Elden Ring Grafted Scion Boss Fight Guide – How To Beat in 2022?

Elden Ring Grafted Scion Boss Fight Guide – How To Beat in 2022?

Elden Ring Grafted Scion Boss Fight Guide

Elden Ring Grafted Scion is one of the most difficult bosses in the game. The attack that this monster uses is a jumping ground pound. This attack can leave you open for a long time. If you’re prepared to fight this boss, you can get a lot of rewards from it, including the Ornamental Straight Sword and the Golden Beast Crest Shield. These weapons have low attack ratings and require a strong Strength stat.

Elden Ring’s first boss

Elden Ring Grafted Scion Boss Fight Guide
grafted scion

Grafted Scion is the first big-bad of Elden Ring. It uses a wide sweeping attack and a scream attack that is difficult to block. In order to avoid getting hit by these attacks, you should try using spells and ranged attacks instead.

Grafted Scion is a fairly easy boss to kill in the early game. A class with good ranged abilities such as a samurai will find it easy to defeat. Magic-attuned characters will find spells useful to deal damage to the boss. The most effective way to beat this boss is to dodge and attack from a distance.

This boss has similarities with the Asylum Demon from the Dark Souls series. For example, it shares the same skeleton and animations with the Asylum Demon, the first boss in Dark Souls. This is not to say that the two are the same, but the similarities are there.


In Attacks of Elden Ring, the Grafted Scion is a common enemy that must be destroyed to progress through the game. Its swarm of attacks is quite intense, and players are required to dodge it as much as possible to maximize their attack window. The best strategy is to dodge attacks at the last second, and to use your shield to protect yourself from damage.

One of the Grafted Scion’s attacks is a spinning slash. When it lands, its hilt is level with its head. It also performs a leaping attack that causes substantial damage. The player can dodge the slash by rolling backwards when it starts the attack animation.


One of the best ways to avoid getting killed by the Grafted Scion is to evade its attacks by dodging his attacks and rolling. This way, you will avoid taking significant damage from the scion’s horizontal slashes. However, this boss can perform a single attack if you fail to dodge its first strike. It will also raise its upper body and smash the ground with its swords before leaping into the air and slamming down with its shield. To survive the attack, you should try to dodge the first two strikes and roll through the final one.

Grafted Scion is the first boss in Elden Ring, and it is a tough challenge. In fact, it is nearly impossible to defeat him without the use of healing items. You should make sure you have plenty of healing items. Although the Scion will not attack you in the early stages, you can still face him later in the game. The Scion is a huge, grotesque mass made up of grafted bodies, and it is a difficult battle.

Standard Grafted Scion

How to defeat Grafted Scion in Elden Ring

Image 27 Grafted Scion
grafted scion

The Grafted Scion of Elden Ring can be defeated by attacking it between its moves.Before the two moves by this boss, there is a small opening you can attack. That is when your attacks will be launched. Keep attacking the Grafted Scion and you’ll be victorious. To understand when it is your turn to strike, you should be familiar with its attack patterns. Remember these are just the move names I have given it to explain it, and these aren’t the actual game move names.

There are two phases to this fight.

Phase 1 – Grafted Scion moves Elden Ring

Grafted Scion will use this move in the first fight phase.

  • Twice the Slash:It will use its swords for two wild slashes in front.
  • Shield smash, slashes and jump:You will start by smashing the shield against the ground. Then, you will follow it by a few slashes to the ground. This will be repeated twice. Then, jump and thrust the two swords at the ground while smacking your shield.
  • Shield smashIt will raise the shield, smash it to pieces with two swords and then take it to the ground.
  • Screech:It will crackle once or twice for a second or more.
  • Forward thrustIt will use one blade and thrust it forward.
  • Jump and smash!It will run towards the player and smash his shield with two swords.

Keep attacking and learn these moves. The second phase will start when its health is reduced to half.

Phase 2

The second phase is when the blades are magically enchanted. The blades will emit yellow light. You don’t need to learn any new moves, but you should be more careful with the blades.

Pay attention to your stamina, FP bar, and other factors. You should use ranged attacks only when your shield is down. Otherwise, you’ll end up with ammo waste or spells FP.

How to Rematch with Grafted Scion Tutorial Boss

You can rematch Grafted Scion by going to the Four Belfries and finding & using the Imbued Sword Key.Here’s what you should do:

  1. You can travel quickly to the Four Belfries site.
  2. You will find the Imbued Sword Key in the chest.
  3. Now, Use the Imbued Sword Key in the east to activate the portal.
  4. This will take your back to the Chapel of Anticipation.
  5. Once you are there, cross the golden mist to fight the Grafted Scion.

Imbued Sword Key

A Grafted Scion is the first boss a player encounters in Elden Ring. While the boss is a common enemy in the game, there are ways to make it easier for you to survive this fight. For starters, you should first head to the Site of Grace in Four Belfries, where you can find the Imbued Sword Key. From here, you can access the Chapel of Anticipation, where you can fight the Scion. After you defeat the Scion, you can earn rewards.

In order to defeat this enemy, you should use a class that has good ranged capabilities. Samurai characters can use a bow and arrow, while magic-attuned characters can use spells. You can also attack from a distance to avoid being hit.

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