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How to Fight Scaly Pete at Level 20 – Maneater Boss Fight Guide

How to Fight Scaly Pete at Level 20

In this guide, we’ll show you how to fight Scaly Pete, the scavenger hunt boss that is located in the center of the map. Note that he’ll change location for the final area. You can also make use of your Subliminal Evasion organ to make aggressive creatures neutral to you. This ability will make it easier to get to areas and complete scavenger hunts.

Subliminal Evasion organ makes aggressive creatures neutral to you

How to Fight Scaly Pete at Level 20

If you want to defeat an aggressive creature, Subliminal Evasion is your answer. You’ll find that this organ’s effects are quite strong. Even the Apex predator of The Gulf will be rendered neutral to you by using it. But beware, this organ will eventually take you out of the game if you don’t use it.

Scaly Pete’s boat fires torpedoes at you

When the battle starts, you’ll see a boat fire torpedoes at you, and it’s important to know how to deal with it. Fortunately, this boat has two electric shields, and once you destroy them, reinforcements will arrive and join the fight. During the initial encounter, the best strategy is to repeatedly ram the boat until its health is completely depleted. Afterwards, the reinforcements will attack.

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In the meantime, you’ll want to avoid the Shark Hunters. They’ll use ranged weapons and explosives. You’ll need to avoid them with lasers. You can use explosives and ranged weapons, or a laser. To deal the most damage, you’ll want to use the laser. When you do, you can use it to ram into the case, which will do max damage. If you’re lucky, you can also eat some fishes and hunters, which will re-supply your health and abilities. Once you destroy Scaly’s leg, you’ll be rewarded with the Survived Again Trophy.

Once you’ve reached Level 20, you’ll be able to fight Scaly Pete. This boss is incredibly tough and should not be underestimated. The fight is important not only for the storyline but for unlocking Elder Size. The fight takes place in Sapphire Bay. If you have a high enough level, you can even use your skills to destroy the boat if you can. Then, you can get a bonus Elder Size as a reward.

How do you defeat Scaly Pete in Maneater

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Scaly Pete  appears for the first time after you reach Level 20 in Maneater. A fully grown shark that is fast and has all the necessary traits to be a ruler of the ocean. It is essential to have the ability to defeat Scaly Pete and deal with larger prey. Scaly Pete is the Maneater that will prevent you from unlocking Elder Size. Once you’re ready, here’s how you can defeat him.

  1. Scaly Pete is located in Sapphire Bay, complete the area’s task to start this first.
  2. You will have to destroy Scaly Pete’s boat to win this boss fight. You will mainly be destroying Scaly Pete’s boat by smashing into it.
  3. Shark Hunters are present on the boat. They will bite you first, or use explosives and other ranged weapons.
  4. You can target yourself using laser by swimming down to the ocean and rolling around.
  5. The first objective is to destroy the Boats’s Case, swim down and jump high then ram into the cage for max damage.
  6. A second boat joins the fight with hunters on it. Scaly Pete can be ignored for a while. Then destroy the hunters and their boats.
  7. Scaly can be reached back at Scaly by hitting his boat repeatedly. To avoid being attacked with weapons, you can swim below or down the boat.
  8. The age will be destroyed soon and next is Scaly’s boat, continue your attack by ramming into the deck. Roll around and use the tail to attack all areas if you land well.
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You can also eat fishes if you’re low on health. To restore your ability, you can also consume the hunters. As soon as the boat is destroyed you will see a cutscene where the shark bites Scaly’s leg but this is not the end. Scaly’s defeat will unlock the Survived Again Trophy.

Advanced Sonar ability makes it easier to do scavenger hunts

You can find this elusive monster much easier if you have the Advanced Sonar ability, which is an upgrade to your regular sonar. Advanced Sonar can mark targets up to hundreds of meters away and can be recharged within seconds. This makes it easier to find specific creatures while on scavenger hunts. It can also be used to find the stats of a shark, which are mass, health, damage, and speed. The stats of a shark are affected by the organs that cover the animal’s body. For instance, the Advanced Sonar ability will detect the area surrounding a shark, so you’ll know exactly what kind of creature you’re dealing with.

Once you’ve finished the story, you’ll need to complete the mop-up stage, which focuses on hitting maximum Infamy Rank and finishing regions. Afterward, you’ll want to check your maps to make sure you haven’t missed any collectibles. Some mobs may have a bug that causes their collectibles to disappear, so be sure to save often!

While the game offers a variety of options to do scavenger hunts, the Advanced Sonar ability is especially useful. This ability can help you track targets and make it easier to perform scavenger hunts to defeat Scaly Pete at level 20.

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