World of Warcraft Gunslinger Class Guide

World of Warcraft Gunslinger Class Guide

Gunslinger can attack any part of your body. The torso is also covered. Gunslingers can also target the torso. This is dangerous. We will be discussing the different Gunslingers and their offerings in this guide. We’ll also be discussing the Engravings, Bonuses, and other options available to Gunslingers. Here are some tools to help you get started. So, let’s start! Learn more about this new class.


There are many benefits to using class-specific Gunslinger engravings. These engravings are only available for Gunslinger classes. However, the benefits are much greater. Engravings can be extremely useful because they allow you to get higher damage output and stats than ever before. It is important to remember that engravings with class specific information can be destroyed by RNG.

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There are several Gunslinger bonuses that stand out. Leaping Shot is a run-and-gun shot, while Ricochet Shot Deed ignores concealment or cover. Although this bonus is worth some grit, it is not worth the +1 bonus. The Pistol of the Infinite Sky is also worth considering. It’s quite costly but offers unlimited ammo and has no chance of misfiring. Consider one of the other bonus options if this doesn’t appeal to you.


Gunslingers can use specialized weapons such as handguns and rifles to make their attacks more deadly. The gunslinger can focus their attack power on a single target, usually the torso. Gunslingers have the ability to make multiple successful attacks against one target by using their weapons’s attack bonus. Each successful attack increases damage by the base damages dice. They can also use the power to reload to fix misfired firearms.

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A good selection of weapons is essential for a gunslinger role in World of Warcraft. Gunslingers should have weapons that are geared towards MVP, PVP, or WOE. You should have high HP and DEF stats and should use auto-spell equipment. Desperado, which bypasses Crusader’s Defender and Pneuma, is another skill you should possess.


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