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How to Get Brown Photos Genshin Impact 2023? Helpful Guide

How to Get Brown Photos in Genshin Impact

How to Get Brown Photos Genshin Impact? There are five colours that you can use to take photos of creatures and items. One way to get these photos is to swap with other players. You can also take pictures of items and creatures that are brown. You can swap with players to get brown photos.

Genshin Impact has five colours

Genshin Impact has a photo swap feature that allows you to swap your pictures for the ones you want. Then, when you exchange your photos, you won’t need to worry about searching for brown creatures or things in the game. Instead, you can simply trade your photos with your friends.

The first step in the photo swap process is to locate three Aranara. It’s important to keep in mind that these three creatures should be different colors to avoid repetition. They should also be far apart from each other. Once you’ve found them, you can then exchange them with Ji Tong for various rewards, including primogems and other random items.

How to Get Brown Photos Genshin Impact

You can get brown photos by swapping with other players

To get brown photos in Genshin Impact, you need to find a specific type of Creature, which is called a Brown Creature. To do so, you can trade with other players. Usually, this involves finding an item or material that is clickable.

You can also get a brown photo by swapping with another player, but that’s not the only way to get the rare brown photo. The game also has an event known as the Five Flushes of Fortune, which you can complete by swapping with other players. The objective is to get all the colored photos to earn rewards.

Getting brown photos is not as easy as it sounds. It requires an unusual camera, five different types of colors, and a complicated name. Fortunately, there are ways to get the photos you want without spending a lot of time or money. First, go to the Event page to see what’s available. There you’ll find guidelines and reward pages. You can also find a photo swap tool by tapping on Ji Tong’s location.

You can take pictures of creatures

In Genshin Impact, you can take pictures of brown creatures for the ‘Five Flushes of Fortune’ quest. If you manage to capture ten of these creatures, you’ll get a new photo charge. The new photo charge can be used to take pictures of different colored creatures. Then, you can present those pictures to Ji Tong for a reward. Once you have collected all the necessary photos, you’ll receive your reward trove from Ji Tong.

Genshin Impact is free to play and available on the PlayStation 4, PC, Android, and iOS platforms. It’s available in English and Japanese.

You can take pictures of items

If you’re looking for a way to get some brown photos in Genshin Impact, you may want to try using the photo swap function. This is a great option for those who don’t want to spend too much time searching for specific items. It lets you swap pictures of items with friends, so you don’t have to spend too much time trying to find the brown creatures.

If you haven’t yet mastered this feature, you can take pictures of items in the game with a Kurious camera. All you need to do is equip the camera from your Gadget Inventory and point the viewfinder at an item you want to capture. Just make sure that the object you want to capture is something that can be picked up by fans.

Genshin Impact – The best way to Get Crimson, Blue, Yellow, Brown, and Purple Images

image 397 how to get brown photos genshin

As an alternative of losing occasions on discovering objects of the colors that you simply really need, you need to seize all of the clickable gadgets that you simply come throughout. It needs to be famous that you may solely click on 10 images a day till the occasion ‘5 Flushes of Fortune’ ends (February 10, 2021).

In case you are struggling to get footage of the particular colors, you may swap footage with your folks, if they’ve, to satisfy the necessities. To swap images throughout the photograph occasion, you’ll have to choose Photograph Swap and browse the ensuing checklist.

After getting amassed footage of Crimson, Blue, Yellow, Brown and Purple colors, you’ll have to head again to Ji Tong and alternate them with a Fortune Trove. Upon exchanging these images, you’ll get 60 Primogems and both 12 Hero’s Wits, 24 Mystic Enchantment Ore, 0r 120,000 Mora.

You can take pictures of creatures with the Kurious Kamera device

The Kurious Kamera is a device that lets you take pictures of creatures in the game. It works by aiming at colored items in the game world. Once it has identified an entity, it will automatically take a picture. You should be careful to only take one picture per creature, though. If you take too many pictures, you’ll lose focus.

You can use the device to take pictures of creatures in Genshin Impact. The camera can also take pictures of different colors. However, the color of the pictures is random and has nothing to do with the color of the objects you are trying to photograph. The camera is a handy gadget that can take pictures of anything in Genshin Impact, including characters, items, and environments.

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