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Royale High Halo Tier List 2023 September Helpful Information

Halo Tier List 2022

As the new Master Chief enters the fray, many new players are planning to play some of the older Halo games. There are many older games to choose from, including the original trilogy. This can lead many players to become confused about which ones are best. This article aims to make that decision easier for you.

Mermaid Halo Tier List

The Mermaid Halo is one of the rarest collectibles in the game. In addition to being rare, this item is also very expensive. To get it, you need to win the royale high game and get the hidden in the sand badge. This tier will cost you between 1.4 million and 1.5 million diamonds.

The Mermaid Halo is the most expensive halo available. If you own it, you can sell it for a profit. The selling price depends on its rarity. In 2022, you can sell it for about $180.

Lucky Halo Tier List

High Halo Tier List

Lucky Halo 2021 is a new item in the game. It was once the most sought-after item, but it’s value has decreased in recent months. The item comes with two customization options, clovers and chains, as well as a sun and patterned clouds. The item costs 2,200,000 Diamonds.

The mermaid halo, which is rare and costing about 1.4 million diamonds, is another rare halo. Only about a million players have it, so it is highly expensive. However, it is the best tier in the Royal High tier list for 2022.

Winter crystal Halo Tier List

The Winter crystal halo was released recently in the Royale High game. This new version features multiple little stars atop curving icicles, all of which illuminate the central luminous star. In this tier list, you can buy the best halos for 2022.

This halo is available for purchase in trade for 5,500,000 Diamonds. However, the price for this item may increase in 2022, when the Autumn event is expected to become a regular occurrence. This could push the price of this halo up and make it jump from the A tier list to the S tier list. This halo was added to the catalog of halos on December 11, 2019. Moreover, the game replaced the earth realm with the Christmas Town.

Autumn Halo Tier List

Autumn halo is a halo that is only available in the Autumn season. It is the most expensive of all the halo types. It can be obtained by spending 1.6 to 1.9 million diamonds. It is a very rare halo that can be a good investment. Players who obtain it will be awarded with a badge.

It is the only Autumn-themed finery in the game. It is also one of the most expensive, which is what keeps its price high and its demand high. Since it is a rare halo, it has a limited supply. Players tend to spend more time playing the Halloween events and Halloween themed events.

Valentine’s halo

The Valentine’s halo is a rare and expensive item, and only a few people have it. It is one of the highest-leveled Halos in the game, and costs 2.4 million diamonds. It is one of the most popular Halos in the Royal High tier list 2022. The most difficult Halo to obtain is the mermaid Halo, which costs 1.4 to 1.5 million diamonds.

The Valentine’s halo can be found in the Divinia Park area. The Valentine’s halo is a pink halo decorated with hearts and flowers. It is also available in a Halloween halo. Both halos can be personalized.

Halloween halo

The Halloween halo is a new type of halo in Halo 5. This halo is a special edition that only a limited number of players can obtain. It is a rare tier of halo and is very expensive. Currently, there are only 871 people who can acquire it. It also has a unique design. It displays a kawaii ghost that appears on the player’s head. In addition, it glows purple and is surrounded by diamonds.

The Halloween halo is currently the most expensive of all the halos. It comes with a Whispering Spirits badge and is decorated with a sparkly purple light and a ghost. Although it isn’t customizable, it is still considered the most sought-after accessory in the game. While the new Halloween halo is not as common and has a fluffier design, it is still very rare.

Royale High Halo Tier List

image 697 halo tier list 2022

Before we proceed to the list, it’s important to note that this list is based off @tierlist.mallariaubrey. These Halo tier lists are made for Royale High quite often. If you’re getting a better value trade for some Halos, it might be possible to think that they should be in another tier. If that is the case then don’t worry you can still enjoy this list. Let’s now get to the Tier List.

Halloween 2019S-Tier
Valentines 2020S-Tier
Autumn 2019A-Tier
Winter 2019A-Tier
Glimmering 2018A-Tier
Mermaid 2019A-Tier
Valentines 2021B-Tier
Easter 2019B-Tier
Corrupt 2018B-Tier
Valentines 2019B-Tier
Lucky 2021B-Tier
Lucky 2020C-Tier
Halloween 2020C-Tier
Halloween 2021C-Tier
Winter 2021C-Tier
Halloween 2018C-Tier
Mermaid 2020C-Tier
Spring 2021C-Tier
Mermaid 2021C-Tier
Winter 2018C-Tier
Winter 2020D-Tier
Lucky 2019D-Tier
Spring 2020D-Tier

S Tier is the highest quality Halos and has the highest value. A Tier is about the same quality as the S Tier. The B Tier halos are decently priced. The C Tier halos have a lower value than the B Tier halos. D Tier halos, on the other hand, are the most valuable.

Eerie Fog badge

For Halo Tier List 2022, players can obtain the Eerie Fog badge. This badge is a special Halloween-themed weapon that will make you look spooky. The Eerie Fog is a halo accessory with a purple glow and a ghost floating around it. You can purchase this accessory on the marketplace or through your hub page.

The Eerie Fog badge is only available to players who have a Halloween Halo. This halo is available during the Royale High Halloween event for players to earn. The Eerie Fog badge will cost about 650k diamonds. The Eerie Fog is not as rare as some players think. This badge is widely available; there are 8855 players with it.

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