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Best Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List 2023

Best Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List

When it comes to choosing Hearthstone Mercenaries, the choice can be difficult. But there are a number of good options. We will cover Jaina Proudmoore, Sylvanas Windrunner, Cornelius, and Illidan in this guide.

Jaina Proudmoore

Best Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List

Jaina Proudmoore is a collectible caster mercenary that has three tiers. Each tier represents a new piece of equipment that Jaina can wear. The first tier can be obtained by completing tasks and achivements, and you can purchase the next tier by purchasing Mercenaries Packs and Jaina Proudmoore Coins.

Jaina Proudmoore has a good set of abilities that can help her dominate opponents. Her ice-based spell Icicle can be stacked to deal twenty-four damage. She can also use the taunt Water Elemental to deal extra damage. Additionally, Jaina’s Ice Block Talisman can be used to grant her Immunity and to grant her another turn even after taking lethal damage.

Hearthstone Mercenaries is an RPG game that was released in the late 2021. This game is popular because it is an extremely addictive turn-based RPG. There are a lot of tiers in this game, so it’s important to understand which mercenary will suit your playing style best.

Best Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List – Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas Windrunner is a powerful human mercenary. She is one of the strongest human fighters, and her for the queen ability is particularly potent. She has also been known to shine when teamed up with orc mercenaries.

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Unlike classic Hearthstone, the Mercenaries format has a different focus. The Mercenaries focus on star cards and the power that they provide, so selecting a champion wisely is key. As the game is constantly evolving, new mercenaries are released, and you should be aware of the current state of each class.

A powerful mercenary with strong abilities, Sylvanas Windrunner is able to use her allies to her advantage. Reclaimed Souls gives her a +5 attack bonus if she kills a friendly merc. Moreover, she can attack adjacent allies with her Shadow attack.

A human mercenary with good stats is better than a dragon. A human caster with Velen’s blessing is also stronger than a dragon.


If you’re looking for the best Mercenaries to play in the new Hearthstone game, you might want to consider Cornelius. This legendary Merc has the unique ability to roam the battlefield, and he gains a speed buff. The buff makes Cornelius Roame more powerful, and it also allows him to spam heals. In addition, his Speed 2 Blessing of Sacrifice is an effective way to protect your Human tribe.

Hearthstone Mercenaries is a new game mode that was released in 2021. This new mode gives players an RPG experience, thanks to the turn-based combat system. In Mercenaries, players control a Mercenary card as their main character. The game’s turn-based combat system is different from other modes, where players control characters in the traditional constructed card format.

The Best Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List also includes Mercenaries that are best for PVE (the primary mode of Hearthstone), and these players can get these items through a variety of ways. They can also unlock their alternate skins by leveling up. This will allow them to get more gear and increase their abilities.

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Best Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List 2022

This is our Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List. It includes all characters. @G2ThijsAs he shared it on his Twitter account, he said that he was a streamer and a Youtuber. Apart from being a streamer and a Youtuber Thijs MolendijkHearthstone Pro Player is available for professional esports organizations G2 Esports. His tier list is one of the most impressive you will find. So here’s the best Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List:

TiersMercenariesRoleMinion TypeAttackHealth
S TierXyrellaCasterDraenei568
S TierGul’danCasterOrc482
S TierGarrosh HellscreamProtectorOrc1079
S TierCairne BloodhoofProtectorTauren1277
S TierVol’jinCasterTroll565
A TierBlademaster SamuroFighterOrc1071
A TierDiabloFighterDemon1170
A TierRokaraFighterOrc971
A TierThe Lich KingProtectorHuman1283
A TierSaurfangFighterOrc970
A TierThrallProtectorOrc1074
A TierTirion FordringFighterHuman1273
A TierCariel RoameProtectorHuman1067
A TierSylvanas WindrunnerFighterUnead966
A TierTamsin RoameCasterUnead879
B TierAnduin WrynnCasterHuman867
B TierProphet VelenCasterDraenei674
B TierCornelius RoameProtectorHuman1174
B TierMalfurion StormrageProtectorNight Elf668
B TierJaina ProudmooreCasterHuman772
B TierNatalie SelineCasterHuman470
B TierUtherCasterHuman1077
B TierKurtrus AshfallenProtectorNight Elf1369
B TierVarden DawngraspCasterBlood Elf675
B TierBrightwingCasterDragon672
C TierKing KrushFighterBeast1168
C TierLady AnacondraFighterNight Elf771
C TierRexxarFighterHalf-Orc1067
C TierBlink FoxCasterBeast1079
C TierKing MuklaProtectorBeast1177
C TierRagnarosProtectorElemental864
C TierScabbs CutterbutterFighterGnome869
C TierTavish StormpikeFighterDwarf678
C TierGrommash HellscreamProtectorOrc1169
C TierBru’kanCasterTroll776
C TierGuff RunetotemCasterTauren975
C TierTyrandeFighterNight Elf776
C TierMillhouse ManastormCasterGnome564
C TierWar Master VooneFighterTroll877
C TierVarian WrynnProtectorHuman1278
D TierLord JaraxxusProtectorDemon976
D TierMannorothProtectorDemon1073
D TierAntonidasCasterHuman568
D TierOld Murk-EyeFighterMurloc1074
D TierMorgl the OracleCasterMurloc878
D TierMutanusFighterMurloc875
D TierGruulProtector?1480
D TierAlexstraszaProtectorDragon776
D TierBaron GeddonCasterElemental977
D TierRathorianFighterDemon975
D TierIllidan StormrageFighterNight Elf969


There are three ways to level up Illidan in Hearthstone Mercendaries. First, you can gain Illidan Stormrage equipment. Each piece of equipment has a different tier. You can earn the first tier of each piece by completing achivements and tasks. You can also obtain additional tiers of each piece of equipment by purchasing Illidan Stormrage Coins.

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Hearthstone Mercenaries is an RPG game with a turn-based combat system. It became popular quickly due to its addictive gameplay style and complex character design. Hearthstone Mercenaries features an extensive roster of unique characters. Players can choose from different types of mercenaries, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

Mercenaries are categorized by class. For example, a Protector’s abilities inflict double damage on their opponents. Similarly, a Caster’s abilities can wipe out an opponent’s board in an instant. To choose the best mercenary for your deck, you’ll want to learn about how each class’s power level changes throughout the game.

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