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Gmod Server Join Crash: Tips to Join & Avoid Crashing

Gmod Crashing on Server Join – A Pain Point for Cheaters

Hell yeah, hommies from all parts of the hood. I know that feeling when Gmod crashes upon joining a server. Bro, it totally sucks, and every cheater has faced this situation at least once. But worry not, as your boy from is here to help you out.

The Issue

The problem is real, folks. You’re all excited to join a server, press that enter button and boom – Gmod closes. We all know that Gmod is love, but this problem takes a toll on us. Sometimes it takes forever to join a server, while other times, it crashes right away. This problem can pop up at any time, so it’s always better to have a solution on hand.

The Subkeywords

Before diving into the solution, let’s discuss some subkeywords related to this topic. I know y’all are interested in how to crash a Gmod server, how to crash any Gmod server, how to join a server on Gmod, Gmod closes when joining a server, Gmod crashing on start, Gmod takes forever to join a server, and how to join someone on Gmod. Trust me, my hommies, we will cover them all.

The Solution

Okay, let’s cut to the chase, my friends. There are several reasons behind the Gmod crashing. One of them is the addons. Sometimes, the addons in your game may conflict, causing the system to crash. So, it’s better to remove unnecessary addons.

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Another reason which causes Gmod crashing is outdated drivers. Check your drivers, folks, and see if they need any updates. Also, disable the antivirus before joining a server, as it may cause issues in joining the server.

Now, it’s time to solve the main issue – Gmod crashing on the server join. A simple solution is to install the map on your system beforehand. It gives the game time to load the maps, and therefore, the crashing issue can be avoided.

Another tip for you guys – set the launch options to -dxlevel 95 to avoid crashes. This command forces the game to use Direct X 9.5.

The Conclusion

So, there you have it, my dudes. These are some tips that can help you avoid Gmod crashing while joining a server. Remove addons, update drivers and disable antivirus, install maps beforehand and set the launch options to avoid crashes.

Hope this article helps you out, and you don’t need to face this problem again. Cheaters unite!