Hades Weapon Tier List : Update! September 2022

Hades Weapon Tier List : Update! September 2022

Hades Weapons & Aspects (1.0 Update) Tier List

The Hades Weapons & Aspects (1.0 Update) Tier List was created by the community and is based on the cumulative average of the 26 tier lists that have been submitted. These lists are listed from best to worst, so the highest ranked weapons are at the top, while the lowest ranked weapons are at the bottom. To submit a tier list, please log in and publish a screenshot of your tier list.

Aspect of Chaos

The Aspect of Chaos is a powerful ranged weapon in Hades. Its Bull Rush attack is unblockable, and its Charged Shot upgrade makes it virtually unblockable. Its ability to seek enemies hit by the first hit makes it one of the best weapons in the game. Using it is an excellent way to boost your attack power. Aspect of Chaos is a great weapon for any character, but it is particularly good for rogues.

As an rogue, Aspect of Chaos is the best weapon to use to upgrade your Stygian Blade. Its special attack increases damage and range, and it is also effective with Boons that slow enemies. It also increases movement speed, which is useful when you need to quickly take down enemies. Hades is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PS5.

Infinity Chamber

One of the newest weapons in Hades is the Aspect of Lucifer. With a new moveset, the Aspect of Lucifer is a powerful weapon with a variety of unique abilities. Its most powerful attack, Hellfire, deals fifty to one hundred damage to targets within 400 yards. However, the Aspect of Lucifer is inflexible and requires a lot of time to level up. To make the most of this weapon, you must upgrade it with the Infinity Chamber. This upgrade will grant you endless ammo.

If you’re looking to play a game without having to deal with online multiplayer, the Shield of Chaos can help you out. While it’s a bit bulkier than some of the other weapons in the game, it’s still a viable defensive weapon. The Shield of Chaos also has a hidden Aspect, similar to Hera. Its charged attack, Bull Rush, allows you to charge at enemies and deal massive damage. Beowulf’s version of this attack is called Dragon Rush.

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Hades Weapon Tier List – Weapons Details >>

The Hades game gives gamers 6 in-game weapons when they start it. These weapons are default unlocked. The other five can be obtained quickly by collecting the Chthonic Keys game currency.

These are fairly easy to obtain and gamers should be capable of unlocking the entire base arsenal in just a few runs.

However, gamers will eventually unlock Aspects Hades variants of these weapons. These weapons allow gamers to change the way they function in-game, giving them more options when it comes to how they approach combat.

Aspects can be used as complete weapons in-game with their own abilities and attacks. So now let’s start the every Hades Weapon Details.

S Tier – Hades Weapon Tier List >>

These weapons are the most powerful in all of the game’s tier-s. Runs should be a breeze if gamers are able to obtain these weapons.

Aspect of Beowulf

Although the Aspect of Beowulf, or the Shield of Chaos, is already the best weapon for completing runs successfully, the Aspect of Beowulf makes it an even more powerful weapon. This allows you load your Bloodstones into a shield and then use an incredible charge attack to unleash them all together as the Dragon Rush in game attack.

You can also upgrade the Aspect to increase the damage and attack area of Dragon Rush by up to +100%. This does mean that the gamer will take +10% damage, but it is well worth the sacrifice.

Shield of Chaos

Do you ever wish that you could have at least one shield when you select the Aspect of Chaos (Shield of Chaos)? This Aspect allows the in-game weapon to launch multiple projectiles, each with a unique attack.

The Aspect of Chaos allows gamers the ability to use the Bull Rush’s unique throw to send multiple shields rather than the easier ones. To absolutely destroy foes in a single attack, you can shield the number of thrown by up to +5.

Bow for the Heart Seeking Bow

The Aspects of Chiron Heart-Seeking bow can be hard to grasp, so why not go for one that is more difficult to miss your in game targets?

This is why the Aspect of Chiron has such a great reputation. Its special Volley Fire attack automatically targets the foe that you have just damaged.

You can upgrade it to shoot more shots, which will increase the Volley Fire attack’s number of projectiles. This allows you to have a maximum eight total projectiles.

A Tier – Hades Weapon Tier List >>

While Tier A weapons are not considered elite, these weapons are among the best in the game.

Shield of Chaos

The Aspect of Zeus (Shield of Chaos), is one of the most underutilized variations. You can turn this active into the Blitz Disk, which is a slow-moving throw strike that stops the game shield after a few seconds. It keeps rotating in the same place and deals ultimate damage.

This unique weapon has a great feature: it lets you still use your regular attacks, plus you can bring the Shield to you at any time with the click of key.

You can use the Blitz disc to quickly target slow-moving opponents who have large health bars.

Stygian Blade

The base Aspect of Arthur, or the Stygian Blade, is the 1st weapon that you can access at the game’s beginning. Most gamers have never looked back since they unlocked the other bases 5. However, the Aspect of Arthur gives you good reasons to return to the blade weapon.

This Aspect gives you access to the special Hallowed Ground attack. It creates an area of effect on the ground. It slows opponents, disables traps, and grants the player damage reduction and an improved Nova Smash attack.

You also get an additional +50 HP when the weapon can be easily equipped.

Aspect of Hera

The Aspect of Hera (Heart Seeking Bow) allows gamers to load their Bloodstones and Cast ammo into the Heart Seeking Bow. The arrow does more damage/impact the next time they use it.

Moreover, upgrades can reduce the drop time of the in-game Bloodstones to as low as five seconds.

This is because gamers tend to ignore Cast attacks once their main weapon has been ranged projectile. This Aspect allows you to make the Cast attack, which is often ignored, very useful.

B Tier – Hades Weapon Tier List >>

There are no bad aspects in this Tier B Hades Weapons Tier List. They are not the best, but they should be considered. They are just average at best Weapons.

Adamant Rail

The opinions about the Aspect of Lucifer, also known as the Adamant Rail, vary widely from one fan to the next. Some even consider it to be the worst of all the Aspects. We disagree because the Adamant Rail weapon works well if you actually take the time and learn about it.

This Aspect activates the unique bombardment effect, which is then replaced by small floating Hellfire obs. They deal 20 damage to all opponents within the area, but they explode if attacked by the gamer or enemy.

When fully upgraded, the Blast Damage caused by an in-game explosion can be as high as 100. For massive damage, you can keep the orbs deployed in rapid succession and then shoot them yourself.

Heart-Seeking Bow

This Aspect of Zagreus base version of Heart-Seeking Bow can be used as a weapon. It is quite good. To fire nine arrows per arc, you can hold your ingame attack and use the best attack.

You can also use a Power Shot if the charging of an attack is timed to the right, as you see the flashing effect.

This weapon is very reliable. It has a maximum +15% critical attack chance after being fully upgraded. That is quite decent.

Achilles’ Aspect

The Aspect Of Achilles (Eternal Spear), which is a throw, allows you to launch the weapon at your opponent to do damage. You can choose to attack again from this point, or the regular attack. The spear will quickly fly back to you.

With the Aspect of Achilles (Eternal Spear) however, the weapon doesn’t come back to you. Instead, gamers run towards their opponents and take more damage with each of the 4 attacks. You throw the spear, then sprint to the opponent and attack them again, with the effect increasing.

C Tier – Hades Weapon Tier List >>

The Aspects found in this section of the Hades Weapons Tier List’s Tier C Section are some of the worst in the game. Although none of the Hades Weapons Tier C weapons is technically terrible, you can do worse than them.

Hestia’s Aspect

The Aspect of Hestia, also known as the Adamant Rail, is located at the top of Tier 3. It is only slightly better than its base counterpart. This Aspect encourages gamers to continually reload weapons, so that they are empowered in the next clip.

The Adamant Rail weapon can be fully upgraded to deal damage of 150. After that, it is completely regular shots.

This is for gamers who are obsessed with reloading, but other than that it offers little. A single shot in a magazine isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Aspect of Zagreus – Stygian Blade

The Aspect of Zagreus (Stygian Blade), weapon that you start the game with. There are a few options available to you: a regular strike or a dash strike; a 3-hit combo and finally, a slam attack which deals damage to an area that is small in size.

It’s a simple weapon that has a limited move set. However, you’ll want to get better Aspects quickly. This weapon can be used to complete an entire run of the game.

Aspect of Zagreus, (Adamant Rail).

The Aspect of Zagreus (Adamantrail), is a gun equipped with a small magazine. It can be upgraded to receive a maximum of +12 ammo each clip, but it is not worth the effort.

This is a great choice for gamers who want to keep their distance from their opponents. It also has the ability to deal huge damage with an in-game bonus. However, it lacks the punch that can make it a very divisive weapon.

FAQ of Hades Weapon Tier List >>

Here are some frequently-asked questions and answers regarding the Hades Weapon Tier List

Q. Q.

This answer may vary from one player to another, but we believe that Tier S Weapons are the best. You should also try Aspect of Beowulf.

Q. Q.Do You Need to Beat the Game To Unlock Aspects?

You don’t have to complete all aspects, but you do need to complete at least one run.

Q. Q. How long will it take to unlock the Hades Weapon Aspects?

It all depends on your level of play. You could be playing for 20-25 hours.

Q. Q.

Titan Blood is an in-game currency that players require rare materials.

Q. Q.

Tier C weapons on weapon aspects hades’ tier list are not recommended for use. They are very bad weapons in the game.

Conclusion >>

This will hopefully bring you value HadesWe hope you enjoy our Weapon Tier List post. This article will assist you in choosing the best Weapon for Hades game to improve your gameplay.


The Spear is one of the highest-tier weapons in the game, and it offers a number of unique benefits over other weapons. Its Raging Rush special allows you to perform 4 attacks or cast a spell at once. This makes it a very strong choice for cast builds, and its Raging Rush special gives good bonus damage while allowing you to stay mobile and cast as many spells as possible. This makes it one of the best Hades spear aspects in the game.

Spear on Hades Weapon Tier List is very balanced, but there are several aspects that may be better suited to certain builds or playstyles. Here are the pros and cons of each Hades Spear Aspect. So, which one is better for you? What is the best option for your playstyle and build? We’ll look at the pros and cons of each weapon in detail. It’s possible that you may prefer one over the other, so be sure to read this article before making a final decision!

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