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How To Get To Rykard in Elden Ring 2022? Location Helpful Information

How to Get to Rykard in Elden Ring

You may be wondering how to get to Rykard in Elden Ring? Don’t worry, there are some tips that you can use to defeat the monster. For instance, you can use the Serpent Hunter great spear to beat Rykard. It will let you stand your ground against the monster.

How to summon rykard in Elden Ring

The Rykard is a unique boss in Elden Ring. Unlike the other bosses in the game, it uses its own unique gimmick. It is similar to the Storm King fight in Demon’s Souls or the Yhorm battle in Dark Souls 3. This boss fight requires the use of a special weapon that you find to the left of the boss arena.

The boss battles in Elden Ring are not easy. In fact, they require some strategic thinking and learning the attack patterns of the various enemies. The first boss in the game, the Shardbearers, can be a bit challenging. However, they are a part of the main story, which means they can be even tougher. In addition, the boss battles with Rykard are particularly tough.

To summon the Rykard boss, you must first travel to Volcano Manor, which is located in the northern portion of Altus Plateau. The area is populated with Recusants, which are Tarnished creatures. You can also take the Abductor Virgin to Volcano Manor, if you want to skip the blasphemy part.

How to defeat rykard in Elden Ring

How To Get To Rykard in Elden Ring

You’ve reached the second phase of Elden Ring and need to know how to defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. This demigod is hidden deep beneath Volcano Manor and has a cult-like covenant around himself. In order to defeat him, you should keep attacking him and heal whenever necessary.

The best way to defeat Rykard is to use a melee weapon that targets his frost and bleed weaknesses. Make sure to stay back when Rykard jumps. This will prevent him from being able to do much damage to your character. You can also use the magma to your advantage to get up close and hit his body. This will damage his super armour and cause his head to fall into the magma pool.

Once you defeat the serpent, Rykard will reveal his true face, and pull out his sword from his mouth. Rykard’s sword can be used for different attacks, but you should be aware of how to use it correctly. While most of his attacks are slash attacks, you’ll notice that Rykard also performs long sweeps and thrust attacks using it.

What is the best way to get to Rykard within Elden Ring?

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Rykard can be reached in two ways. You may both full the questline for Tanith or teleport by way of a portal on to Serpent’s location.

Full Woman Tanith’s questline

  • You have just defeated the Godskin Noble, and you’ve found Temple of Eiglay (website of Grace), then it is time to make a quick trip over there.
  • Drop to the area that is not covered in lava after you reach it.
  • Keep your head up to climb higher until you see an Assasin on the steps.
  • After getting defeated him, speak to Tanith for a girlWho’s the pinnacle Volcano Manor.
  • You will be asked if you would like to answer her question. Volcano Manor is for youResist the tide together
  • Choose the Volcano Manor is your choiceto start her quests.
  • You must full her total questlineYou must accept Rykard’s invitation before you can fulfill her role as Lord of Blasphemy.
  • Accepting the offer, you will be teleported directly to Rykard in Elden Ring.

Waygate Teleporter

  • As you attain upwards, take a proper till you see Snail creatures infused with magma.
  • NextTake a right and continue on to a buildingBy way of the window.
  • You can even get Magma BladeYou can defeat one of the Lizardmen there.
  • Go to the next section climb stairsYou can also enter a special area of the building.
  • Step straight into a roomPrayers for the people.
  • Step up and out of the roomGo outside.
  • You’ll discover a WaygateThere.
  • Take a look at it. Choose CertainRykard, Lord of Blasphemy, to succeed.

To defeat his type, you must win. Rykard the Lord of Blasphemy.

That’s all on how you can get to Rykard in Elden Ring. If you enjoyed this information, make sure to check out our various guides on. How you can get to Maliketh?, and How to obtain the White masks Gamer Tweak offers Elden Ring right here

How to stand your ground against rykard in Elden Ring

When fighting a Rykard, it’s important to be aware of the mechanics that help you stand your ground. The flaming skulls that Rykard summons when he lowers his health will explode when they make contact with you. It’s best to try to get away from them as quickly as possible, but if that’s not possible, you should try to cover the flaming skulls with debris in the area.

The flaming skulls that fall from the sky are another example of a technique that can help you stand your ground against Rykard. The skulls will track you and if you are able to dodge them, you will be able to avoid the skulls while holding your ground.

If you’re fighting a Rykard in Elden Ring, it’s important to know his attacks and how to counter them. The god-devouring serpent is one of his key attacks, and sometimes will lunge from the side. It’s important to know when to time your attacks to avoid his attacks, as well as the timing of your dodges.

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