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Garry’s Mod MultiHack X2 Download Garry Hacks and Cheats

Hello Cheaters, Today we will be introducing Garry’s Mod MultiHack . We will ensure that you increase your mutlihack game pleasure, which we offer you as free from all kinds of viruses.
It has not been fixed yet, but it is useful to be careful, let’s take a look at what multihack has to offer us. 

Garry’s Mod MultiHack is with you with shooting functions, aimbot, triggerbot, visual settings, LUA executor, additional tools for game management and many more plugins.
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Garry's Mod MultiHack
Garry’s Mod MultiHack

Table of Contents

Features of MultiHack X2

  • Target selection by Distance, Health, and FOV.
  • Hitbox selection (Head, Chest, Stomach)
  • Auto fire
  • Auto wall
  • Silent aim
  • Aim lock
  • Target teammates
  • Target friends
  • Only target friends
  • Minimum damage (not working yet)
  • Only aim in FOV
  • FOV Circle
  • Draw FOV Headlines
    Triggerbot MultiHackX2 Garrys Mod
  • Triggerbot, filter Head, Chest, Stomach
  • Triggerbot fast shoot (mainly for pistols)
    Other MultiHackX2Garrys Mod
  • No spread(to be worked-on)
  • No recoilAnti-Aim
  • Pitch (Down, Up, Jitter)
  • Yaw(Fast Spin, Slow Spin, Back Jitter, Inverse, Sideways)Visuals
  • ESP
  • Dormant ESP
  • 3D 2D Bounding Box
  • Health
  • Name
  • Weapon Name
  • Ammo (broken)
  • Distance
  • Skeleton (with selectable hands)
  • Entity ESPChams
  • Teammates
  • Enemies
  • Localplayer
  • Ragdolls
  • NPCs
  • WeaponsOther
  • Crosshair
  • Spectator list
  • FOV
  • ViewModel FOVEffects
  • Remove skybox
  • Change world color (for night mode)
  • Remove hands
  • Remove skybox
  • ThirdpersonMiscellaneous
  • Hitmarker
  • Hitmarker sound
  • Quick stop
  • BunnyHop
  • Autostrafe (Legit, Silent, Rage)
  • Message on death (OOC?)
  • Flashlight / use spam
  • Spectator list
  • Free-Cam (that’s an amazing feature)
  • Player whitelist system (so that for exemple you never shoot someone you marked as a friend)
  • Entity whitelist system (for the entity ESP)
  • Config system
  • Lua executor
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