how to get eggs in pokemon go

How To Get Eggs In Pokemon Go

How to get eggs in Pokemon Go

You have many options for collecting eggs in Pokemon Go. You can incubate eggs at any PokeStop or Gym. More eggs can be incubated than one at a given time. Your chances of hatching more Pokémon will increase if you incubate multiple eggs. Your stats will increase if you hatch more Pokemon.

You can incubat more than one egg at once

One egg can be housed in the OG Incubator at a given time. You can purchase additional incubators from the Shop if your eggs are larger. One egg can be incubated at a time. You’ll need to travel farther to hatch rare Pokemon.

You can hatch more eggs in Pokemon Go if you can incubate two eggs at once. The Eggs menu in Pokemon Go has the incubator tab. Click on “Pokemon”, and then click on the “Eggs” button. To start incubating, click on the incubator. Five minutes after hatching, your new Pokemon will hatch.

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Eggs at Random PokeStops, Gyms

You can visit random PokeStops/Gyms to find eggs and Pokemon. To build a stronger team, you can fight against the Pokemon you have captured. Protecting a Gym can help you earn more Pokecoins. Each gym you defend will earn you 10 Pokecoins. For each gym you defend every day, you can earn up to 100 Pokecoins

PokeStops can be found near beaches. This is one way you can find eggs. These locations will often produce water types. These eggs are only temporary so you need to be careful. Before you go to PokeStops, verify where your eggs are located. There might be rare Pokemon within them. It is also worth searching eggs near beaches for water-type Pokemon.

Incubator costs

Incubators are a great way to hatch more Pokemon Go eggs. One of the most affordable is available for 150 PokeCoins. Three eggs require at least three incubators. You will need multiple incubators to incubate an eggs. You can buy them with coins from other games. You have to decide if you want to spend it.

Incubators can be a critical investment in the game. Gamers will want as many incubators and as many as possible. Incubators offer more benefits than other products, as they increase the number and length of the journey. Incubators also have a higher yield than incubators, making them an excellent choice for Pokemon hunting across long distances.

Statistics on Hatched Pokemon

You can view the stats of your hatched Pokemon by going to game. After hatching, you can get 10 IVs for each stat. If you want to verify the stats and natures of your pokemon, you may go with a friend to Pokestop. While it can be slow, breeding can speed things up. It takes a lot of time to breed Pokemon.

To raise high-ranking Pokemon, it is necessary that both the male and female Pokemon have the same Nature. You can talk to an Ace Trainer at the Battle Resort Pokemon Center if you don’t already have one. These trainers will be able to give you valuable information regarding your Pokemon’s stats. These trainers will help you breed your hatched Pokemon.

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