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Why Is Discord Groovy Bot Shutting Down in 2023? Helpful Information

Why is Discord Groovy bot shutting down?

Why is Discordgroovy Bot being shut down? The Discord Groovy Bot has been closed to all users. The bot is very popular and reliable among Discord users. However, YouTube has sent a cease-and-desist letters to a few people, so Discord decided to shut down the bot.

YouTube cease and desists letter

Why Is Discord Groovy Bot Shutting Down?

YouTube sent a cease & desist letter earlier this year to Groovy bot, the Discord music chatbot owner. It warned him that he was violating YouTube’s terms. He was warned by YouTube that he had seven days to stop any commercial activity or face legal action.

Groovy Bot installed on 16,000,000 Discord servers. The bot played YouTube music behind voice chatrooms. You can also use the bot to play songs from Soundcloud or Spotify. The bot also offered a premium subscription service for $3.99 per month. GroovyBot was reported to have been in operation for five years prior to being flagged.

Nik Ammerlaan, the owner of the bot, received the YouTube cease and desist letters. He was unaware of it until Google sent him a legal notice.

YouTube stated that the Groovy music chat bot was violating its terms by playing YouTube audio during its voice chats. YouTube also claimed Ammerlaan had misused company APIs.

Hosting questions

YouTube sent a cease & desist letter to Groovy developers several months back. YouTube sent a cease and desist letter to the Groovy bot developers stating that the bot was violating YouTube’s terms-of-service and would be shut down.

The bot creators replied by writing a lengthy closing message on the bot server. They promised to issue refunds within the next few weeks to bot owners.

Discord users enjoy the ability of playing music from YouTube videos as background music during chats. Groovy was second on the platform. The bot was installed to 16 million servers.

The Groovy bot was compatible with Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. The bot could play YouTube videos and also allow users to host a listening party.

Discord uses the Real-Time Chat Protocol, (RTC) to provide instant messaging. Users can communicate with one another via text messages, voice and video calls. You can also join the Discord community pages.

Discord users find Discord too reliable and popular

Groovy, the most-used bot on Discord has over 250,000,000 users. The bot was used on 16,000,000 Discord servers.

Groovy bot makes it easy to listen to music via Discord. It pulls songs directly from YouTube and other sources. It features a simple interface that lets you request songs or skip songs by name. You can also view the lyrics for the song playing.

Discord is an instant messaging social network that lets you make voice calls, video call and share files. There are many features available, including bots that can make voice chats easier.

Groovy is one the most used music bots on Discord. It’s simple to use and has been around since years. It’s also very easy to install. You can use it for free, or you can upgrade to the premium version. The premium version lets you play any Discord song anytime, without interruptions. It offers audio effects and volume control as well as saving queues.

Groovy Bot is Shutting Down.

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Youtube is primarily taking action against this Discord Music bot. It has despatched a discover (stop and desist) to Groovy Bot’s homeowners on the idea of Phrases of Service violation. Stop and desist letters are a notice to the receivers that they must stop a particular exercise or a lawsuit could be filed. It included that they “modified the service and used it for industrial functions”.

How the bot labored is that Discord customers may play Youtube video music on Discord and that’s why it ended up turning into tremendous standard. Groovy is likely to be closing down on August 30th 2021 due to discover.

Right here’s the message that the proprietor of Discord Groovy Bot has posted:

Groovy bot was added to a lot of Discord servers. It boasts thousands to thousands of customers. This is what this means Reddit threadIt was 2nd in Discord bot usage with 16 million active users. It allows you to create a listening social group in your server. You may also play music from Youtube as well as Soundcloud and Spotify. There was also a Premium model. The article below contains more information about Nik Ammerlaan’s views on the shutdown. Verge.

The Groovy bot is now offline and its daily users will definitely miss it. Let’s wait and watch what this implies for the opposite Music bots accessible on Discord. It’s unlikely that Youtube will enable different bots to function if they’ve already taken down one of many largest Discord bots.

Similar functioning bots

Many Discord users are looking for a replacement to Groovy. This popular music bot was shut down recently. YouTube sent a cease and desist notice to the bot. YouTube claimed that the bot was breaking its terms of service.

Groovy comes with a song queue and an shuffle, making it easy to choose the songs that you want. You can also search for songs by name using the search bar. The bot can be used to create playlists. You can also restrict the bot to a DJ role so that you can only play certain songs for a set amount of time.

It is a well-known music bot and has been installed on over 16 million Discord servers. It is compatible with YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitter. You can also get it as a free download.

Groovy had 2.5 millions monthly users. YouTube stated that the bot violated its terms and conditions. YouTube claimed that the bot was being used commercially.

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