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How To Get Heavenly Harmony Lost Ark & Its Uses in 2023?

How to Get Heavenly Harmony in Lost Ark

There are multiple ways to get Heavenly Harmony Lost Ark. These ways include earning the song of resonance, completing quests on Harmony Island, and completing the Sacred Spring Water quest. You must visit Harmony Island in order to earn the item, but it’s not a guaranteed reward. There are three different ways to get this item, and each of these will be detailed in this article.

Getting to Harmony Island

In Lost Ark, there are a few different islands that you can visit and get various resources and special items. One of those islands is Harmony Island. This island is located in the west of the world map, near Rohendel. To get to this island, you must complete the Set Sail quest in the East Luterra storyline.

The first step to get to this island is to visit the Procyon’s Compass, which can be accessed by pressing the compass icon on your minimap. You can also set an alarm in Lost Ark to keep track of the time until the island opens up.

Earning the song of resonance

Heavenly Harmony Lost Ark

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your game, then you should start by earning the Song of Resonance. This item can be obtained from the Peyto Island treasure shop or from completing questlines on minor islands. Song of Resonance is worth 16,500 Pirate Coins. It is best to get it as soon as possible, as you’ll need it for exploration.

In Lost Ark, earning the Song of Resonance can unlock a number of different collectibles. The music piece can be used to open secret entrances, reveal hidden collectibles, and even reveal Mokoko Seeds beneath statues. In addition, the song can be used to unlock locked moments and NPC rapport.

Earning the Forest Minuet on Lullaby Island

In order to unlock the Forest Minuet, you must have earned three Voices of the Forest. The Voices of the Forest are obtained by completing a quest chain in Lullaby Island. You can also earn the Forest Minuet by speaking to a fairy.

Earning the Forest Minuet in Lullaby Island is not a difficult quest, but it does involve special questing. In order to earn it, you need to complete a time-gated quest, perform three Magick Melody co-op events, and find the Voice of the Forest. You will need to be at least level 50 in order to perform the quest.

Earning the Forest Minuet on Lost Ark Lullaby Island is not that difficult, but it does require perseverance and patience. You will need at least three attempts to get three Voices of the Forest. As with any quest, you can’t rush through this one. The quest can take a few hours to complete.

Getting the Sacred Spring Water quest

Getting the Heavenly Harmony song is an important item in the game, and it can only be obtained after completing several Co-op Quests. In order to complete the quest, you will have to travel to Harmony Island and complete three locations on the map.

First, you will need to complete the Sacred Spring Water quest. When you have completed it, you will be rewarded with a Chest of Aromatic Sound, a Chest of Clear Sound, and a Chest of Harmonious Sound. Depending on the type of chest, you may not get the Heavenly Harmony Sheet Music. If this happens, simply try the quest again. You can also go back to the island whenever the Lost Ark event location appears and repeat the quest.

Once you have completed the Sacred Spring Water quest, you can proceed to the next step: Harmony Island. This special island only appears during certain events and is located next to Rohendel. To get there, you must have at least item level 250 and three Mokoko Seeds.

The best way to Get the Heavenly Concord Tune in Lost Ark

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You will get the Heavenly Concord track from the chests you get as rewards from the Concord Island occasion.

  1. Go to the Concord Island. You need to use the Proycon’s Compass to verify for Journey Island. Yow will discover this island close to Rohendel.
  2. Subsequent, take part and full the quests on this island.
  3. After finishing the search you’re going to get any of the next chests as a reward.
    • Fragrant Sound Chest
    • Clear Sound Chest
    • Glowing Sound Chest
  4. When you open the chest you’ll have an opportunity at getting the Heavenly Concord.
  5. Keep in mind it is a drop, and as such, you possibly can even get it on the primary strive or preserve making an attempt till you get it.

The best way to use Heavenly Concord

You need to use this track to extend your rapport with an NPC.

Getting the Fragrant Pollens quest

Getting the Fragrant Pollens is one of the main objectives in the game. You need to collect 300 Fragrant Pollens in order to get the Fragrant Pollens achievement. The Fragrant Pollens can be found in the northeast part of the island. It is a good idea to take your time to complete this quest, as many players will be trying to complete it at once.

The Fragrant Pollens quest in Lostark will require you to spend a considerable amount of time exploring Panda Island. In addition to seeing the friendly fuzzy pandas that roam the island, you’ll also need to unlock your sailing ability. By doing so, you’ll be able to explore Arkesia’s World map by sea. The Set Sail quest will unlock this ability, which is an important part of the endgame. It’s also a good idea to finish the main questline in Lost Ark before you try to unlock your class’s abilities.

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