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How To Unlock Cube Lost Ark 2023?

How to Unlock Cube Lost Ark – Lost Ark Cube Guide

If you are looking for tips on How to Unlock Cube Lost Ark, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a guide on how to level up in the Cube, how to get a triple ticket to enter the Cube, how to get a bronze chest in the Cube, and how to take Una’s task before starting a Cube run.

Getting a triple ticket to access the Cube

How To Unlock Cube Lost Ark

Getting a triple ticket for the Cube Lost Ark is relatively easy. You need to get to the golden cube device, located in the top left of Vern Castle near the tower dungeon. You can use three tickets to use the device, which grants you three bonus items. In addition to the triple tickets, the golden cube offers timed clear challenges that you can complete in record time. There are floor after floor of timed clear challenges that can be completed in 25 seconds or less, which is extremely fast in this game.

Once you’ve completed the dungeons and have collected enough points to enter the Cube, you can try to gain a triple ticket. Depending on your performance, this can either be an advantage or a disadvantage. Once you have a triple ticket, you’ll be able to enter the Cube from different places around Arkesia. Just look for an icon on the mini-map, interact with it, and you’ll gain access. If you don’t get enough points, though, you’ll receive no rewards.

Getting a bronze chest in the Cube

If you’re wondering how to get a bronze chest in the Cube, you’ve come to the right place. First of all, you need an entrance ticket. You can get these tickets from the Chaos Dungeon, which is a daily energy run. Once you enter, you’ll get a 25% HP revive when you die. However, if you die solo and don’t reach the Bronze Chest, you’ll lose your ticket. To avoid this from happening, you can use boosters. These boosters know the game inside and out. They will save you a lot of time and help you get tons of rewards.

While the cube isn’t the most challenging event in the game, it is a fairly straightforward event that requires a certain skill level. You’ll need to know how to run and position yourself correctly in order to make the most of your time there. You’ll also need to know which mobs are the best for kiteing. In addition, you’ll need to swap your tripods for ones that have good damage and control.

How to Unlock the Cube from Lost Ark

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  • To unlock the cubedungeons, you first need to be on at Minimum 50 levels or more.
  • Also, you will need to make a Cube guide quest.
  • Next, you will need an Cube dungeon entrance ticket.
  • Grinding on can earn you a cube ticket. Chaos dungeons. It is necessary to Kill the boss at the 2nd Floor. These entrance tickets cannot be purchased after. Daily energy.
  • Alternativ, you could also buy cube tickets By purchasing them with Sylmael Crystals.
  • After you have purchased these tickets, you will be able to spend a ticket for the cube challenges. Each entree requires one entry ticket, so make sure all members of your team have one.
  • Multiple tickets can be purchased to get more rewards.

Once you’ve mastered how to unlock the cube scroll to the end to learn more about the Cube Dungeons.

What is a Cube?

There are 19 floors or levelsIn the Cube Dungeons These are limited-time offers. The difficulty in Cube dungeons is like other challenges. It changes from floor-to-floor randomly. The beam that comes out of the platform indicates the type of level. You can also see the objective at the top of the screen. There are three main types. These are the five levels available.:

  • White: You will be facing all your low-tier enemies on this floor.
  • Magenta: This floor is full of elite enemies.
  • Red: To advance to the next floor, you must eliminate the bosses or group of bosses.
  • Blue: You will be confronted with all your exploding enemies on this floor.
  • Gold: On this floor, all you need to do is collect the treasure chests with different rewards.

Cube Dungeons grinding will grant you buffs or debuffs which will vary from floor to floor. Here are some examples of buffs: invincibilityDebuffs are also available. Death The timer ends. These guidelines can be viewed for your character at The top right corner of the screen.


Similar to different dungeons you will get rewards based upon the floors you have completed. Once you die, there is no way to respawn. However, you will get your rewards based on the floor you failed to complete. The following are the As you grind different floors, you’ll be rewarded:

  • Floors 1 through 3Rewards are not available
  • Floors 4th through 7th: Bronze Chest
  • Floor 8th-10th: Silver Chest
  • Floor 11th-12th: The Gold Chest
  • Floor 13th-15th: Platinum Chest
  • Floor 15th and beyond: Diamond Chest

Taking Una’s Task before starting a Cube run

There are three ways to earn Una’s Points. By completing Una’s Tasks every day or week, you will gain more Una’s Points. Daily tasks will increase your reputation with NPCs while weekly tasks will increase your guild level. Taking Una’s Tasks will increase your chances of completing a Cube run.

Una’s Tasks can be a great way to earn more gold. You can also use them to improve your gear. By completing these activities, you will be rewarded with a number of silvers that you can use to purchase new gear. If you’re looking for more silver, you can also spend your time completing Daily Quests. In addition, you can also make silver from Guild Donations or Guild Research Support. You can also exchange these items for Siege Silver Chests.

When you reach 50, you’ll unlock the Una’s Task system. This system is similar to the radiant side quests you get in Arkesia. The main difference between Una’s Tasks and daily quests is that you can only do them on one character per day. This means that you can do several of them simultaneously, but not all of them at the same time.

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