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Horus Location SMT5 | Unusual Forecast (2023)

SMT5 is found in Northeast Akihabara Leyline. It is an optional quest that will lead to Falcon’s Head. It’s a golden streak that stretches across the sky. The core skills that make up the Horus skill set consist of light-based and physical abilities. His Accuracy buffs can be extremely strong, making him difficult to kill. Counter buffs can be used to make it easier for you to kill the Horus.

Horus Location How To Kill Horus a Priest

Horus Location SMT5

Priests can use special attack in order to kill their enemies. Ice and charge are your most valuable abilities. Dark attacks are more difficult to hit than Force attacks, but they can be very devastating. His Strength is your best defense against him. You can also use Dark or Force abilities.

horus location smt5

There are many ways to defeat the Horus. You can use Ice and Dark weapons against the Horus because he is strong in Fire. The Dark and Force can be enhanced with the Light element. Sukunda, White Dracostrike and other useful elements can be used. The Megido ability is extremely powerful and can cause massive damage to a team. The Masukunda and Sukukaja can both be used. The Masukunda is useful if your enemies can be controlled and you are able to hit them. The Masukunda increases Horus’ weight, making it more difficult to hit.

Unusual Forecast guide

An Unusual Wetter is the fifth sidequest in Shin Megami Tensei V’s Shin Megami Tensei V. Girimekhala must be defeated. It can reflect physical but is weak against Lightning, Force and Light. You can also use Physical Dampers to damage it. You can defeat the demon using fireballs. The official website has more information.

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smt 5 unusual forecast

To get the best ending, you can skip the game. Some endings may contain spoilers. This game can be won in many different ways. One option is New Game+, which allows you to carry over your progress in previous games. It can be difficult, regardless of how long you play the games. You will get the best endings if you take your time. This is one the most difficult games in this series. Don’t give up even when the weather isn’t looking great.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 will have a different ending than previous SMT games. This game has three endings. You could be penalized if you don’t agree with other players. Skip the first part of the game and join an OP team for the second. This will allow you to get all the endings faster than waiting for the game to finish.




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