Horus Location SMT5 | Unusual Forecast (2022)

The Horus location SMT5 is in the Northeast part of the Akihabara Leyline. It is a side quest from Falcon’s Head. It is a golden streak in the sky. The Horus skill set is full of Light-based spells and Physical skills. He also has a lot of Accuracy debuffs and can be tough to kill. However, there are some counter buffs that you can use to make the Horus a little easier to kill.

Horus Location How to Kill Horus As a Priest

Horus Location SMT5

As a Priest, you will be able to cast various special attacks in order to kill your foes. The most useful skills to use are the Charge and the Ice weapons. The Dark attacks are very hard to hit, and the Force attacks are powerful. The best way to kill him is to focus on his Strength. In addition, you can also make use of other types of skills, such as the Dark and Force abilities.

horus location smt5

You can use various abilities to defeat the Horus. As his strength is based on Fire, you can attack him with Ice, Dark, and Electric weapons. The Light element can make the Dark and Force attacks more effective. Other useful skills are the Sukunda and the White Dracostrike. If you have a strong team, the Megido ability can cause massive damage. The other attacks you can use are the Sukukaja and the Masukunda. The latter is useful if you can control the enemy and hit the enemy. The Masukunda makes Horus a little heavier, and it makes it harder to hit.

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Unusual Forecast Guide

The An Unusual Forecast side quest is the fifth sidequest in Shin Megami Tensei V. In this sidequest, you must find a demon called Girimekhala to defeat it. It is weak against Lightning, Force, and Light, but it reflects Physical. Use Physical Dampers to damage it. Then, use Fireballs to defeat the demon. You can get more information about this sidequest from the official site.

smt 5 unusual forecast

Players can also skip the game to get the best ending. However, there are spoilers for the other endings. There are multiple ways to beat the game, including New Game+ (where you carry your previous progress over). Regardless of how long you play, the game is a challenge, so be sure to set aside some time to get the best endings. This is one of the most difficult games in the series, so don’t be too quick to give up if the weather’s not looking good.

The Shin Megami Tensei 5 endings are different from previous SMT games. There are three different ways to end the game, and you may be penalized slightly for choosing a non-aligned path. To complete the game in a short amount of time, you can skip the story’s first half, and then play through the second half with an OP party. This way, you’ll get all the endings in a single sitting, and it won’t take you as long as it would if you finished the game in the first place.




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