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How to Get 2 Billion Dollars in GTA 5: Complete Guide

How to Get 2 Billion Dollars in GTA 5

What’s up hommies! Welcome to the cheat boss for GTA lovers. Today we are going to talk about how you can get 2 billion dollars in GTA 5. Yeah, you heard me right- 2 billion dollars in one go. Are you ready to become a virtual millionaire? Let’s dive into the cheats and tactics to get 2 billion dollars in GTA 5.

The Basics

Before diving into the cheats and hacks, let’s go through the basics. The standard way to earn money in GTA 5 is by completing missions, heists, and other events. Though it is a slow process, it is the most legit way to get money. However, the legit way may not be a fun way to play for some of us. So, we have got some cheats and hacks to get you there faster.

Method 1: Play the Stock Market

In GTA 5, there’s a stock market where you can invest in different stocks and it fluctuates according to the in-game economy. In-story mode, stocks are bought and sold based on the events happening in GTA V’s campaign, and the player’s success in missions and heists. However, unlike the story mode, players can earn huge amounts of money through this method in the multiplayer mode.

All we need to do is invest all our fortune in stocks that are expected to grow in the future. However, predicting the future is not easy. But don’t worry, to make things easier, you can follow the LCN and BAWSAQ markets on the internet in-game. Analyze the trends and invest your money wisely. Let your money grow by itself. If done right, you can be a millionaire in minutes.

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Pro tip: Invest in Fruit and Debonaire cigarette company before the assassination missions given by Lester Crest. After the missions, invest in the opposite company. This will help you multiply your money.

Method 2: Use the GTA 5 Money Glitch

This method is for those who want to take the shortcut to become a millionaire. However, this method involves using a glitch, and your account can get banned or suspended for using cheats. Use it at your own risk.

All you need to do is play the mission The Pacific Standard on hard difficulty mode. Make sure you play it with three of your friends. Complete the mission successfully, and the leader has to take 75% of the cut. Then, instead of finishing the mission, let the designated victim kill everyone in the game after getting into the helicopter. The victim then needs to land the helicopter at the first checkpoint to save the game. After saving, the victim needs to leave the game. The remaining team has to complete the task and take the money. After completing the mission, the victim can rejoin the game, and the money will be in their account.

Method 3: Use the Cheat Codes

Last but not least. Use cheat codes to make some serious money in a short time. Some of the cheat codes that can help you make money are:

  • PAINKILLER – full health and armor
  • TURTLE – full health
  • MONEY – get $5000
  • BAGUVIX – get $250,000
  • SKYFALL – spawn a parachute, helicopter, and a plane
  • Just type these cheat codes while in the game to activate them. You can type them again to deactivate.

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    Pro tip: Don’t overuse the cheat codes, or you may lose interest in the game.


    So, there you have it, hommies. Three different methods to make billions of dollars in GTA 5. Although the legit way may be slow, it is the most rewarding way to play the game, and you won’t find yourself in trouble. If you want to take shortcuts, then the latter two methods are for you. However, use them at your own risk. Happy gaming!