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Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List – Best Characters Ranked September 2022

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Tier List Guide

The Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Tier List is a ranking created by the community, based on votes from the game’s players. It is a cumulative average of 165 tier lists, with the best ones at the top and the worst ones at the bottom. To be included in the list, you must register, log in, and publish your tier list on the site.

Characters in Guilty Gear Xrd

If you’re a fan of the fighting game Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, you’ll definitely be interested in the character tier list. It ranks characters from best to worst, based on their overall strength, speed, and abilities. It is updated periodically and is usually created by a team of experts, which might include professional gamers, tournament organizers, and knowledgeable individuals. A strong character will give you a distinct advantage in matches and is typically more versatile, which will allow you to take down your opponents quickly.

Characters like Elphelt, Faust, and Sin are all great choices for newcomers to the game. Elphelt, for instance, is a genuinely cute character, with a programmed mission to bring about the extinction of the human race. Elphelt also has a cute character design and is a classic damsel in distress.

If you’re looking to level up your skills, the Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 game is an excellent way to get started. There are 25 different playable characters, and a third character was added after the game launched. The Guilty Gear series has remained popular with fans of fighting games, but with its mainstream release, Arc System Works is trying to make it a more accessible experience for everyone. There’s plenty of character choice, and you can explore them to their fullest potential.

Characters in Xrd

The Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 character tier list is a reference to the game’s current strength levels. It is updated every two weeks, and contains information on how to strengthen each character. You can find the Guilty Gear Xrd character tier list on the official website. In this guide, we will discuss how to make the most of this resource.

Characters in the Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 are classified into three tiers. The S Tier characters are the most powerful, while A and B Tier characters are close behind. C and D Tier characters are fantastic, but are far from the best in the game. Here are the three tiers, in order of effectiveness. You can read on for more information on each character’s power level and what they can do.

May – This character has great rushing and grapple capabilities, but has been outclassed by other characters. This makes her a less viable choice for new players than the more balanced Ky or Sam. The main downside to May is that she loses her ability to set hoops for her marine friends. For this reason, she should be played by experienced players, not beginners. There are many better characters in the Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List.

image 176 guilty gear xrd tier list

Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List – Characters Ranked 2022⇩

Guilty gear Xrd has over 25 characters. Each character comes with their own story and customization options. Select one of them and you can begin your gameplay. There is much confusion in deciding which fighter you should choose. Everyone wants the best. Here is the Ultimate Guilty GearXrd Rev Tier Listing 2022. Check below to see the 4 tiers of characters and their FA.

S Tier – Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List >>

The fighters listed in this tier – s rank should be your first priority because they are one of the best characters. These fighters are able to deliver impressive results and will not let down during battle.

A Tier – Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List >>

While the tier A character aren’t as competitive as their counterparts in the s tier groups, they are still very good fighters.

B Tier – Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List >>

Tier B characters can be considered average competitors. They are not guaranteed to deliver the best results compared to tier S or tier A characters, so only use them if you have no other options.

C Tier – Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List >>

We do not like these tier c characters. You will find their names in the guide.

Note –Trial mode allows you the opportunity to practice and play the game at the beginning. It allows you the ability to compare the fighting abilities of your characters.

Game Wiki – About Guilty Gear Xrd Game⇩

Guilty gear XRD Rev 2:rdInclusion in the best Guilty games series. This action-packed fighting game was released in 2017. This game features new battle stages and unique characters. You have 25+ options for choosing from when it comes to fighting characters. These fighters can be customized, so you can pick the outfit you like. Trial mode is available at the start of the game. This allows you to practice fighting with your favorite characters.

Each fighter has its own story and mission. To fight your opponent one-on-one, you will need to select your fighter in-game. You can also play Guilty Gear XRD Rave 2 with other players in the online community. Guilty Gear XRD Rave 2 has been rated the best 2D fighting game on both PC and PlayStation. It is known for its stunning visuals and latest graphics effects.


We are proud to say that this is our philosophy. Guilty GearGuilty Gear’s Xrd Tier Guide. This guide lists the top characters in Guilty Gun Xrd Re 2 and all the ranked characters.

Characters in Xrd Rev 2

There are two tiers of playable characters in Guilty Gear Rev 2. The A tier is comprised of the best and most powerful fighters, while the B tier includes the weakest ones. Characters in the C tier are relatively weak, and most opponents can easily beat them. It is therefore important to use characters in the A tier if you want to win the game. Characters are generally ranked from best to worst based on their strength, speed, and general abilities. Other criteria for ranking fighters include their popularity, win-loss record, and other factors.

The game introduces several new characters. One of these is Freddy Krueger, played by Mandark from Dexter’s Lab. He’s a wonderfully unsavory character. Another newcomer is Bedman, a messed-up kid who murders a young girl’s dog in order to teach her about the dangers of differences. The other new characters in the game are Geese Howard, a half-brother, and the mysterious and ruthless Sol Badguy.

Other characters in the game include Raven, a non-playable character who first appeared in the novel. 15 years later, she becomes playable. Raven is a combination of stretch-based attacks and claw swipes. Her combat style is a strange blend of Vega and Dhalsim. This character is a strong fighter and will help you get the victory you’re after. While it might be difficult to master the entire game by yourself, you can play as her if you want to learn how to play her well.

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