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Hisuian Typhlosion

The Hisuian Typhlosion is a spectral creature with graceful movements and a calm disposition. Its movements seem to be a reflection of its purpose in the universe: to feed and purify wayward spirits, incinerating them. In battle, Hisuian Typhlosion uses ghost flames to attack opponents. The ghost flames emitted by Hisuian Typhlosion are similar to those released by the Sun, and they are believed to be a form of spheroid.


The Hisuian Typhlosion is a powerful Fire-type Pokémon that comes with a beautiful Special Attack stat (119). You can improve its Special Attack stat by using the Calm Mind move, which can be obtained from the Move Shop. The best Fire-type move is Flamethrower, which has 130 base power. But you should be aware that this Pokemon is debuffed by Overheat, which is a powerful move that debuffs Typhlosion’s Special Attack.

If you are looking for a Pokemon with a personality, look no further than Hisuian Typhlosion. This Pokemon has crossed the line between a wild beast and a quirky character. The type has a long history of being a legendary Pokémon and has even been featured in many anime. This Pokemon is both a strong competitor in the wild and a great defensive switch-in.

The Hisuian Typhlosion is a legendary Pokémon that can be found in the Holm of Trials. Its ghost flames resemble the magatama beads, which are used in various religious beliefs. The 108 ghost flames are also sacred in Buddhist numerology, as they correspond to the number of beads in the Japamala. Other mythical figures that may have inspired the creation of this creature include Kamuy-huci, an Ainu goddess of fire.

The Typhlosion’s sprite looks like a volcano, with its long neck and thick body. Its small triangular ears and eyes are very distinctive, as are its sharp canines. Its five-digit paws have a sprite that resembles a volcano, and its color pattern is based on the colors of volcanic eruptions. It also has red spots and a triangular sprite.

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Hisuian Typhlosion


The Hisuian Typhlosion is a type of fire demon known for its graceful movements and pacifistic nature. They can be seen pacing about, staring into space. They also purify spirits with ghost flames. They are capable of releasing as many as 108 ghost flames, which are thought to be very powerful. These flames can also incinerate opponents.

In addition to being a dual-type Pokemon, the Hisuian Typhlosion can be trained to learn a variety of special moves. It can evolve from a starter Pokémon called Quilava starting at level 36. It is the final form of Cyndaquil in the Hisui region. It has the same base stats as the Johtonian Typhlosion and can be trained in the same way as it evolves into it.

Hisuian Typhlosion has a unique look, as it is a Fire/Ghost hybrid. The color of the purple flames that surround it make it easy to spot. It has a fantastic special attack called Infernal Parade. This attack can cause significant damage and will often leave a splinter-like shell behind. The Hisuian Pokedex describes it as a hardened, stoic, and stubborn creature. It is based on the region that the creatures are from, which is why it has its distinct appearance.

Despite the new appearance of its Hisuian counterpart, Cyndaquil can’t rely on Typhlosion for the majority of its Noble Pokemon battles. Two of these Pokemon are incredibly powerful, and one of them is even immune to Typhlosion’s Ghost-type moves. The two Noble Pokemon are also not great at taking hits, so Typhlosion can be an effective backup in certain situations.


Hisuian Typhlosion is a new species from the Pokémon game. It is similar to the lizard-like Pokémon known as qwilfish, but its color pattern is completely different. While the lizard-like Pokémon’s appearance is based on that of a weasel, the lizard’s tail and mane are red. The creature also has a triangular sprite, similar to a fireball, which is based on volcanoes.

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The Hisuian Typhlosion is known for its graceful movements and its pacifistic nature. It is often seen staring into space, searching for lost souls. These creatures are thought to have the ability to purify the spirits they consume with their fire. Their ghost flames have the ability to incinerate opponents. In addition to this, their tails are covered with fire-producing spots that emit a magenta-red color.

The Hisuian Typhlosion is a new starter Pokemon that has Fire/Ghost typing. Its appearance is very different from its 2D sprite from the early games. Its new 3D model in Pokemon Sun and Moon shows a slimmer appearance. It has a black collar with purple dots. Because of this, its appearance will likely ignite fire during battle.


The Hisuian Typhlosion gains a signature Ghost-type move at level 60, Shadow Ball. This move has 60 base power, but can be increased by using the same-type attack bonus. It deals double damage to status conditions and leaves the target in the state of burn. Shadow Ball is also the Typhlosion’s strongest move, and is often used against Gengars, which are a strong neutral type. Another good Ghost-type move is Infernal Parade, but Shadow Ball is stronger than Hex.

The Typhlosion has a weak defense against Rock and Fire-type moves. Fortunately, both Landorus-T and Thundurus cover these weaknesses well. Typhlosion is good against Lucario and Giratina, which are both Fire-types, though they are not very effective against Typhlosion. And although Typhlosion is vulnerable to Fake Out, it can still deal significant damage to these types.

The Hisuian Typhlosion’s moves and attacks depend on where it is in the game. It is weak to Rock-type and Fire-type moves, but super effective against Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon. Hisuian Typhlosion evolves from the regular Quilava in the Hisui region. This makes it the final form of Cyndaquil in the Hisui region.

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As the Hisuian Electrode, Chloroblast is the most explosive move on the Hisuian Typhlosion. It deals 120 base power damage and a ton of recoil. Although it can be very effective in go-for-broke situations, Chloroblast doesn’t have much utility. But if you’re looking to kill your opponent with one move, it’s worth a try.


Hisuian typhloson appears in the game of Pokemon Legends Arceus as an ancient version of the popular Fire-type monster. The ancient version also includes new regional forms like the Hisuian Arcanine and Growlithe. However, it is not clear how this new form compares to the original Hisuian Typhlosion. Regardless of its new appearance, the original ‘Mon is a classic Fire-type monster.

The Hisuian Typhlosion is a large, bulky creature. Its appearance resembles that of a weasel and a honey badger, with a long neck, small limbs, a short tail, and sharp canine teeth. The sprite is triangular, with a coarse fringe of fur and red spots.

Another glitch of the game is a similar appearance to the Hisuian Typhlosion. The appearance of this new Pokemon is reminiscent of the one seen in Pokemon GO. The difference is that it has the appearance of a Misdreavus spawning from the back of its neck. In addition, it has flames and beads around its neck. Despite the similarity in appearance, the Hisuian Typhlosion is not a great choice for competitive play.

The Hisuian Typhlosion is available to catch in the Space-Time Distortions after clearing the main game. It can also appear in Massive Mass Outbreaks after you download the Ver. 1.1.0 update. As a bonus, it’s now possible to breed it with the starter Pokemon, eliminating the need to trade it. When you complete the starters, you’ll be able to speak to Professor Laventon and Captain Cyllene.


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