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How To Get Pet Rock in Adopt Me 2023? Helpful Guide

How to Get Pet Rock in Adopt Me! 2022

How To Get Pet Rock in Adopt Me 2022? The Rock is a limited-edition pet in Adopt Me! that you can buy near the Nursery. It was released on April 1, 2022, and you can buy it for 350 coins. However, it is not available anymore – on April 4, 2022, it was removed from the game entirely. This unique pet looks like a gray rock with googly eyes on top of a red pipe cleaner held up by two pieces of tape. However, the Rock is very difficult to get and is not recommended for beginners.

Neon Rock

Having an Adopt Me account is the best way to obtain this limited-time pet. This pet comes in a variety of colors and is very rare. The first time you obtain it, you will need to spend 1000 Robux to buy it. In addition, you’ll need to collect enough coins to equip it.

The Rock is an uncommon, but limited-time pet in Adopt Me! 2022. It was available for 350 near the Nursery but has since been removed. This pet is gray in color with googly eyes and features a red pipe cleaner held up by two pieces of tape. The pet was so rare, though, that it would often sit still, despite the various tricks you could perform with it.

How To Get Pet Rock in Adopt Me 2022?

Once you have four Neon Pet Rocks, you can merge them in the Neon Cave to make a Mega Neon Pet Rock. However, this pet is very expensive. If you’re looking for the best way to get it, you can try combining Pet Rocks with Mechapups.

The game also has a new feature that allows you to create a Neon Pet. You can do this by combining four grown pets of a similar species. Neon Poodles will have a neon hue and will be ethereal.


The Skele-Rex is a limited Adopt Me legendary pet that costs 10,000 candies. During the Halloween Event 2020, this creature was the most expensive pet for Candy. It has glowing eyes and blows smoke from its ribs and mouth. In addition, this pet is one of the rarest pets in the game.

Find out how to Get Pet Rock and Mechapup in Undertake Me Roblox in 2022

image 377 how to get pet rock in adopt me 2022

You may get the Pet Rock and Mechapup in Undertake Me by shopping for them. Beneath are the steps on learn how to get them.

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Decide the character that you just need to play as i.e. Child or Dad or mum.
  3. After that head to the exit.
  4. Now cross the bridge and on the other facet, you’ll See an NPC Burt. You possibly can speak to him or straight go to the pile of rocks on his left.
  5. Work together with the pile of rock pets.
  6. When you’ve got sufficient Bucks then you should buy a Pet Rock for 350 Bucks. Else the sport will ask you to spend Robux to get extra in-game Bucks.
  7. You may also see Mechapup on the left of the Pile of pet rocks.
  8. Work together with it and the sport provides you with the choice to purchase it for 850 Robux.

Find out how to Get the Neon Pet Rock or Neon Mechapup

You may get the Neon variants of your pets by fusing them on the Neon Cave.

  1. Get 4 Pet Rocks or Mechapups and develop them fully.
  2. Subsequent, go to the Neon Cave and place them on the 4 spots.
  3. It will merge them and you’re going to get your new Neon Pet Rock or Neon Mechapup respectively.

Find out how to Get the Mega Neon Variants of those Pets

To be able to get the Mega neon variants, you’ll merge 4 neon pets of the Mega Neon Pet that you really want.

  1. Get 4 Neon Pet Rocks or Neon Mechapups and develop them fully.
  2. Now, head to the Neon Cave and place them on the 4 spots similar to earlier than.
  3. They are going to get merged and you’re going to get a brand new Mega Neon Pet Rock or Mega Neon Mechapup respectively.

Do keep in mind this occasion is for a restricted time so that you may need to get your fingers on them as rapidly as potential. As soon as it’s gone you’ll have to wait till the sport decides to convey these pets again.


If you have ever wished to have a sasquatch as your pet in the game, there is a way to do so! In the game, you will need to find a Mythic Egg and then it will hatch into a mystery creature. Sasquatch is an extremely rare creature. It has a strange appearance, and it glows in neon and Mega Neon modes. It’s also very rare, making it an especially sought after pet.

There’s no guarantee you’ll find the Sasquatch Pet Rock, but you can try to find it near the Nursery. It was previously an uncommon, limited pet in Adopt Me!, but has since been removed from the game. This pet, with a googly red eye, is a rare item that you can purchase for 350 gold, but you need to know where to find it. The easiest way to find the pet is to look for the box near the Nursery. In addition to that, you can also find it outside the Nursery, in NPC Burt’s inventory. There are also a few cross-out boxes indicating its price.

Another way to obtain this rare pet is to use Fly and Ride-A-Pet Potions. Similar to the Roblox Guest mechanic, these will give you the ability to fly and ride your pet. However, you must be able to use the Fly and Ride-A-Pet mechanic to use these pets. The Pet Rock is a limited item, and players will be able to get it only once during the special event.

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