How to Escape Prison in BitLife

How to Escape Prison in BitLife

How to Escape BitLife Jail To fool guards into letting you go, you can use Houdini Ribbons or Jailbird Ribbons. Let’s take an in-depth look at each. We hope you can make it out alive! We are glad you found this information useful in your pursuit to escape BitLife jail.

Jailbird Ribbon

The Jailbird Ribbon can be earned by escaping jail multiple times. After completing three jailbreaks successfully, you will be awarded the Jailbird Ribbon. You can earn the Jailbird Ribbon if you spend as much time as possible in jail. The ribbon has been harder to get since the August 2019 jail replacement.

BitLife can be escaped by using Jailbird Ribbon. You can capture the guard by taking them to a corner and trapping them. It is not easy to find this ribbon, since every crime will increase your time in jail. The Jailbird Ribbon can be a very useful item. However, you will be penalized for any crime that you commit in the recreation.

Bitlife recognizes Jailbird Ribbon as an accomplishment. This ribbon is given to people who have not been convicted of any murderous offenses. Even if you are not convicted of a crime that could earn you the Jailbird Ribbon, you may still be able to escape from jail. As long as you complete the task within 3-4 attempts, you will receive the Ribbon.

Houdini Ribbon

How To Escape Prison In Bitlife
How to Escape Prison in BitLife

The Houdini Red Ribbon can be used to escape BitLife prison. This ribbon may be yours if you escape jail or rob homes. Stage up to reach 60. You can then escape from jail without alarming guards once you’ve achieved this. To earn the Ribbon, you must complete all the tasks mentioned above in three to four instances.

The BitLife recreation offers three types of Houdini Ribbons. For the jailbird one, you must escape jail four to five times before you are likely to be killed. Houdini says that you must escape jail 10 times earlier than you are due to die. To get a Houdini Ribbon, you need to have patience and good technique. Even though the rewards and time involved in completing them become more difficult, once they are completed, it is possible to escape from jail without any problem.

Tricking guards to get your money

Bitlife will allow you to test the sophistication of trapping guards. To escape from jail, you will have to pass the guard’s wall. The guard may be tricked into entering a tight space where he cannot transfer in. You can then close the door on the guard and run.

To entice guards, you can also place yourself in the back of a map. Guards may be unable or unwilling to see you if you are not at his entrance. This will help you lure the guard into a corner, and allow him to strike free. It is possible to take swift actions to keep the guard away. However, this method depends on RNG.

Planning your escape

BitLife does not require you to be a BitLife prisoner to escape. Start by searching YouTube for many routes. The video shows the safety officer following the motion of the guard right and left. Next, you will need to reverse your steps and run. You should not rush or you might be arrested by the jailer. You will be sentenced to a longer term.

It is essential that you first escape from jail in order to obtain a bitlife ribbon. Each section of the jail is divided into its own partition. To avoid being caught, you will have to navigate these partitions. That’s the whole point of the sport. By erecting three partitions, you can dam the right-hand corner of the jail. Next, you’ll need to move the guard towards the underside left corner.

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