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Easy Way To Get The Gold Mask Set Elden Ring 2023?

How to Get the Goldmask Armor Set in Elden Ring

You have been asking yourself, “How to get the Gold Mask Set Elden Ring?” I’m sure that you are eager to get this set in order to become the most powerful mage in the realm. Fortunately, this set is not that difficult to acquire. You can find it in Elden Ring and equip it to your character to protect you from the encroaching forces of the Void.

Nomadic Merchant

Gold Mask Set Elden Ring

The Goldmask Armor Set in Elden’s Ring is a powerful set of armor that you can use to protect yourself and other party members. You can get this set in two ways. The first way is to find it in a cave north of Caelid. It is located near a chariot path and wooden rafters. To find it, you will have to remove its head from a corpse. It is white in color and contains gold.

The second way to get the Goldmask Armor Set is to talk to the Goldmask NPC. He will stand and point. He will be in the Altus Plateau, north of the Altus Highway Junction site of Grace. The questline for Goldmask is very similar to that of Brother Corhyn. When you get him, you will be able to get both sets of armor.

Nomadic Merchant armor set

You can get the Nomadic Merchant armor set in Elden rings by selling a few items. The items you can sell include short sword, Halbert, and the Bandit Mask. You can also buy a Cookbook, Stonesword Key, and a Cracked Pot. There are several merchants in the Elden Ring area.

The Nomadic Merchant armor set is a light armor set with a unique colorization. The armor itself is a faded pink/purple color, while the cape is rainbow-like. These colors are unlike the normal merchants’. You can find them in a tent behind an altar.

The merchant is located outside of Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia of the Lakes. Getting there is easy. A lift will take you there. He will sell you three Stonesword Keys, as well as various good shields. He will also sell you lost ashes of war.

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Noble’s armor set

There are several different sets of Noble’s armor available in the Elden Ring game. These armor sets are suited for different classes, including mages and fashion souls. These sets all come with different advantages, but they are all designed to maximize your character’s damage output. These sets are best used against enemies that deal magic damage or cause Madness. These sets are also ideally suited for the final boss.

The first set in this list is the Sanguine Noble armor set, which drops from the enemy Noble in the Haligtree area. This set is made of heavy metal and does not include gloves. It also comes with chain bracelets. This set is a rare find, but it has great magic and status resistance.

Navy Hood

The Goldmask armor set is one of the most popular sets of Elden Ring armor. The set contains several different items, including a mask, rags worn over the shoulders, a waistwrap, and a pair of bracelets. The downside of the set is that you’re still exposed, but it does have a number of positive stats. This set is only available after you’ve completed the questline for Brother Corhyn, which is found near the Map Fragment in the Altus Plateau.

While the Navy Hood is very light and does not provide much armor, it still increases Mind. It also protects the player’s head from damage. You can also wear the Navy Hood for extra mana while using special blessings, like Incantation and Spirit Ash summons.

How to get the Goldmask Armor set in Elden Ring

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After you have completed your armor set, the Armor Set will be available. Brother Corhyn’s Questline. You can begin the Questline by speaking to Brother Corhyn on the Roundtable Hold. This is what you should do once the Quest has been activated.

  • There you’ll find him again the next time. Altus PlateauNearby: Map Fragment.
  • If he is dead for you, don’t worry as he is not important for the quest.
  • After meeting him, you can head to the Northern Great BridgeTo meet GoldmaskThe northmost point of Altus Plateau. Grace is the nearest Grace. Side Path To The Road Of Iniquity Site.
  • At the, you will find Goldmask South endThe Bridge.
  • Now, go back to Brother Corhyn to tell him all about this. He will now move from there to Goldmask.
  • When you are done, you can begin to LeyndellBoth of them will move.
  • Whatever you’ve done, the two of you will be on your way once you reach Leyndell. You can also start the Quest here if you so desire.
  • Visit the Leyndell Grace West Capital Rampart Site. Follow the instructions from there. PathWhere is the Statue of GargoyleYou can find it below the branches.
  • Follow the route until you find a Duelist enemyTake a right and continue snaking upwards.
  • It will be easy to find GoldmaskStanding there at the Cliff’s edge. There will be a building in front of Goldmask, that’s the main Story Boss Fight Arena.
  • It is best to defeat it before you can go to the Erdtree Sanctuary Site Of Grace.
  • You can find more information here Head to the Balcony & then Climb the Branch. This will take you to Another Balcony areaTake the immediate leftAnd then Click the button to open the window.
  • There will be another. Tree BranchClimb it, and you’ll find the top. Golden Order PrincipiaOn a hanging structure.
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The Law of Regression Puzzle Solved

The Golden Order PrincipiaThis will enable you to discover the Law of Regression Incantation. You will need to have the following documents in order to use the Incantation 37 Intelligence. This Incantation can be learned by any teacher of Incantation.

  • Go back to the Erdtree Site of Grace, and then go outside. There will be an Elevator at the Bottom of the StairsOn the right.
  • The bottom of the elevator will lead to a Statue of Radagon.
  • There will be a message on the floor that says, “Only regression can reveal secrets“. Perform the Law of Regression, and the Statue of Radagon will become Marika.
  • Again there will be another message on the floor saying, “Radagon is Marika“.
  • Return to GoldmaskTell him about the discovery. You will be rewarded by him with the Golden Order Totality Gesture (the T-Pose Gesture).
  • Head to the Mountaintops of GiantsAt the Stargazer Ruins. It lies west of the Minor ErdtreeIn the region.
  • Go southFrom the ruins to BridgeThere is a place for you to find it Goldmask & Brother CorhynIf he is still alive, speak to him.
  • After that, Finish the Mountaintops of the Giants area & also the Crumbling Farum Azula region.
  • Once you have defeated the Boss in Crumbling Farum Azula, Leyndell will be the Ashen Capital.
  • Head to the Site of Grace Completely SouthTo find a side path with a branch and a bridge. Continue on the Path until you find the Goldmask Body.
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You will find the following on his body: Mending Rune for Perfect Order. This will unlock a Different endings to Elden Ring. Reload the areaFind out more Goldmask’s Rags, Gold Bracelets, & Gold Waistwraps. For more information, click here Radiant Gold MaskHead to the Great Bridge, where he was found first. Broken portion of the Bridge. You will find this at the Bridge’s end. The corpseWith the Radiant Gold Mask.


This gold-themed armor set comes with great stats. It contains a mask, rags that fall over the shoulders, a waistwrap, and bracelets. The armor set is obtainable only after completing Brother Corhyn’s Questline, which you can find on the Altus Plateau near the Map Fragment. The questline will require you to spend a certain amount of gold, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to get the Goldmask Armor Set.

First, you need to go to the Volcano Manor. You will find Old Knight Istvan there. When you defeat him, you will receive the Scaled Set, as well as a Furlcalling Finger Remedy for multiplayer. You can also purchase the Veteran’s Set from Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold. Similarly, the Night’s Cavalry armor set can be obtained after killing the duo in the Consecrated Snowfield. However, you will have to fight the duo during night to get the set.

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