code: G-002-54C-N4P
  • Box Popping by PokkaBokka – Code: G-005-5V8-KPW
  • Tomb of the Bittersweet Fruit by Linkuigi – Code: G-005-0yt-779
  • Nintendogs by @ichrin_anemone – Code: G-004-5JR-906
  • Sonic 3D by AliVe – Code: G-008-T70-PX3
  • Robot Factory by thatanimeweirdo – Code: G-006-736-3MY
  • PacMan by ClarFon – Code: G-002-LRJ-9RB
  • Warioware: Metroid by Siactro – Code: G-001-7MX-NBG
  • Flappy Bird by Tanfor – Code: G-002-KNG-M34
  • Dino Runner by u/zocker9000 – Code: G-007-J4D-M3G
  • Mario 64 Lava Land by @Aybee9298 – Code: G-007-XVM-D6R
  • Stealth game by @OniLink – Code: G-004-R4R-MCJ
  • Doom Eternal by MrTiffles – Code: G-002-CYJ-CW1
  • Amogus by DaSussy – Code: G-001-6NM-7VB
  • SUPERHOT Garage by Yukon – Code: G-002-LRM-JWV
  • Mario Kart by ZeldaBoi – Code: G-001-X6H-M41
  • Earthbound demo by Zeldaboi – Code: G-003-H4Y-M3Y
  • Minecraft Garage by Carson – Code: G-002-91L-03F
  • DBZ Clash by Ashachu-6151 – Code: G-002-732-B5B
  • WarioWare: Metroid by Siactro – Code: G-006-NV4-9XM
  • Sonic 3D 2.0 Green Hill by AliVe – Code: G-008-1WD-PCT
  • Hit The Targets by JoyCon – Code: G-002-FT7-X6D
  • Trash Bandicoot by tallez – Code: G-008-2PT-0KT
  • Ronald’s Filet-O-Fish – Code: G-007-3JF-B2G

  • Link Goes Crazy! – Code: G-005-DR6-B0D
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You can check social media channels for more GBG codes or game IDs. As new fun games become available, we will update this page with the codes. So bookmark this page!

How to use Game Builder Garage Identification Codes

Here are the steps for using a GBG Code you have found and allowing you to play the game.

  1. Select from the Game Builder Garage Free programming.
  2. The buttons will be visible Receive and ShareClick on the link. Click on “Receive”.
  3. Next, choose Online ordering available
  4. Then enter a Game ID or Programer ID.
  5. Select the game that you wish to download. Online ordering available
  6. It will. Search for the game, and then download it.
  7. That’s it! You will see the game in the All Games section. You can click it to immediately start playing.

You can play and build different types of games

Game Builder Garage allows you to learn how to create your own video games. It’s a software available on Nintendo Switch where you can get crucial knowledge about game design basics. Additionally, visual programming lessons will be offered.

These are just a few of the many types of games you can make with the help these guided lessons.

  • Tag Showdown
  • On a Roll
  • Thrill Racer
  • Mystery Room
  • Risky Run
  • Alien Blaster

With the resources you have in Game Builder Garage, you can create any type of game you want. There are no limits to your creativity.


There are some limitations to Game Builder Garage, but you can still create some pretty amazing games. For example, you can’t add sound effects to your games. However, the platform does include pre-built tunes, and you can play around with their instrumentation, volume, and speed. These are just a few of the many things that you can do with Game Builder Garage. But there are a few things that you should know about it before you get started.

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One of the biggest limitations of Game Builder Garage is that you can’t add downloadable content. You can’t add new Nodons, or new items to your games. However, this is not a major disadvantage; instead, it is a great way to learn how to create games. If you’re looking for a great introduction to game development, Game Builder Garage is a great choice.

Another limitation of Game Builder Garage is that you can’t share your games. You must obtain a code from another user before you can upload them. Additionally, Game Builder Garage doesn’t have a community of published works, unlike Super Mario Maker 2, which is more accessible to users. This means that you have to hope that someone will eventually publish your game on a website.

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