How to Play the Lavaloon Deck in Beatdown

How to Play Beatdown’s Lavaloon Deck

This article will provide some tips and tricks on how to use the Lavaloon deck. Because of its combination of aerial attack and its Balloon, this traditional Beatdown deck is a great choice for Beatdown players. It can punish with just one Balloon and has no real counter. These are the things you need to be aware of when playing this deck. This deck should be part of your collection.

Lavaloon Is A Traditional Beatdown Card

Fireball is an important part of beatdown decks. This spell can give you Elixir advantage during attacks and help you push air-related unit. The Fireball in Lavaloon is a great way to deal with this problem. It can kill many types of units including Wizards, Musketeers, and Pups.

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It combines the aerial attack with the balloon

Playing a balloon deck requires that you take the same lane of your opponent. This will allow you to kite the golem as well as use the support troop force to push back. The fireball or zap can be used to defeat minion hordes. Additionally, the balloon can damage all enemy units within its range. You will need to switch to an earlier timer if the balloon is trying to reach the tower before it does.

It Punishes With a Single Balloon

A lavaloon card punishes you with a single balloon. It can also be very destructive when combined with a tower. Trade with the opposite lane first, then deploy the balloon. Although the Balloon can destroy the tower, it can only do so much damage when it is fully healthy. It is worth noting that the Balloon can also punish Collectors with one hit.

It has no real counter to it

There are very few Lavaloon Deck Counters that can be considered the most important. Double-Elixir or Inferno can be used to counter the hound push but they cannot completely defeat the Lavaloon Deck. You can also make Lavaloon vulnerable to Hog pushes. In this instance, Guards are perfect for pushing.

It’s a good deck for trophies rise

The best strategy for this deck is to create a strong push and then place your Hound in the back corner or a destroyed Tower. The Hound is able to either hold off an opponent or tank to ensure the main win condition. This deck can also be used to win against opponents who do not own a Hound. This deck’s only problem is its inability to match its defensive power. It is recommended that you build your Lavaloon deck with more defensive options.

It is a poor deck for trophy rising

Learn how to use the deck correctly if you want to win Lavaloon trophies. First, patience is key. Lavaloon decks have a high chance of getting damaged, especially if it is played in the middle. Lightning and Guards are two options to help your Lavaloon push. An Arrow to clip the Tower is a good option if you have lots of elixir. If you are using this deck, it is important to not cycle your Arrows.

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