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How To Discord Disable Christmas Sounds? Helpful Guide 2023

How to Disable Christmas Sounds on Discord

If you want to Discord Disable Christmas Sounds, you can simply disable the sounds in your settings. You can also disable notifications for Snowsgiving. This will keep you from getting distracted by the sounds of the holiday season. This article will show you how. The last thing you want is to miss any important announcements during the holidays.

Discord Disables Snowsgiving

If you’re one of the many users who are sick of the Snowsgiving Christmas sounds being played by Discord’s notification sounds, you can easily turn them off. The notification sounds are opt-in and aren’t turned on by default. But you can enable them if you wish. Just press Ctrl + R to refresh your Discord settings and go to the “Sounds” section.

You can also change your notification audio, profile banner, server icons, and invite background. You can also change the loading animation for your profile. You can also customize the sounds played when you log in to Discord. Alternatively, you can disable them completely. If you like them, you can enable them by enabling a custom sound pack.

After the Snowsgiving event, the sounds will likely be gone. However, if you are still not a fan of these sounds, you can turn them off by going to your settings and clicking on notifications. This option will also allow you to switch off the snow-covered Discord logo, as well as the links to the Snowsgiving event.

If you aren’t a fan of these sounds, you can also turn them off by logging into your desktop account on Discord and navigating to the settings menu. This is located on the bottom left of your screen. In the “Notifications” section, you can find options for “Sound Pack” and “Classic” sounds.

Disables Snowsgiving notifications

Discord Disable Christmas Sounds

Discord recently added a new sound pack and winterized its app to celebrate Snowsgiving. The annual winter celebration will include daily surprises – like a snow-themed theme and new notifications – throughout the eight-day holiday. Users can also join contests and meet new friends. If you’ve been using the Discord app lately, you may have noticed a new tab on your home screen.

Discord recently changed its app’s sounds to celebrate the holiday, and many users complained. However, the changes are optional and can be turned off. This way, users don’t have to hear the same sounds as others. Regardless, users who are annoyed by the sounds were relieved to learn they could opt out.

Discord’s new features include the ability to customize notifications and change the background. Users can change the sound of their notifications and choose a new background for their profile and server icons. You can also customize the loading animations of your profile, server icons, and invites. The sound packs are available in the Notifications and User Settings sections.

Discord’s new sounds pack features various sound effects for notifications. Initially, the sound pack was enabled by default. Users can enable it by clicking “Snow Donations” or “Snow Action” in the Notification Sound Pack. However, users may also turn it off using the Classic option.

How to change the Christmas notification sounds in Discord

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Follow these steps to disable or allow Discord Christmas notification sounds.

  • Take a look at your Person SettingsClick on the Gear icon near your username.
  • Explore the Notifications tab.
  • Scroll downSounds part.
  • Change the Sound packStarting at Traditional to Snowsgiving starting at the dropdown option

That’s just about every part you must do. Customers have been very pleased with these sounds. These sounds don’t seem like they will be liked by everyone, and some may start to dislike the OG sound very quickly. If you change your mind, you will be able to Follow the same steps as above and choose Traditional below Sound Pack to change to regular Discord notification sounds.

That’s every part about Discord Christmas sounds and flip them on or off. Discord has also added a festive loading animation as well as snowy SFX and a brand-new house icon.

What is Discord Snowsgiving?

Discord celebrates Winter in a unique way through this seasonal event. Go to the landing page Right hereLearn more.

You can.

  • Enjoy Surprises for Nitro customers and customers who are regular customers
  • Discover new pals
  • Participate in Giveaways and Contests
  • Donate to charitable organisations

Turns off Snowsgiving sound pack

As the festival season rolls around, Discord is celebrating with a plethora of games, giveaways, and contests. The Snowsgiving notification sound pack is among those features, but users may find it distracting after a while. Luckily, you can turn off the sound pack in the Discord app. To do this, open the user settings menu by clicking the cog icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. Choose Classic, and then navigate to the Sounds tab. Here, click the speaker button to disable the Snowsgiving sound pack.

After you disable the default notification sound pack, you will find that notifications from Discord no longer feature the festive sounds. However, the good news is that you can turn on the Christmas sounds at any time, if you want. You can also change the sound pack to another one if you prefer it.

If you don’t like the sound pack, you can turn off the entire snowfall theme. To do this, go to Settings > Appearance and uncheck the Show Seasonal Theme checkbox. Then, re-enable the Snowsgiving sound pack. This way, you can enjoy the festive season with your friends and family without having to deal with the noise of the snowfall!

Discord is also adding new sound packs to their app during the holiday season. These sound packs are available as part of the app, and you can enable them or turn them off according to your preferences. To enable the sound pack, you must update the Discord app. Once you’ve done this, open User Settings > Notifications. Scroll down to the Sound section, and you’ll find a Snowsgiving sound pack.

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