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How To Become Royalty In BitLife – Be A Queen Or King? Helpful Guide 2023

BitLife Royalty – How to Become a Royalty in BitLife

How To Become Royalty In BitLife? In BitLife, becoming royalty is possible through several means. You can either be born into a royal family or marry into one. As you might expect, being born into a royal family has many benefits. However, you’ll have to be very lucky to achieve this. Here are some examples of countries where you can become a royalty: Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UAE, and the United States.

Public service

In BitLife, one of the ways to become royalty is to marry a royal. You can either marry a Prince or Princess, or a King or Queen. If you marry a royal, you will inherit their title and wealth. This is a great way to prove your power and influence. However, if you overuse this power, your subjects might revolt and try to overthrow you.

As a royal in BitLife, you will have a number of advantages over a commoner. First, you will enjoy perks unavailable to commoners, such as the power to socialise with the celebrities of your choice. Second, you’ll have access to laws that only royals can pass. And finally, once you’ve become royalty, you’ll have more money than you know what to do with it.

Public disservice

How To Become Royalty In BitLife

As you progress through the game, you will have the option to become a royalty. This can be achieved through several different methods, such as marrying a royal or being born into a royal family. Additionally, you can also increase your royal status by choosing a country that is ruled by a royal family.

However, when becoming a royalty, you must be very careful. If you choose the wrong path, you could lose respect and reputation. If you do something wrong, you will be reported by the media, which will make you look bad. To avoid this, you can either choose to publicly apologize for your actions, or denounce them. Public service will increase your respect.

Once you have become a royalty, you will be able to do some public service and even perform executions. As you grow, you will have more opportunities for execution and public disservice, which will lower your respect bar. In the worst case scenario, you will be banished to Mongolia for committing public disservice. If you choose the latter option, you can risk losing a lot of money, but you’ll still have a chance of becoming a royalty.


In BitLife, you can become royalty by becoming a member of the royal family and inheriting vast amounts of money. You can then purchase stately homes and luxury vehicles. You’ll also have more money than you know what to do with. You can gamble PS1 million without worrying about going into debt and you can buy a fleet of private jets and helicopters.

The easiest way to become royalty in BitLife is to create a new character and become a member of the royal family. You can then rule over a country and instantly become a celebrity.

Marriage into a royal family

In order to marry into a royal family in BitLife, you must be born into a monarchy country. The more famous you become, the higher your chances of marrying into a royal family will be. However, there are many ways to become famous in BitLife without being a royal.

The easiest way to become a royal is to marry into a monarchy. This is the best option if you are born into a monarchy country. Once married into a royal family, you will inherit their wealth and power. The royal family will also take care of you and your children.

To marry a royal in BitLife, you must be at least 18 years old. Besides being of legal age, you must also maintain an excellent appearance. This means you need to invest in exercise and cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance. Alternatively, you can use your active lifestyle and social media to find a royal. Once you’ve done this, you can start dating a member of the royal family.

How one can Turn into King or Queen in BitLife

image 530 how to become royalty in bitlife

There are solely two potential methods to grow to be royalty. One is to be born within the household of kings and the opposite is to marry an individual from such a household. In each situations, luck will certainly play its half.

One factor to notice right here is that it is best to select a rustic that has a monarchy to be born in a royal household. Such nations with monarchy embody Denmark, Sweden, Barbados, and plenty of extra. Regardless of selecting these nations, likelihood is low that you’re born in a royal household. What you are able to do is begin the sport from recent each time till you spawn within the household of a king. That’s one strategy to grow to be royalty in BitLife.

The opposite manner is to marry a royal member of the family, and this will once more be very difficult. You could head to the date part on the menu and anticipate that you simply would possibly run into somebody from a royal household or will get come across whereas within the fitness center.

When you get profitable in any of the 2 methods, you possibly can grow to be royalty in BitLife. However that’s not sufficient, you also needs to study to rule your kingdom. As quickly as you grow to be royalty within the sport, there will probably be a respect bar on the display screen. This respect bar is much like the celebrity bar. All you might want to do now’s to execute some good deeds and carry out duties. This may improve your respect stats.

As soon as the respect stats are excessive, you too can take selections to execute somebody. However this needs to be completed solely when individuals respect you or else you would possibly find yourself changing into part of an issue.

Improving health and looks stats

The royal update has finally rolled out for BitLife, allowing users to become royalty. This option is only available in countries where a monarchy exists. You start out as a commoner, but may be born into royalty when your parents die. Eventually, you can marry into the royal family.

In order to become royalty in BitLife, you must marry a member of the royal family, be born in a monarchy country, and improve your health and looks stats. These two stats are important in various ways. Having a high Look and Health stat will help you advance in the royal family, and also make it easier for you to date and fall in love.

As mentioned above, becoming royalty in the game is not easy. The first step is to develop your character’s social networks and fan base. This will attract royal attention. It is also important to improve your looks and get waxed. You can also customize your hair for extra beauty. Once you’ve achieved this, you’ll have to wait until you’re contacted by a member of the royal family. Once you get a royal response, you can begin looking for a partner.

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