New! Guardian Tales Tier List September 2022 Best Heroes

New! Guardian Tales Tier List September 2022 Best Heroes

Guardian Tales Tier List Guide

In this Guardian Tales guide, you will learn the basics of tier lists, character stats, weapons, and abilities. You’ll learn what’s important in a Guardian Tales tier list and how to find it on the website. Besides helping you make the best tier list possible, this guide will also help you discover new templates. You can also rate other people’s lists to help them improve their lists.


When looking to see which characters are on the highest tier in Guardian Tales, you may be wondering which characters are JP and which are global. There are actually two separate lists. These lists are designed to show you how each character ranks, and it is up to you to decide which characters are worth the most. Listed below are some of the best characters from the game. There is a good chance that the characters you choose aren’t actually the highest tier on the list, so don’t get discouraged just yet.

When deciding which in-game character to choose, the Guardian Tales character tier list will help you decide. The tier list will rank each character from weakest to strongest, and it will help you decide which characters you should focus on for the next game build. The character tier list can also help you determine whether to spend crystals on certain heroes to increase their levels. Once you know which characters are the highest and lowest tiers in the game, you’ll be more likely to choose a higher-tier character.


While the game currently offers 60+ 3-Star Heroes, more are on the way. While you don’t necessarily need to own every single one of these characters, it’s best to use a mix of them based on their overall power rating and their ability to play in different situations. For example, Lilith is an excellent melee DPS hero with excellent base stats and useful skills. She’s also one of the most versatile heroes in the game.

The Guardian Tales tier list is an important tool for players to use when choosing which character to play. It helps you choose which heroes to focus on and which ones to skip. The list allows players to see how powerful each character is based on their current level and the abilities they have unlocked after they unlock them. You can even use the tier list to decide whether to spend crystals on bettering your favorite character.


In Guardian Tales, weapons are categorized by tier. The higher the tier, the stronger the character. You can choose your hero based on their tier, but it’s best to use a natural three-star hero first. SS and B tradable heroes can also be effective. However, the lower tiers have some of the strongest heroes. So, which weapons are good for what heroes?

It is important to remember that Guardian Tales characters can change during the game, and the tier lists will also change. Those that appear in the game’s first phase, or the game’s third or fourth tier, are not very useful unless they’re used in major PvP leagues. As such, competitive players will want to pay attention to the popularity of certain heroes and gear. Even a powerful team composition can be outplayed by a party that counters the strategy. It is necessary to build a party that consists of different character types and equip them with appropriate equipment.

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Guardian Tales Tier List 2022 – September 2022 List Down;

Tier S – With these level S Tier and their weapons the best of the best in PVP ranks, the clincher is easy

Tier A – Guardian Tales Hero Tier List >>

Guardian Tales Tier A Heroes are such great choices, but also make sure to equip them with their awesome weapons.

Tier B – Guardian Tales Tier List >>

Tier B Heroes are not very good choices, so try to avoid them, Tier B Heroes are also average and they will make it harder sometimes.

Tier C – Tier List Guardian Tales >>

Tier C Heroes are the worst heroes of the Guardian Tales game, so don’t waste your efforts and time

Tier D – Guardian Tales 2022 >>

Guardian Tales Tier D Heroes are also the worst heroes of the game, so don’t waste your energy

Guardian Tales Best Warrior Tier List 2022 >>

Guardian Tales Warriors have an extensive skill set, all with a variety of weapons and abilities, ranging from attacks to tank and support skills. Because of this, your choice of the warrior can often be what gives your team its identity – these are the best ones to build.

Guardian Tales Hero BestSupport List 2022 >>

Supports are by far the most diverse unit type, so it’s hard to compare them, but this is what we want to get the most out of our best rentals Guardian Tales Tier List.

Guardian Tales Tier List 2022 – Best Tanker >>

Tankers are very specialized with the function of slowing down other enemies. These are the best ones, but in general, it is important that they match the crowd control requirements of each and every situation.

Guardian Tale Best Ranged List 2022 >>

Ranged characters are often the best damage dealers & must be able to effectively defeat a wide variety of enemies. The higher their DPS, generally the better they are, although some have different abilities and synergies that make them sometimes worth using in game.

Conclusion >>

In this post, we have covered Guardian Tales Tier List 2021 to recent 2022 for choosing your best heroes also we add all the tier lists of Guardian Tale game from S to D. Also we discuss Best Ranged, BestTanker, BestSupport, and many more. Guardian Tale is a great game. You can easily download it from the google play store.


The Guardian Tales Tier List is a helpful guide to determine the strength and playability of your character. This game was updated for the year 2022 and the tier list reflects the current meta. While the A tier heroes are good, they lack the power and efficiency of the S and SS tier heroes. Nonetheless, they can still do a good job in PvP. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Guardian Tales character:

As far as the characters are concerned, there are four character types in Guardian Tales. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Warriors work best with melee weapons, while Tankers use bows and arrows to charge enemies. Support teammates help heal their teammates and boost their stats. The game includes a starter character, a Warrior, as well as three other character types. Depending on your preferred playstyle, you can choose a Warrior, Ranger, or Support character.

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