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Pokemon Heart Scale BDSP 2023 – How To Get & Use? Helpful G9de

Heart Scale Locations in Pokemon BDSP

Pokemon BDSP features a new feature called Heart Scale BDSP Locations. These locations will allow you to relearn certain moves that you may have forgotten. To find one of these locations, head to Pastoria City and follow the tar pits to the top left. Press A and walk through the trees to reach the top left pit. From here, you can fast travel to Veilstone City and head towards Route 214. You can also head to Route 214 and then look for a small patch of grass.


If you are a Pokemon trainer, you may have heard about Luvdisc. This enchanting fish lives in the warm oceans and is thought to bring eternal love. It is often given as a gift to a beloved one. It also turns coral reefs pink during its spawning season.

Luvdiscs can be found in the Sinnoh Region, where they can be caught with a Super Rod. These creatures are unique in that they may be stolen. To prevent this, use a Pokemon with Thief or Covet. This will help you keep the Luvdisc safe from thieves.

Pokemon Heart Scale BDSP are very important items in the BDSP. You can use them to learn new moves and redo moves that you have previously forgotten. You can get one of these items in two ways: by getting a special item called Move Relearner or by fast-traveling to Veilstone City.

Move Tutor

Heart Scale BDSP

A Move tutor for Pokemon is a tool for Pokemon BDSP players who want to relearn old moves. These tools can help players relearn moves that they’ve forgotten or didn’t get a chance to learn from previous games. A Move tutor for Pokemon can only teach moves that were learned naturally by leveling up, and they don’t help players relearn TMs.

Move tutors for Pokemon Platinum have different characteristics and charge shards. These shards can be used to improve a move’s special effects or to remedy a status problem. The Move Tutor for Pokemon Platinum costs eight shards.

Grand Underground

In Pokemon BDSP, one of the best places to get unlimited Heart Scale BDSP is the Grand Underground. You can find these heart-shaped items by looking for shiny spots on the walls and by catching Luvdiscs. However, there are some restrictions to catching these items. For example, you can’t catch these items while holding them in your hand.

To find Heart Scale BDSP in Grand Underground, you must unlock the National Dex. Once you unlock it, you’ll have to go to the underground and dig for treasure. You can also use Absol’s Super Luck Ability to steal items from your opponents.


A Pokemon Heart Scale BDSP is a type of item that can be obtained from various places in the Pokemon games. It is a special item that allows you to teach your Pokemon new moves. In Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond, you can find NPCs who will teach you how to learn these moves. In both games, you will need a special item called the Heart Scale to learn these moves.

Heart Scales can be obtained by mining in the Grand Underground. You will find them on shiny spots on the walls. These items can also be obtained by catching Luvdiscs, which can be found in Route 224.

How to get the Heart Scale BDSP in Pokemon.

image 532 heart scale bdsp

There are two main ways to get Heart Scale in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

  • Luvdisc: How to get there
  • Digging From the Grand Underground

Luvdisc can hold a Heart Scale up to 50% of the time if you meet it in the wild.You will get at least one heart scale for every two Pokemon you catch. If you can teach your Pokemon moves like Thief or Covet, things get even better. Covet is a normal type move that steals the target’s held item. While Thief is a Dark-type move that attacks and steals the target’s held item. They are both excellent ways to obtain Heart Scales from Luvdiscs without actually catching one.

Alternatively, You can also dig the Grand Underground for Heart Scales.. If you compare this to a Luvdisc, the chances of you finding it through digging are much lower. However, it’s an option you can use.

How to Farm Heart Scale

It is possible to farm Heart Scale best by stealing them or catching them.

  1. Use a Super Rod to go to Route 224.
  2. This will make it easier to find Luvdisc.
  3. Use a Pokemon that can learn the moves Thief, or Covet. Make sure the Pokemon using those moves isn’t already holding a Heart scale or any other item. As they won’t be able to steal if they already have a held item.

How to Use the Heart Scale In Pokemon BDSP

As I mentioned earlier,To learn moves for a Pokemon, you can use the Heart Scale.

  1. Visit PastoriaAnd To the northeast of Pokemart.
  2. Here, You will find an NPC just outside the house.. He is the Move Relearner.
  3. A heart scale can be given to the Move Relearner so that your Pokemon can relearn a move.

After you have given him 10 Heart Scales, he will teach your Pokemon new moves for free.

Getting a Heart Scale

The Heart Scale is an item that can be found while mining in the Grand Underground. You can also find these items near mud pits and the Honey Tree. However, be careful, as they do not respawn. You can find them in various places including the tall grass, mud, and white fencing.

You can also get Heart Scales by hunting for Luvdiscs in the Grand Underground. However, your chances of finding one are a lot lower than catching a Luvdisc. In order to catch one, you need to use a Super Rod or a Pokemon with the Covet or Thief move.

Heart Scales are items that you can use to teach Pokemon new moves. You can use them to teach them rare moves or teach them a new move that they have forgotten. You will need the Dawn Stone to do this, so make sure you have it with you.

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