Gengar Best Moveset

Gengar Best Moveset – How to Maximize Gengar’s Speed and Special Attack Stats

Gengar’s best moveset is one that maximizes the speed of its Special Attack stats and maximizes its speed. Gengar, when combined with Destiny Bond has the potential 2HKO the majority Pokemon. This makes it a great choice to build a competitive deck. This Pokemon can also prey on Pokemon with high damage output. It is an excellent choice for competitive play. Due to its offensive nature, it can force you to switch, so you might want to use Priority Moves. This will allow your opponent to attack first.


Because it is the most powerful Gengar moveset, Lick is the best. It has the highest damage output. It can also be used to pull targets within melee range. You can use it on weak enemies to draw them closer to an allies character and keep them out of the goal zone. This move is extremely versatile and can be used against normal and wild Pokemon.

Shadow Ball

To make the most of your Gengar you will need to master the correct Gengar moveset. Gengars have their own unique natures and best strengths, so the best moves for them are based on those. Because of its high damage output, Shadow Ball is a great moveset. This move can be boosted to increase its power and flexibility. Gengar’s sweeper EVs make it a great choice for teams looking to dominate their competition.

Hidden Power

The Hidden Power of Gengar is one of the best movesets in Pokémon GO, but you’ll need to know which moves you need to maximize your Gengar’s strengths and weaknesses. These are the top Gengar moves to look out for in Gengar’s Best Moveset. Focus Blast is an excellent choice to combat Normal-type immunity. Focus Blast is accurate at 70%. If you are looking to strike annoyances with the tool, you will need patience.

Sludge Wave

Gengar use Sludge Wave to inflict heavy damage. It’s an improved version of the Sludge Bomb. This move targets a single target with a concentrated attack and then releases multiple shots of poison in a powerful thrust. It has a strong cooldown and can be used to affect up to two targets at once. However, it’s less reliable than Sludgewave. These are some tips that will help you get the most out of this moveset.

Icy Wind

Icy Wind is the best Gengar maneuverset. It slows down multiple foes, and is a great choice in max-raid battles. It can hit opponents faster than Dragapult but it can take out their Dynamax turns with Levitate. Gengar also has Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball, which are useful for covering or STAB moves.


The Gengar Best Moveset Trick will transform your Pokemon into a powerful force. It can boost your speed and trigger your respawn times. This article will cover the best moves for Gengar as well as its best items, team comps, and best moves. This article is merely my opinion and your mileage might vary. This article is still in development. Please take the time to review it before you implement it in your team.


You should build a Substitute-centric Moveset if you are in the early stages of Pokemon Go. Although his Special Attack and Defense are very low, this combo can be an excellent option to stop low-HP opponents from punishing you with revenge killing. Substitute works best when paired with Pain Split or Disable. Pain Split exploits Gengar’s low HP and attacks high-HP foes, while Disable reduces their Special Defense. If your opponent is a high-HP Pokemon then averaging their HP will provide healing and help you avoid low-HP foes.

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