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All Hollow Knight Boss Order & Helpful Locations List 2023

Hollow Knight Boss Order Strategies

Hollow Knight Boss Order, If you are stuck in the Hollow Knight quest line, there are a number of strategies that can help you complete the quest. These strategies are based on the order in which you encounter bosses. These strategies are not necessarily easy to implement, but they will make the quest much easier to complete. The best way to complete this quest line is to follow the Hollow Knight Boss Order carefully, and you will be much more likely to succeed.


Hollow Knight Boss Order

One of the most difficult bosses in the game is Nosk, which is why it is important to know the best way to face him. Nosk is a shape-shifting creature that can imitate different shapes and faces. In fact, it can even take the form of your departed loved ones, making it a challenging and unpredictable foe. Fortunately, there are several ways to defeat Nosk.

When fighting Nosk, it is important to remember to keep two phases in mind. First, you must defeat the clone of Nosk. The second phase of the battle involves fighting a spider-like creature that constantly swoops down and attacks the player. This boss requires fast thinking and timing to defeat.

Traitor Lord

The Hollow Knight Traitor Lord is one of the game’s most challenging and engaging boss battles. This special enemy has his own arena, is very powerful, and has a wide range of unique moves and spells. As such, the best way to fight him is to use multiple attacks, abilities, and spells to bring him down. Once you’ve dealt enough damage to knock him down, he will enter stasis, making it difficult to move. As you fight the Traitor Lord, his music and travel path will change.

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The best way to beat the Traitor Lord is to use a combination of Shadow Dash and Sharp Shadow. This attack will cause a wave of white energy to come down on you, and you must be prepared to dodge it by either jumping over him or running away. You can also use your dash ability to dodge his attacks and use Nail to catch them in mid-air.


The second part of the Radiance of Hollow Knight Boss Order has a different approach than the first. While the health of the boss is similar to the first phase, it is easier to hit in this phase. The best way to avoid hitting Radiance is to keep your hitbox wide and not directly below it. This will help you defeat the boss quickly.

The final boss of the Hollow Knight is hidden away, so chasing him down will require some careful planning. First, you will need to piece together the events that have happened in Hallownest. Once you learn the details, you’ll be able to free the other surviving residents. In addition, chasing the Radiance will require you to reach significant plot points in the game.

Pure Vessel

When faced with the Pure Vessel hollow knight boss, the best approach is to avoid him as much as possible. If you don’t want to get caught by his Soul Daggers, you can run as far away as possible and wait for the right moment to strike. You can also react with defensive Shadow Dash or aggressive Pogo. The Pure Vessel will often target you in mid-air and back away if you’re not careful. If you do manage to get caught in his attack, try to run in and Focus.

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The Pure Vessel boss fight occurs in the same arena as the Pantheon boss fight, and he is fully armored. However, this armour only appears for a few seconds before it is removed. It is the only boss in the game that has a title at the top of the screen. There’s no pre-battle cry, and it’s possible to confuse the player by misjudging the timing of certain attacks. Moreover, the Pure Vessel gets new moves as the conflict drags on.

Hollow Knight Boss Order For Bosses & Record of Areas

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  1. Gruz Mom (Forgotten Crossroads)
  2. False Knight (Forgotten Crossroads)
  3. Vengefly King (Greenpath)
  4. Large Moss Charger (Greenpath)
  5. Mantis Lords (Mantis Village)
  6. Soul Warrior (Soul Sanctum)
  7. Soul Grasp (Soul Sanctum)
  8. Crystal Guardian (Crystal Peak)
  9. Xero (Resting Floor)
  10. Flukemarm (Royal Waterways)
  11. Dung Defender (Royal Waterways)
  12. Damaged Vessel (Historic Basin)
  13. Nosk (Deepnest)
  14. Gorb (Howling Cliffs)
  15. Hornet Sentinel (Kingdom’s Edge)
  16. Marmu (Queen’s Gardens)
  17. Traitor Lord (Queen’s Gardens)
  18. Uumuu (Trainer’s Archives)
  19. Hole Knight (Temple of the Black Egg)
  20. Radiance (Temple of the Black Egg)

This listing relies on the Zone order recommended by u/DiscordDraconequus within the sport’s subreddit again in 2017. However this zone order nonetheless holds true and we have now primarily based our play order on it. You don’t should beat all of the bosses from every zone. We now have chosen solely these bosses you might want to beat to entry a selected sub-area or to gather a brand new energy that can assist you attain the ultimate boss in one of the best ways potential.

God Tamer

Fortunately, the God Tamer for Hollow Knight boss order is relatively easy to kill. Although God Tamers can be annoying, they’re still relatively easy to defeat. The God Tamer is a big, heavy, clunky boss, but the other enemies with him don’t look weak. Luckily, you can use Abyss Shriek to counter his annoying attacks.

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During the boss fight, there are many hazards, from swords all around to giant waves of light that are difficult to avoid. Fortunately, this boss is relatively easy to kill if you’re prepared. The boss can be easily killed with a single hit, but it takes a while to wind up. You can also use the Dung Defender, who has increased health and added an extra attack called the poo wave.

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