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How to Bypass VAC Ban in CSGO and Rust with Config and Steam

How to Bypass the VAC Ban In CS:GO or Rust


What’s the matter dawgs! Are you fed up of VAC being banned from CS:GO or Rust? This is the place for you! This blog post will explain how to get around the VAC ban so you can continue playing your favorite games with no restrictions.

What is VAC Ban?

Before we get started, let me tell you what VAC ban is. VAC stands to Valve Anti-Cheat. It’s a Valve-developed system that detects cheats in games such as CS:GO and Rust. A VAC ban will be issued to anyone caught cheating and it will prevent you from accessing VAC secured servers. That sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it?

How to bypass the VAC Ban in CSGO and Rust

But don’t worry, we got your back! Here’s how you can bypass the VAC ban in CSGO and Rust.

1. Use a private cheat to get around VAC detections. Even though it is a bit more expensive, it is worth it if you want the freedom to play without being banned.

2. A VAC bypass tool is available online. These tools alter game files to bypass the VAC system. These tools can contain malware so be cautious.

3. You can create a new account. This won’t allow you to bypass the VAC ban but it is a great option if your goal is to continue playing on VAC secured servers. You can create a new account and buy the game again, just as if nothing ever happened.

How can I get my VAC ban removed?

What if your VAC is already banned? Is it possible to remove it? It is almost impossible to remove your VAC ban. There are rumors that your account can be unbanned by contacting Valve support to ask them to lift the ban. But, don’t get your hopes up, dawg.


Although getting VAC banned is a pain, it doesn’t mean that you are out of luck. There are ways to bypass the VAC ban on CS:GO or Rust. You can use private cheats, VAC bypass tool tools, or create a new account. Cheating is a way to ruin the fun of the game for everyone.

Dawgs, thanks for reading! Keep safe and continue gaming. Keep calm!

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