Girl Cafe Gun Tier List 2022 – Best Characters September 2022

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List 2022 – Best Characters September 2022

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List 2022

If you’re curious about the new tier system for the game Girl Cafe Gun, this guide is for you. This list ranks all the units in the game by their potential. Top-tier characters are in tier 0, while tier 1 includes the strongest cards. Then, in tier 2, there are the good characters. Finally, in tier 3, you’ll find the situational characters that perform about averagely.


If you’ve been playing Girl Cafe Gun, you’ve probably wondered if there are good girls to reroll. Fortunately, there’s a tier list for these girls. We’ll take a look at their strengths and weaknesses, so you can decide which girls to use and reroll. Some characters are more versatile, while others are more specific and hard to level up. Here’s a look at some of the best girls in the game.

If you’re looking to make a PvP or PvE character in Girl Café Gun, you’ll want to consider the tier list. It’s a helpful guide for new players, but it’s not the only factor to consider. Just remember that character rankings are subjective and meant to serve as a general guide for newcomers. For new players, we’ve written a guide that will walk you through the process of getting a good starting character.


Listed below are the highest tiers of weapons and characters in the popular online game Girl Cafe Gun. These are ranked by their overall performance and usefulness in the game. Each weapon and character has its own unique tier, and this list takes all of this into consideration. We will also take into account the different attributes that each character and weapon have, including damage, range, and accuracy. You can use this Girl Cafe Weapon Tier List to determine which character you should level up first.

The Girl Cafe Weapon Tier List is updated monthly and will change if the game introduces new weapons and features. This list is based on the effectiveness of the weapon in combat, so guns that fire bullets rapidly are better than those that take a long time to reload. Guns that have good accuracy also tend to be higher tiers, since the accuracy of them is important when fighting. The higher tier a gun reaches, the more valuable it is.


Whether you’re looking to clear content fast or are looking for better units for your character, the Girl Cafe Gun Tier List is the guide you need to succeed in this MMO. Here’s the latest list of upgrades, ranked from lowest to highest, to help you get the best characters. Read on to learn more. Then, start leveling up your favorite characters to unlock new and better weapons and armor.

The Girl Café Gun Tier List ranks all of the characters by their strengths, and the weapons in the game are based on the strength of the characters. Weapons rank from weakest to strongest, and the stronger the weapon, the higher its tier. Lower-tier characters and weapons are categorized into the C tier, where they are less viable. Even though they may not be as powerful as their tier-award-winning counterparts, they are still worth trying out.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List Guide September 2022 – Best Characters⇩

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girl cafe gun tier list

These are the top characters for Girl Cafe Gun. These Girl Cafe Gun characters should be your top priority:

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List Wiki | Characters Details 2022⇩

In the Girl Cafe Gun, there are seven best characters. Here’s a little info about each of them Girl Cafe Gun characters:

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List

Cornelia – Girl Cafe Gun Tier List

Cornelia is Girl Cafe Gun tier – S character. Cornelia, an ex-mercenary, serves as the blaster for squad eight and is often found talking lovingly to her most valuable guns.

Eksistere Kyrenia – Girl Cafe Gun Tier List

Eksistere Kyrenia is a good character of Girl Cafe Gun tier – A. Eksistere Kyrenia Called “Eksie” by her friends, this expert researcher is genious undoubtedly the smartest person in the game squad.

Grainne Draser – Girl Cafe Gun Tier List

Grainne Draser is a good character of Girl Cafe Gun tier – B. Grainne Draser As the medical officer for squad eight, Grainne looks after the other members of game with good care and attention.

Irene White – Girl Cafe Gun Tier List

Irene White is a good character of Girl Cafe Gun tier – S. Irene White is the rifle woman for squad eight and is an easy going girl who easily makes friends with everyone in the game.

Juno Emmons – Girl Cafe Gun Tier List

Juno Emmons is a good character of Girl Cafe Gun tier – A. Juno Emmons is the world-class sniper founded the weapon workshop, JUDAS, and joined squad eight shortly after it totally shut down.

Lida Romero – Girl Cafe Gun Tier List

Lida Romero is a good character of Girl Cafe Gun tier – S. Lida Romero joined squad eight alongside Wuyou and, having totally grown up in the slums, and is a natural and very good survivor.

Nola Moon – Girl Cafe Gun Tier List

Nola Moon is a good character of tier – S Girl Cafe Gun game . Nola Moon, the great archdemon and advisor to Squad Eight, is a superb piano player in this game.

How To Simply Girl Café Gun Reroll Guide⇩

This is how to do a Girl Cafe Gun Reroll. Follow our easy guide below.

  • First open Girl Cafe Gun game
  • Next, log in as guest
  • Complete stage 2-1 now to get game currency
  • Next roll for some good Girl Cafe Gun characters, if you don’t receive the good girls you like, then continue with the next.

iOS User Cafe Gun Reroll Process

If you are an ios user, uninstall Girl Cafe Gun Game and reinstall it. Next, repeat the steps above until the Girl Cafe Gun characters you really want appear.

Android User Girl Cafe Gun Reroll Process:

To receive the best characters, first open the Girl Cafe Gun app and hold down on it. Next, tap storage and then tap app info.


We are proud to say that this is our philosophy. Girl Cafe GunGirl Cafe Gun Reroll Guide and Tier List Characters. We also include details and intros to some Girl Cafe Gun’s best characters. We hope that you enjoy this Girl Cafe Gun Tier List post.

Summoning tickets

If you are looking for a good way to level up your character, consider using summoning tickets. They will be rewarded after you beat stages one through six. These tickets will grant you infinite summons. With the help of summoning tickets, you can unlock any unit from the beginning and even reroll to get better characters and units. However, before you do this, you need to know the rules of this particular game mode.

First, you must know how to reroll. Rerolling is a crucial skill in this game, so make sure to reroll frequently and choose the right characters to level up faster. Here’s how to do it. First, you must have a high level of skill. After completing a level, you can reroll. You can reroll with your current character, if you need to.

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