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How Tall is Glamrock Freddy? FNAF Safety Breach Animatronics Information – Names, Heights, & Habits 2023

How Tall is Glamrock Freddy?

How Tall is Glamrock Freddy? You’ve probably heard that Glamrock Freddy is tall. But do you really know how tall he is? It’s important to know the facts before you buy him. You can find out his height, age, and weight in this article. Besides, you’ll also learn about Glamrock Mr. Hippo, Roxanne Wolf, and FNAF Security Breach Glamrock Freddy.

Animatronic Glamrock Freddy

Animatronic Glamrock Freddie is based on the original Freddy Fazbear and sports a punk-themed design. His head and shoulders are covered with red shoulder pads and his feet are white. He wears a black bow tie and a top hat with blue stripes. The body of the Animatronic Glamrock Fredie is primarily orange and features a chest compartment opening. He is also equipped with fangs and light blue claw nails. His shins are also red.

Unlike typical animatronics, Animatronic Glamrock Freddie appears to have advanced technology. Unlike most animatronics, it can move around freely. In addition, it appears that it has advanced A.I., which allows it to have a sense of self. It is also capable of holding conversations without having preset responses and almost completely has free will.

Freddy’s behavior was inspired by a fact: Animatronics have a “fight or flight” response to death. If Freddy believes that he is about to die, he may attack Gregory. The same goes for Monty; his attack on Bonnie could have been motivated by fear of decommissioning.

Animatronic Glamrock Mr. Hippo

How Tall is Glamrock Freddy?

In the Animatronic Glamrock series, Mr. Hippo is the fourth member of the Glamrock Band. He is a purple pygmy hippopotamus animatronic. He is equipped with four teeth on his bottom jaw and is dressed in a black top hat with a red flower and two black buttons on his chest. He also features an electric power source box and circuits for him to operate. He has a grandfatherly advice-giving personality and has a friendship with Orville Elephant. His voice is philosophical and his speech patterns are based on the mix of a New York and Boston accent.

The game also has a plot. It frames the role of animatronics as safety, so that the child has a reason to want them to cooperate with him. Animatronics are not supposed to kill anyone, but they may want to do it to protect the child.

Animatronic Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne is a gray wolf with amber eyes that occasionally glow red. She also has silver waist-length hair with green bangs and a gray tail with a silver tip. Her hands and feet are clawed and she has black stripes on her cheeks. Roxanne has a ball-jointed body and arms with rectangular panels on her upper arms.

Animatronics are another popular feature of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. This video game was released on December 16, and is known for its Animatronics. If you have ever wondered how tall these FNAF animatronics are, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a look at the tallest of them all!

FNAF Safety Breach Animatronics Information – Names, Heights, and Habits

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Names of Animatronics in FNAF Safety Breach

  • Glamrock Freddy (a.okay.a Freddy, Freddy Fazbear)
  • Glamrock Chica (a.okay.a Chica)
  • Montgomery Gator (a.okay.a Monty)
  • Roxanne Wolf (a.okay.a Roxy)

These are the names of all the Animatronics in 5 Nights at Freddy’s Safety Breach. Together with their unique names, additionally, you will discover their aliases included on this checklist. These are the names that the animatronics additionally use in FNAF.


  • Glamrock Freddy – Round 6.0 ft (182.88 cms)
  • Glamrock Chica – Round 6.4 ft (195 cms)
  • Montgomery Gator – Round 6.2 ft (190 cms)
  • Roxanne Wolf – Round 5.3 ft (164 cms)


Glamrock Freddy

Of all of the animatronics in FNAF Safety Breach, Glamrock Freddy is the one one with no evil intentions towards Gregory. He’s naturally pleasant and caring, consistently searching for Gregory’s security. He permits Gregory to cover within the cavity in his stomach with a purpose to keep away from getting noticed by his villainous colleagues. Freddy readily provides to assist Gregory when he sees him in hassle, leading to a pleasant bond between the 2.

Glamrock Chica

Glamrock Chica is an animatronic who resembles a hen. She is likely one of the evil robots that wander aimlessly across the Pizzaplex. Chica aggressively expenses in direction of Gregory when she sees him. Her conduct is unpredictable, as she has the tendency to randomly test hiding spots. This implies your probabilities of getting discovered whenever you disguise within the many nooks and crannies within the sport is kind of excessive.

Montgomery Gator

Montgomery Gator is an aggressive sunglass-wearing alligator animatronic who’s a bassist. Of all 4 animatronics in FNAF, he’s probably the most aggressive. He has a repute for destroying gadgets round him and yelling at Gregory. He possesses an enormous ego, which makes him steadily make self-praising feedback about his appears. Identical to the opposite evil animatronics, he’ll cost at Gregory when he comes throughout him. He’s additionally the quickest among the many remainder of the robots, leading to him being a much bigger menace to you.

Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne Wolf is a useless, egoistical animatronic in 5 Nights at Freddy’s. You’ll discover this self-importance whenever you see her for the primary time within the sport. She will be heard praising herself steadily and claiming to be the ‘ greatest ‘. You’ll find her consistently pep-talking her manner into glory.

Animatronic FNAF Security Breach Glamrock Freddy

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a popular American media franchise, which first began in 2014 with the release of the video game. Since then, the franchise has expanded internationally. In its new installment, the series brings new characters and terrifying animatronics to its classic video game series.

In this game, you can play as Freddy and take on the role of a detective. It features a secret compartment in its stomach that you can use to hide in and use to reach Service Tunnels that are inaccessible to humans. It also helps you escape from the Daycare Attendant and Vanny, who are trying to catch you. But be aware that the battery life of this animatronic is limited, and it will need frequent recharges at the charging station. You can learn about his past exploits by interacting with him, and he will also give you helpful tips and reveal shortcuts that you may have not otherwise been aware of.

This animated character is not fully realized, and his behavior in the game is subject to glitches. It is unclear whether Freddy’s behavior is based on reality or a fabricated character. However, some fans of the game have cited glitches in his behavior as a game balance mechanic. Although Glamrock Freddy has glitches, he seems to be very sentient, and at one point, he begs Vanessa not to leave him in the middle of an adventure with a disconnected head.

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