How To Ride Ursaluna in Pokemon Legends Arceus 2022? Helpful Guide

How To Ride Ursaluna in Pokemon Legends Arceus 2022? Helpful Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus – How to Ride Ursaluna

How To Ride Ursaluna? Upon defeating Kricketune and learning the Celestica Flute song, you’ll be able to summon Ursaluna. This mount is capable of dash, jump, and pick up items. Once you’re on it, use the B and Y buttons to move and jump and the A button to pick up items. It’s recommended that you have at least Level 30 to summon it.

Ursaluna’s head has a green semicircle on it. When Ursaluna is near a treasure, this semicircle will change color to indicate its proximity. It will allow you to reach previously barred areas.

Ursaluna has a radar that shows different colors. When it’s tracking treasure, it will show a yellow or orange circle. As you get closer to a treasure, this circle will grow in size. When you’re approaching a treasure, Ursaluna will also vibrate.


How To Ride Ursaluna
how to ride ursaluna

Basculegion is a rideable Pokemon that lives in the Cobalt Coastlands and barrels through water like a hurricane. It has many abilities that make it a good choice for a team member in the game. It also has the ability to befriend players. Once you’ve captured it, you can feed it to earn perks such as speed boosts, extra food, and a slowed-down timer.

When you’re using Basculin, you need to be sure that it has enough recoil damage to evolve. Recoil damage is damage that a Pokemon takes when it uses a move. To evolve, it must take at least 300 damage from a move. Recoil damage can be dealt by using Wave Crash or Double-Edge, but it only counts if the Pokemon survives the damage.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, you’ll meet a new Pokemon called Basculegion. It’s a water-type Pokemon that evolved from gen. 5 Pokemon, Hisuian Basculin. Although Basculegion has a limited use in combat, it can be a powerful addition to any party.


The second rideable Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus is the Ursaluna. This land-based mount is a great alternative to Sneasler, which is a water-based mount. Ursaluna is capable of digging up treasure and can track you with its sonar-like waves. These waves change color from green to orange, yellow, and red as you get closer. They will even vibrate your controller to alert you when they are tracking a treasure or a person.

In Pokemon Legends, the Sneasler is part of the main story, and can be unlocked by advancing through the game’s story. Once you’ve unlocked the game’s storyline, you’ll need to find the right location for your Sneasler. It can be found in the Celestica Trail, as well as in Alabaster Icelands.

Standard How To Ride Ursaluna

Ursaluna can be summoned by learning the Celestica Flute song. The Celestica Flute song can be found in the Crimson Mirelands. Once you’ve obtained it, you can ride Ursaluna by pressing the B button to dash, the Y button to jump, and the A button to pick up items.

How to Ride Ursaluna

Image 154 How To Ride Ursaluna
how to ride ursaluna
  • Warden Cabala will direct to you the Celestial Plate after you have defeated Ursaluna.
  • As you play the flute, it will give you an Earth Plate. Ground-type attacks can be boosted by 20% with an earthplate
  • Hit the button to ride or mount Ursaluna. Just on the Dpad Then, click the plus (+) button..
  • To make up for Ursaluna’s slow speed, you can switch to different rider Pokemon as well.

How to Catch & Get Ursaluna in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

  • You will need to unlock the Ursaluna and defeat it during a battle before you can ride it.
  • You will be able to confront and battle Ursaluna towards the endMission #8 of Crimson Mirelands in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
  • It’s important to note that Ursaluna is vulnerable to Ice, Water, Fighting, and Grass attacks.
  • You can strategize and use stronger Pokemon to defeat it.

How to Dig with Ursaluna in Pokemon Legends Arceus

  • Ursaluna is able to track various locations and find treasure.
  • It will create a radar-like curve that you can ride, with different colors at the top.
  • This color will be If you are following a person, use blue as you ride Ursaluna.
  • Similar to the previous example, if a treasure is nearby, the color will also be Red, orange, and Yellow. As you get closer to the treasure, the size of the curve will increase.
  • If the Ursaluna accelerates and your controller vibrates, you are heading in the right direction to find the treasure.
  • You will be presented with the option of digging the treasure once you’ve located it.
  • Click the Y buttonTo dig for treasure, use your controller.
  • We suggest that you search for all the valuable treasures. space-time distortions as there’s a big opportunity to get evolution items.


In Pokemon Legends Arceus, you can mount various types of Pokemon, and Ursaluna is one of them. It is useful for various tasks, such as digging up treasure and tracking people and locations. It can also be caught for battle.

You can find Ursaluna in many locations, including Jubilife Village. It can dig up anything, but is especially useful for mining evolution items and stones. These items are usually worth 1,000 Merit Points, and they can be found inside space-time distortions. If you can ride Ursaluna, you can dig up items and evolution stones much easier than other Pokemon.

After defeating Wyrdeer, you can get your hands on Ursaluna. This ground-based Pokemon is similar to Stantler but slower. Its only difference is that it can dig up treasure. As with other Pokemon, Ursaluna can detect hidden treasure and dig for treasure.

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