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Uninstalling HoxHud: A Step-by-Step Guide | HoxHud Removal Tips

Yo, dawg! Are you tired of the HoxHud on computer? Don’t worry, I got you covered, homie. This article will teach you how to deinstall HoxHud like the boss.

What is HoxHud?

First, let’s find out about HoxHud. HoxHud, a popular mod for Payday 2, adds some great features to the game. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for Payday 2. HoxHud may cause problems for some players.

HoxHud should not be uninstalled

If HoxHud is causing problems in your game, or you don’t like using it anymore, you might have to uninstall it. If HoxHud interferes with any other mods, some players will also remove it. You don’t have to be a professional to uninstall HoxHud, no matter what reason.

How to remove HoxHud

Okay, let’s move on to the important stuff. Follow these steps to deinstall HoxHud.

1. Open the Payday 2 folder.
2. Find the HoxHud P9 directory.
3. Delete the HoxHud P9 Folder.
4. Restart your computer.

That’s it, folks. HoxHud has been removed from your computer.

Pro Tip:Make sure you back up your Payday 2 settings and configuration files before uninstalling HoxHud. In this way, they won’t be lost in the event of an error during the uninstallation.

Wrapping up

That was simple, dawg! Now you are able to uninstall HoxHud as a pro. You can follow these instructions to reinstall HoxHud if ever you need them. You can also check out the other Payday 2 Mods or enjoy the game in its original state. You do you, homie.

Thank you for reading and I will see you on the other side.

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