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How To Get Melee Mastery in CODM in 2023? Latest Guide

How to Get Melee Mastery in CODMobile

How To Get Melee Mastery in CODM? The first step in becoming a melee master in COD: Mobile is to get a Melee Master Medal. The medal unlocks various weapons, including the Sickle. To obtain it, you must kill four opponents with a melee weapon in a single match, or four opponents in Battle Royale mode.

Boost your kill and accuracy stats with melee attacks

In CODM, you can boost your kill and accuracy stats with melee skills. This will increase the average amount of damage you deal, and also increase your critical chance. You can use blunt weaponry, such as rocks, baseball bats, and rifle butts, to boost your damage and accuracy. However, these skills are not as effective as other skills. You need to use them sparingly. This is because they depend on critical hits, which deal 225% damage and bypass 50% of armor.

Earn the elite melee master medal in CODM

How To Get Melee Mastery in CODM?

To earn the elite melee master medal in COD: Mobile, you must kill four opponents using melee weapons. The best way to do this is to play the battle royale classic mode. You cannot complete this task if you are playing in warfare mode. Also, it is important to remember to drop last from a dropship, as this increases your chances of landing with a bot and being able to easily get a melee kill. Another way to get this medal is to complete the task during the Razor sharp event.

This game will give you a chance to unlock new weapons and skins. A new melee weapon called the Sickle can help you earn this Medal, as it is a special item you can equip with your teammates. A lot of players are having trouble earning this Medal. It is recommended to do it before the end of the current season to get a great reward.

This medal is obtained by completing various tasks. These tasks are found in missions, crates, and even dead enemies. You can also farm weapons from the ‘Mop Up’ section. Once you have earned this medal, you can view your progress under Service Record > Medals > Weapons and Items. Although the medal progress is displayed in this way, the progress will not indicate the exact weapons you used. Therefore, you must keep track of your weapon usage.

Earn the Floater Medal

To earn the Melee Master medal, you must kill four opponents in COD Mobile’s Battle Royale mode using a melee weapon. This medal is required to unlock a new sickle in the game. To obtain this medal, you need to complete a number of challenges and complete a total of four kills with your melee weapon in a single Battle Royale match.

The first step in earning this medal is to find an enemy tank. Secret Weapons’ mission 7 provides a great opportunity to accomplish this task. After selecting your tank, fire at the enemy tank and inflict enough damage to cause it to explode. Once you have done this, you will unlock the Strategist medal. Next, you must learn to use the Back in the Fight skill to revive yourself and your teammates.

Earning CODM medals is easy once you get the hang of them. Just remember that most of the medals are cumulative. You can see your current kill total and progress with these by viewing your progress.

Methods to Get Melee Grasp Medal in COD Cellular?

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  • As it’s a Grasp Medal associated to melee, you have to 4 kills with any melee weapon in a match.
  • The twist is that it’s essential to full this activity in a Battle Royale mode.
  • Though finishing this activity on Battle Royale mode appears a bit troublesome, we advise you play the Battle Royale mode alone.
  • To play alone in BR mode you’ll have to select Basic mode after which choose Solo.
  • Solo mode contains a variety of bots in Battle Royale.
  • This may enhance your possibilities of getting kills with melee weapons.
  • You’ll be able to seize an axe to kill your opponents for top harm.
  • Though for short-range combats you too can seize on Katana to slice by way of your opponents.
  • When you full the duty you’ll obtain the medal on COD cellular.

Avoid getting a melee kill in COD: Ghosts

In COD: Ghosts, you can avoid getting a melee kill by holding the melee button and standing behind your target. You can also execute enemies by holding the Finishing Move button, which plays an animation that executes your enemy when they’re directly behind you. This is great if you’re sneaking up on your enemies or running around in a firefight.

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