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How To Get Mew And Jirachi In BDSP Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl 2023

How to Get Mew and Jirachi in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

How To Get Mew And Jirachi In BDSP? To receive these two legendary Pokemon, you must first obtain Pokemon BDSP on the same account that you own Pokemon Sword and Shield. In addition, you must also have Pokemon Let’s Go in your collection to get Jirachi. This is because both of these rewards are only available for a limited period.


If you are looking for a guide on how to get Mew and Jirachi in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you’ve come to the right place. These legendary Pokemon can be found by completing specific tasks in the game. In order to receive these legendary Pokemon, you need to complete the task on the same account as you did when you first purchased Pokemon BDSP. You should also make sure that you’ve purchased Pokemon Sword and Shield. The rewards are valid for a certain time only, so you need to get your hands on them before they disappear.

The first step to obtaining Mew is to go to Floaroma Town. This is the first town in the game, and there’s an old man and woman there who will ask you to look after their pet. Mew is a very powerful Pokemon, and it is one of the most versatile Pokemon in the series.


How To Get Mew And Jirachi In BDSP

When you finish Pokemon BDSP, you will have two new Pokemon to play: Jirachi and Mew. You can obtain these Pokemon in two ways: by talking to the NPC in Floraroma Town, or by using save data from Pokemon Sword and Shield. The former method can only be done in the game’s initial playthrough, and the latter requires saving game data on your Switch.

Before you can obtain Jirachi and Mew, you need to purchase Pokemon Sword and Shield on the same account that you bought BDSP. The rewards in these two games are only available for a certain time, so make sure you buy both games on the same console to make the most of them. Alternatively, you can also get them as physical copies from a friend.

Floaroma Town

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, players receive two Mythical Pokemon – Jirachi and Mew. Both of these Pokemon have different moves and are based on their type, so it’s important to be creative in your battle strategies when using them. To obtain the Mythical Pokemon, players need to visit Floaroma Town. There, they will have to talk to an old woman and an old man. The old woman will ask the player to take care of her Pokemon. After taking care of the Pokemon, you can add it to your Wish Pokemon team.

The older couple in the southwestern area of Floaroma Town is the key to getting Jirachi and Mew. They will grant you the Pokemon if you have a Pokemon Sword or Shield save file. If you are playing a Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu game, they will also give you Jirachi if you are willing to talk to them.

How to Get Jirachi and Mew in Pokemon BDSP

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Before we move on to the steps, there are two prerequisites. For Jirachi, you will need to have the save data for Pokemon Sword/Shield. And for getting Mew you should have the save data of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee. Here are the steps required to acquire the legendary Pokemon.

  1. You can find the town of Floaroma between Route 204 & Route 205.
  2. You will find an old couple amongst a field full of different colored flowers if you take a left at the Pokemon Center.
  3. Talk to the elderly woman to get Mew. She will give you Mew if you have the Save Data from the Pokemon Let’s Go games.
  4. Jirachi is available for you if you speak to the old man. As in the previous case, he will give the legendary Pokemon to you if you have the Save data from Pokemon Sword/Shield.

Before you talk to them, you can choose to keep a pokemon from the team in your Box. If you speak with them while you have 6 Pokemon on your team you can exchange one of their legendary Pokemon. The Box will be able to transfer the pokemon that you have exchanged. The last thing you should remember is that if you release or trade them, you cannot get it from the other couple.

Obtaining a Jirachi

Obtaining a Jirachi in Pokemon BDSP is just like obtaining a Mew in the previous generation games. First, you must save your game data on Pokemon Sword or Shield. Then, talk to the old man with the flowers. If you do not have a copy of the game, you can borrow it from a friend.

In Pokemon BDSP, obtaining a Jirachi is a relatively easy task. Once you have the Save Data from your Pokemon Sword/Shield, you will need to find a particular NPC. Once you have located that NPC, you can then follow the main storyline to get a Jirachi. Once you’ve located this NPC, talk to the old man, who will give you the Jirachi as a reward.

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