Highrise Creature Club Land in November 2022

Highrise Creature Club is the first NFT collection created by Highrise, which will consist of unique items that can be worn within the metaverse. The metaverse is a virtual world with over 13 million registered members. Users create rooms, style avatars, trade items, and host experiences. A Highrise avatar can become a part of a collection by acquiring the necessary traits and items. There are 11,111 different NFTs available for public sale, with a 5% royalty on each sale.

Highrise Creature Club Lands in November 2021

Highrise Creature Club Land

The first Highrise Creature Club Land batch of NFTs was sold out in November 2021, with the next batch being distributed in November 2022. The game promises many benefits for members, including in-game benefits. The Highrise Creature Club also offers suggestions for features like breeding. This would give players the ability to breed their own creatures. However, this is only possible for members who already have a membership in the game. In addition to the in-game rewards, Highrise Creature Club aims to provide members with an enjoyable experience.

The Highrise Creature Club will be live in November 2021, with over 10 million players currently using its mobile app. It plans to convert to the blockchain and add a breeding feature. It will also allow players to collect their own avatars, but they will have to pay a fee. The game will be available for free to those who can’t afford the fees. Its developers are bringing the game to the world with a new version in November.


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