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Granblue Tier List 2022 September 2022 Best Characters

Granblue Tier List 2022

Choosing the best characters for your team is important in Granblue. While the S-Tier characters are also valuable, the power and strength of Tier A characters are even more impressive. There are a number of ways to breed Tier A characters for additional rewards, including the ability to create super rares. These powerful characters will complement your high-level units and provide a strong defense. Here are the top choices for the next Granblue season.


This guide will discuss the different Tiers of Granblue Fantasy. The S-Tier carries the strongest characters. The SSR Characters are known for their high-end damages and support roles, but they fall short in certain areas when compared to their S-tier counterparts. These characters are not only good at helping you survive battles, but can also bring huge rewards later on. So, what should you be looking for in a Granblue Fantasy Character?

The game Granblue Fantasy is an RPG developed by Cygames that features an endearing storyline and a rich cast of characters. Players can summon characters by spending their in-game currency, which is equal to tickets or crystals. The characters are ranked according to their usefulness in the end-game content. You can check out the latest characters on the Granblue Fantasy Tier List to make sure you’re picking the best character for your play style.


If you are looking for Granblue Fantasy SSR Girls skills, this skill list will show you exactly what you need to know. The tier list is based on each character’s characteristics and traits, and it is possible to filter the list to find the one that best fits your needs. The following guide will walk you through each character’s tier in the global version of the game. You can also find the skills and abilities for each one on the skills and abilities page.

Lucius: As a human, Lucius is a dangerous opponent who possesses the sword sweep charge attack. This attack carries out dark damage on your foe, lowering their health. If you’re playing as Lucius, you’ll want to use this skill when your opponents are in their vulnerable state. Lucius’ other skills include shadow barrage demon slaying, white fire blades, and risky distraction.

Unfavorable match-ups

One of the most popular mobile games in Japan is Granblue Fantasy. Its tier list is a useful tool for determining which characters to use and which to avoid. In the game, tiers are used to rank characters from best to worst, similar to the tier lists in fighting games. In this case, unfavorable match-ups mean that a certain character isn’t a good choice for a given situation.

A good Granblue Tier List will have favorable match-ups with all characters. The chart above shows the match-ups of each character. The score for each character is the average of the player’s ratings and the matchup’s percentage. This percentage is called the “match-up percentage”. In other words, the higher the tier, the better the character is at matching up with an unfavorable character.


The Granblue Tier List is a guide that helps players choose the best heroes to use in the game. The game is a 2D turn-based RPG browser game that can be played on mobile devices as well. It was released in 2014 and has already captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Its high-end anime art style, spectacular fights, and engaging narrative have made it a favorite among gamers. However, not all heroes are created equal. You can choose to play as one of several heroes from the list, and a few of them can be chosen to be the best in your team.

Characters in this tier are not nearly as powerful as those in the S-Tier. However, they are close enough to S-Tier characters. As long as you choose your characters wisely, they should be strong enough to finish every level of the game. Once you have the right combination of characters, you can even use them to create bombastic combos for massive damage. This way, you can get the most powerful unit and still have the power to win.

Granblue Tier List – Best Granblue Characters List⇩

image 148 granblue tier list

| All Characters List (September)⇩

Granblue Tier List

The characters have been divided into six groups: S, A to B, C, D to F.

Alexil and Andira are the main characters of Group S. Their elements are wind and earth. Lady Gray and Eugene are two of the heroes from Group A. Lady Grey’s element is Dark and Eugene’s element is Dark. Catherine and Cerberus are the good characters in Group A. They are mainly Earth and Dark, respectively.

Catalina, Melou and Melou are the main characters of Group C. Catalina’s element is Dark and some of the Group D characters are Alec and Ceylan. Their elements are light and fire, respectively. Pengi, Sachiko Koshijimu, and Pengi are the two top characters in GroupF. Sachiko Koshizimu’s element is light and Pengy’s element is water.

S Tier – Granblue Tier List >>

These units are crucial for any Granblue game war. Their incredible toolkit makes them more powerful.

A Tier – Granblue Tier List >>

These units are amazing, but also don’t good in certain areas like their S-Tier counterparts. If you’re lucky enough to summon these Tier A characters of Granblue Tier List, you should take the time to breed them, as you’ll get rewards from them later.

B Tier – Granblue Tier List >>

These are nice units to breed, and they will add a finishing touch to your roster. Remember that these won’t do very well without some high level units by your skill side. This is also where you can start to look for rare characters.

C Tier – Granblue Tier List >>

If you are having trouble summoning strong characters, these units will be your budget options. They still have early uses of mid-game, but you’re better off building your roster around more stronger units.

D Tier – Granblue Tier List >>

These unites should be replaced immediately. They are often at their peak position and have a high potential to be successful so it is not a good idea to invest in them late.

Granblue Fantasy storyline | Granblue Tier List⇩

  • Turn-based combat is featured in the game. The game also has summons and a class system, which changes the main character’s moves and progress.
  • Characters can gain more experience and levels of power as they gain more experience. Special rewards may be available for characters who collect summons or equipped weapons. They also gain attack power and health buffs.
  • Quests can be used to obtain characters or you can buy random crystal shards with weapons that allow you to add specific characters to your party using in-game currency.

Granblue Fantasy Special Tips⇩

  • Play every day, and do 10 draw missions.
  • Before you make a decision, learn more about him and his strengths and weaknesses.
  • To claim your rewards, explore your weekly.
  • Regularly buy berries and pots.
  • To get more items, complete rotating special missions.


This is what I hope you like. GranblueTier List post with the best characters that you can choose to improve your gameplay. To see more Granblue Fantasy best characters, you can comment through the comment box. It helps other Granblue Fantasy gamers boost their gameplay.


Despite their low overall health, D-tier characters in Granblue Fantasy can be very effective when defending against ranged attacks. They are a great choice when you’re looking to outlast your enemies, but they won’t be very good at doing so. Instead, they should be saved for sentimental reasons. Granblue Tier List 2022 defense comprises character tiers according to their strength. The tier list is updated regularly to reflect the latest updates in the game.

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