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How to Skip Cutscenes in GTA 5: The Ultimate Guide

Do You Get Tired of the Same GTA5 Cutscenes Every Time?

Hommie, you’re in luck because we got your back!

Yo, what’s up, cheaters? Are you tired of the same cutscenes each time you play GTA 5 Are you looking to skip through the cutscenes and get to the action? My G, you’ve found the answer.

Let’s first talk about what a “cutscene” is. A cutscene is an in-between gameplay sequence that’s not playable. This is basically an in-game movie which shows you the story. Cutscenes are fun to watch the first time, but they can get tedious if you play the game over and over again. You can skip them if you don’t want to.

Let’s get on to the good stuff. How do you skip cuts in GTA 5 It’s quite easy. For consoles, you just need to press the A button on Xbox and the X button for PlayStation during the cutscene. This will skip through the whole scene and take you right back to the action.

You’ll need to do it slightly differently if you are playing on a PC. To skip the menu, press the Escape key. This will bring you back to the gameplay, without the need to go through the cutscene.

You may now be wondering how you can skip cutscenes in GTA 5 Online. It’s the same process as in single-player mode. Just press the appropriate button for your platform to get back in action.

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But what if your friends want to see the cutscene while you play? You can’t skip it if you’re with friends. You can skip it by pressing the button, waiting for the message to finish before you jump back into the game with your friends.

If you want to skip cutscenes within GTA 5, you can do so easily. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on PC or console, it is easy to get back into the game without interruptions. You don’t have to wait any longer, hommie! You can now cheat your way through Los Santos without any cutscenes!

We are grateful for your interest and hope that this guide was helpful. Check out our other cheat guides, and keep checking for more useful tips and tricks.

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