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How to Beat The Enduring Boss in Horizon Forbidden West 2023? Helpful Guide

How to Beat the Enduring in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Beat The Enduring Boss in Horizon Forbidden? You’ll need to master certain moves. These attacks are very fast, so it’s crucial to dodge them. Another great tactic is to bring up your inventory screen, which slows down the time and lets you react accordingly. You can also rely on items to help you defeat the Enduring.

Melee Pit challenges

There are two ways to beat The Enduring in Melee Pits: you can either practice the various attack combos, or you can complete challenges. Challenges require you to perform pre-determined combos in a certain amount of time. If you complete a challenge before time runs out, you will unlock the next challenge. Once you complete all the challenges, you can face the Pit Master and progress to the next level.

The Pit Master is the hardest challenge in the game, and it requires you to use melee attacks. You can attack him using your spear or weak practice bow, or you can use your bow and heavy assault with R1 or R2. If you have a strong character, you can also use smoke barrels to stun him.

The Pit Master can be defeated by using the combo you learned in the previous challenge. You can use R1 and R2 to spam a combo, or you can aim your bow with L2 and quickly shoot the enemy. Using this combo is the easiest way to beat the Pit Master.

Chain attacks

How to Beat The Enduring Boss in Horizon Forbidden

While it is important to have a good range of skills to beat the Enduring, you should also know how to avoid their attacks. These creatures are fast and are able to dodge your attacks. Using block breaker combos or Resonator Blast attacks will help you to get away from these attacks. However, you should be careful because these creatures will attack when you’re not expecting it. It is also important to stay in control of the battle at all times.

There are 15 Melee Pit Challenges in Horizon Forbidden West. You must complete all of these to beat the Enduring. You can unlock the “The Enduring” trophy after beating all 15 challenges. You can use both melee and ranged attacks to defeat the Enduring.

The Enduring is a legendary Melee Pit fighter. In order to defeat him, you must complete every Melee Pit challenge and all Errands. You can also use the Errand tracker to know exactly where you can find “The Enduring”. After you’ve completed all the Errands, you can face the legendary fighter.


Enduring is an incredibly tough boss character to beat. You have to complete 15 different challenges to defeat him, and some of these require specific combos and moves. These challenges are part of the Enduring achievement and quest. However, you do not need to be an expert to beat The Enduring. There are tips and tricks you can use to beat him.

The Enduring is a tough opponent, but it can be beatable with the right tactics. First, you need to build up Energy in order to attack him. A good way to do this is to spam light attacks. These attacks will cause him to stagger, allowing you to repeat the attack until he is defeated.

The game is also rich in achievements and trophies. There are a few that are hidden for players to find. For instance, you can unlock the ‘Forbidden Legacy’ trophy if you complete all of the game’s side quests. Once you do, you’ll receive a flying mount, allowing you to quickly travel between areas. The flying mount is a great way to experience the game as you wish.

How to Beat the Enduring in Horizon Forbidden West

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The EnduringIs it a Legendary Tenakth MasterWho is a Mountain recluse. You can find her on the North of Desert Clan. You can reach her All Tenakth Melee Pit Marks earned. The Enduring’s backstory is filled with despair as she has witnessed her entire family, Siblings, Children, & Grandchildren, fall before her due to violence. She can’t live with anyone else because they remind her of her old family. She is a good Fighter & she trains those who are worthy. We can get an idea of what she will do. You can’t beat these Boss!. There is an easy way to beat the Enduring in Horizon Forbidden West.

It’s a simple tactic. Attack her three times, then avoid rolling ahead, past her. This will staggerShe kept her in good health. Semi-stunned phase. You will occasionally have an opportunity to use your bow.The Bow is most effective when used at close range. a few shots in. Keep WeepingAt her until she yields. You will beat her. earn +3 Skill Points, +6500 XP, & +1 Spear Damage.


There are several different weapons to beat the enduring in Horizon Forbidde West. The Enduring are an errand in the game that requires the completion of the Chainscrape melee pit. In order to complete this errand, players will need to master the Block Breaker skill, which is found in the Warrior skill tree.

There are many weapons that can help you beat the Enduring, including a bow and a sword. The Enduring is an experienced warrior, so using a weapon with a high damage output is crucial to beating him. A great way to counter the Enduring’s attacks is to use a Resonator Blast or Block Breaker Combo. It is also important to be able to maintain pressure while building up your Energy to make powerful shots with a bow.

Another weapon to use against the Enduring is a spear. This weapon is one of the most powerful in the game. This weapon has three different ammo types and is very effective when fighting multiple types of robots. Aloy can also upgrade her spear using this weapon.

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